Wedding photography: the price of the photographer or photo quality?

Question posed in the title is pretty simple, but putting it to the person who asked me about wedding photography, made him for a time to reflect.

Wedding photography

To me, the quality is always and in everything - in the first place. Someone has well said: "I'm not so rich to buy cheap things." Perhaps for this reason, most people who have turned me on photographing weddings, first ask about the cost of my photographic services. It was only after the price when they know, want to look at examples of my work. But there are customers who are not concerned with the quality of my work, the main thing - the right price wedding photos.

But we all know that the high cost of photographic services - is not always a guarantee of high quality. Conversely, a low cost - not always a sign of poor quality.
By and large, the pricing of photographic services depends on the subjective evaluation of their work for a specific author, and do not match the quality of the product they produced.

And this raises the logical question:
How to know if the announced price photographer quality of his work? If you are not familiar with the photos - you can not find out. Not knowing the basic laws of pictures, you can only rely on the honesty, integrity and honesty photographer. But unfortunately, not all photographers use in their work, these qualities, and some they did not know. If you are willing to spend an hour on the study of basic photography, refer to the material of which you will learn how to learn to distinguish between high-quality photos.

Suggest that we return to the case when the picture quality is not important to the customer, for which the price - the main argument of the photo selection.
- Is there such? You ask.
- There are... Actually, the reason I decided to write this article to share some of my thoughts with my readers about prioritizing money when choosing a wedding photographer.
Let's consider this question:
- Like a bride buys a wedding dress? Surely it is not looking for a dress without trying, just take the package with the product and the seller pays the money?
- Of course not! The answer you, and will be quite right. While the bride will choose the right wedding dress, it can change more than a dozen models, or even more than a dozen bridal salons.
And then immediately after the second question:
- If such a serious approach to the wedding ceremony, wedding photos and why the quality, for the bride - the third question?
- Well, is there in fact a wedding dress! This is important! And the pictures - nothing! Resent someone...
- I agree that a wedding dress - it's one of the main attributes of a wedding ceremony, but not the most important. In my opinion, the main thing at the wedding - it's not what you will put the couple and their guests, and that unique atmosphere that reigns over the whole process: the views of young lovers, funny expressions guests happy tears of parents...
- Let's say that it is, but where is your wedding picture? Mutter... a familiar voice.

Wedding Photography - this is not a wedding dress that will throw a couple of days. Wedding - a memory, and the memory can not save. Wedding album for years to come we will return to those happy moments of daylight, which over the years would be jammed in our memory not be pictures. But in order to wedding photography is exactly that passed a festive atmosphere with the entire range of emotional tones, you need an experienced wedding photographer who will see and fix these issues. Wedding photos should be filled with emotion (major and minor), and not only the standard poses of models, most of which are full of wedding photo albums. And here we are slowly approaching the issue of quality wedding photos.

Quality photos - main driver wedding photographer

The level of quality wedding photography is determined not only technically competent picture taken, but also the emotional content of the image. The average person is difficult to determine the quality of a photograph, it requires some experience and expertise. Having set the newlyweds two photos, one with a clear compositional marriage, another quality - they do not see marriage. This is natural, because they are not in the subject. Deceive such client is very easy, but is it right? Of course this is not correct. Photographer required to do their job in any way, and not just because he gets paid for it, but also because his photos - it's his face, his reputation, which, in my opinion, more important than money.

Sometimes, at a preliminary meeting with the clients, I can see (in conversation) that some people are actually wedding photo is not necessary, but... not... They are invited to a wedding photographer just because they think a wedding photographer certain element/attribute of the included wedding tradition. In this context, as in one of the components of the wedding traditions (the man with the camera, no more than that), they pay money. Photographer portfolio does not interest them, the main thing that the photographer was more solid and always with a cool camera, and of course - cheap... Photographer, this approach to wedding photography is not pleasant, and to some extent even abusive, but he still has to do their job quality, at least for those guests coming to the wedding, and future generations of young people. With clients such work is difficult, they do not listen to the advice of the photographer when shooting, do not pay enough attention to either the photographer or his proposals. Fortunately, these customers are not many, most customers have high demands for quality wedding photos (technical and artistic), look closer to the photographer and his work. This interest on the part of the client encourages the photographer to use 100% of their creative potential, from which both parties benefit: - creative photographer continues to grow and develop, and the customer gets interesting and non-standard images.

Tandem photographer-newlyweds - the success of wedding photo session

From the above it can be concluded that a good wedding photographer - it is not only the experience of the photographer multiplied by his imagination, but also the result of mutual interest and cooperation photographer and honeymooners. Only in such a tandem can get the desired result.
But let us return to our main questions are asked in the title of this article. So what is still more important to you, the price of the photographer or the image quality? When choosing a photographer, which of these two factors, you assign the highest priority? I think the question everyone will give their answer, because each pursues its own goals, but I hope that after you read this article, your priorities change. Now the question of the quality of images in the list of your priorities, will be on the order of magnitude higher than the question of the cost of a wedding photographer.


Free wedding photographer - good or bad?

Even after writing this article, I looked at the statistics of this site for the last year, for searches. I was surprised by the number of requests for the search phrase "Free wedding photographer" and its various options dilute the keyword "free". I decided to write a few words about it.

I appeal to those users who have come to this site for the above search phrase: - Citizens newlyweds have no illusions that any serious photographer will want you to provide such a valuable service to a completely disinterested. Of course, if this is your close relative or friend, then here it is clear... But if you're still going to find a photographer altruist on the Internet, be prepared for unexpected conditions of cooperation. Most likely, you will find a beginner amateur photographer who wants to work out at your wedding; pofotat, so to speak, free models, that is you. If you're lucky - you get a bunch of free files from which you can select more than a dozen other decent photos for my photo album. But can not get lucky and your wedding will be only in your own mind. Well, if your guests something there myself secretly snapped. Otherwise...

Typing in a search engine the words "for the wedding photographer for free," please remember that, where usually a free lunch. Perhaps, after this sad memories, the desire to "get a photo for free" slowly resolve, rose-colored glasses will be transparent, under the feet feel the ground... But if you do decide to experience the healing powers of this wonderful tool - to persuade and dissuade you will not. You choose.
That's all, thank you for your attention.

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