Do I need a business card site wedding photographer?

Question posed in the title of this article can seem silly and ridiculous with the obvious answer:
- Yes, of course need a website to the photographer, and not just a wedding.

card site wedding photographer

But let's not jump to hasty conclusions about it and look at some of the issues related to this topic.
The article draws on random screenshots, first got the three sites with a dark design, which gave the search engine Yandex-picture at the request of keywords "online business card". Presented in this article screenshots of sites I use exclusively for example, and in no way trying to harm the reputation of a site.

What tasks must photos online?

So, why the photographer personal website? Here is the view site card. Obviously to advertise their online photo service, followed attracting customers to extract the appropriate benefits from the sale of their services. Probably also for giving your business cards to potential clients, they were able to go in to see the portfolio of the photographer, in order to have an idea of ​​the level of his work. In general, all right, and logical. But, says one of my friends, there is one thing that can make some changes and to dissuade even the most dedicated... And from now on, we begin to understand the question posed in the title of this article.

Photosite - photo community - photoforum

So you need a photographer to actually own website to present your portfolio to the client?
- No, not necessary. Explain why...
That the client was able to study the work of the photographer, it is enough to give a link to any fotoresurs which registered a photographer, where he published his work. Almost every photographer, somehow, in some way to communicate with their peers on the Internet, exposes to the public for their photos, watching new trends in photo, etc. In photo forum, photo site can at the same time to read about the work of a photographer from competent colleagues fotosoobschestva (social network VKontakte type nevschet etc.) that can help us understand who is in front of you, pro or an amateur in photography. But that is just coming to the fore is the most but, as every wedding photographer wants to be the next client saw the true face of his work, which is not always on the photo site looks presentable and attractive. Perhaps it is for this reason that thousands of novice wedding photographers pay for personal online business card a lot of money, but only in order that their clients did not run away from them, after reading reviews of his work a more experienced and competent fellow? Who knows...

Site-card - as attributes professionalism

Another my guess why the man took off a couple of dozen more or less successful shots, decides to acquire their own site. Apparently, so this person wants to demonstrate your professionalism, which, in his view, ensure the availability of own site. This fallacy is often distributed amatours. Availability of website address on business cards to potential clients, most likely nothing more than a simple address of a site there, and nothing more. A web site does not make him the owner of a professional, as well as the presence of a full-frame camera in his hands. I guess, most professionals (in all senses of the word) on the website, business cards do not even think he just does not need them. Their work is known and respected by major fotoresursah world, where people come to look at their work, millions of people, and certainly there and finding clients. And it's not just wedding photographers, but also those who work in other genres of photography.

How not to be business card site

Sooner or later, many photographers still attend the thought that no harm would be to have at its disposal its own site, and not for the reasons I mentioned above, and just like that, for a loved one, to satisfy his ego, which often is the cause of creating your first website. Once upon a time I was this sick, in general, too sinful :)
Now, several years saitostroitel'stva, I want to give advice for photographers who are just going to get my first business card site.

It just so happened among photographers that photosite must be black in color, with which I strongly disagree. Only agree with the fact that on a black background, even the most mediocre picture looks more attractive than a light background. And there is a logical explanation. Judge: visitor page view does not run on the dark corners of the sidebar and in an attempt to even out there for something to hold on, and immediately finds only what catches your eye, and this, of course - the image. Apparently, the only reason why many web designers draw photo site design in black or dark colors. But it is other than black and shades of gray, and they are many. I wonder why about them all the time forget fotosaytostroiteli. The dark-gray background photo looks very natural, though not that terrible black background, which greatly inhibits the perception of textual information on the page and spoil the impression of the site as a whole.

photosite, black background

If the site's with the black background were only images with this yet somehow could be tolerated, but that site is not only galleries, there are pages with textual content that is on a black background hardly readable, see Figure. below, white letters on a black background is suitable only for search engines but not for people. Very hard to read white text on a black background. And it is very bad if the text is not divided indented paragraph, and downed in one pile resembling porridge, as shown in the screenshot below. No offense to the owner of the site, but it is clear to whom the text is written here - the search engines, as a man of sound mind this mess will not be read. Therefore, if you make your website for people (SOM) before pick tone background check readability page, break the text into paragraphs at least 10-15 lines. Take a step toward your visitor, not push it unreadable text, and it will return to you.


I also want to draw your attention to the font. Do not make it too small or too large. Not every user knows that you can adjust the font size on the page keys Ctrl+(+) and Ctrl+(-), remember this. Too small print tired eyes, and too much irritation. Do not use on the same page a lot of fonts. Also avoid heavy use of decorative (fiction) fonts, it only alienate the reader. Before you apply a decorative font, check the readability, such beauty can cause the opposite effect, and the visitor will leave not having read the text with your "beautiful" type.

Do not hang on the main page of megabytes of images and heavy flash movie/flash module, neither man nor robot, Novice for a moment to your site, it will not wait more than 10-15 seconds - will leave both. Check the main page load time, the so-called "muzzle", if it is fully loaded more than 15-20 seconds, remove the extra content to load faster. This is important only if you plan to promote your site to search engines, if progress is not planned - this paragraph may forget.
Can often be found with a wide design photosites, 1200 pixels in width and more... For the lucky owners of widescreen monitors are fine, but what about those who have 17-inch monitors, and there are still a lot we can not forget about it. So, we should not impose design width greater than 1020 pixels. For example, the design of my site and the width 990 pixels., Which is enough for any content.

The screenshot below illustrates a typical mistake webmasters, who did everything right (except for some unnecessary elements) and stylish, but that's about people and their vision completely forgotten. The text in the footer is placed not for man but for the search robot. This text of this size, and even on a black background, simply unreadable, even despite the fact that the text is properly divided into paragraphs. If you so need to place text on a page with a black background, pick a color and font size to be easily read. White on black can write only short phrases or titles, as shown in the screenshot below, but in any case do not write messages or texts. My advice, never write in white on black, not abuse the reader offering him unreadable text, respect your visitor, write lyrics for the people.

typical mistake webmasters

See, I got carried away a little advice on web design, so to speak - and then Andrey suffered... :)
It's time to end... This article - just my personal opinion, and if you're with me in something not agree, your position also has the right to life. Tear shirts will not prove their case. But can anyone have thoughts this article, is it worth spending money on unnecessary things, and if you spend, you know what... If you are sure that the online business card you really need, you can contact me, draw and mark up with the latest Web technologies.
Now just all. Thank you for your attention.

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