Choosing a wedding photographer that is worth paying money


From the second part of this article we learned what points must be observed when viewing portfolio wedding photographer. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the golden section. Learned to distinguish between photos literate framing of mediocre craft.

Considered examples of the use of lighting in difficult shooting conditions. In this article, we will continue the consideration that is worth paying money wedding photographer. Know what questions to ask for a photograph at the preliminary meeting.

What should pay money wedding photographer

portfolio wedding photographer

From the previous parts of this article, you learned how to look good work wedding photographer. That is, what qualities must have a good picture. Now nerodivomu photographer would be difficult to argue with you on the quality. Now he does not get out... The knowledge that you have today, will give you confidence in your choice, selecting a worthy candidate for your wedding photographer. Now you'll know exactly what to look for and where to look, not to throw good money after bad.

If now, considering the portfolio wedding photographer, you do not have any questions related to the technical quality and artistic level of photos, it is obvious that before you really master of his craft. But we understand that you have to pay for quality. And when the photographer would call his price - not bargain with him, he knows the value of his work. And if you did manage to significantly bring down the price, not too rejoice. For now there is no guarantee that this wizard will run at 100% capacity. Remember, worthy - the best incentive for any work and photography is no exception. At the same photographer may be different in terms of work, and here an important role is played by the payment.
Remember the words of the same Sharapova: "I will warm the heart of this book, when the basement climb together." That's a photographer, knowing what it works - give everything at 100.

Should I order just two services (photos + video) by one person?

If you want to save on the photo and video services - kill two birds with one stone, and look for a man who will remove your wedding right in the photo and video - once and throw away from the head of this venture! Why am I so adamant? Why I do not advise to invite to the wedding photographer and videographer in one person? Because the man only two hands and one head (except in those rare cases when a photo-video shooting invite Siamese twins). For this reason, a normal person (not fotomutant) are not able to work simultaneously with two cameras. One of two things (or both) will be satisfied not qualitative.

For example, in the registry office or at the wedding in the church, you need to remove the important moments in the photo and video. How do the two cameras simultaneously to one person - I just can not imagine myself.
What is the job of the "photo-mutant"?
This wedding photographer takes one event to the camera, the other - a video camera, or takes on amateur camera in video mode, periodically jumping from image mode to video mode. That is, one and the same event is not removed in parallel photo and video cameras. Consequently, some important special events fly by photographic images, and some - by video recording. This here is the fotovideosurogat.

I guess, there are some artisans who make an order for the photo + video, but only the video shoot. Then from stream cut certain shots and push it to the customer as a photographer. Quality of some of this "photoproduct" can be expected.
- Where are the "photo-mutants"?
- They like the extra ballast, drop their plates with aliens.
- How do I know... Perhaps one day, a wedding photographer decided that you can earn more by offering the customer just two services - photography and videography. Or vice versa - videographer decided to add services photographer. Guess they chose this way because of the pathological greed, and/or excessive love of money.

Questions to ask photos on preliminary meetings

Much depends on your attitude to your money. If one person is enough to see a portfolio and know the price, the other wants to learn some interesting details about what is included in the photographic services. And this is the right approach.
Sometimes, people agree on a price, and the approximate number of photos, but I forgot to ask in what form he will get those same photos.
- How is it in any way? - In digital, disk space, - says one indignantly.
- Well it is clear that it is not in a plastic bottle.
So, to avoid the absurd situation where what you thought would be one thing, but the photographer was thinking something quite different, it is necessary to know what to ask. It is necessary to agree on some issues that will be removed in the future possible problems related to the cost of a service. Below I will give some of the issues that need to be set for a photograph at the preliminary meeting.

You give the processed photos or raw?

This question should be sure to ask the photographer. Since you may find that in their price does not include photo services image processing (color correction, retouching, cropping a certain geometry, preparation for printing, etc.). Many photographers after shooting just write raw files to the drive and give the customer who does not know what to do good. As a result, pay extra tidy sum for retouching the same photographer or someone else.
- What process photos, for them and so you can print it?
- First of all, not processed (wet) RAW file, in this format take off most of the photographers, nobody in the Photo Lab you will not accept (if they adopt - the conversion will have to pay), you need at least an elementary conversion to JPEG or TIFF;
- Secondly, the quality of images without treatment (without retouching, color correction, etc.) can be just awful.

In what format to shoot?

This question may be omitted if the wedding photographer gives you all the pictures in the processed form. If he handles the fringe images, and the other will give you a fresh, in this case, it is necessary that these files were written to the camera's sensor format RAW (NEF - for Nikon). Why? To other files in the future can be accurately process.
- And what, in any other format files are not processed?
- Processed, but not as effective. RAW file contains much more information stored in the matrix time of shooting, for example, than the same JPEG or TIFF. And when editing, all this information can be controlled as you like. That is, the range of possibilities of correction in RAW much wider with regard to the format of JPEG.

WHAT shoot? FILM or number?

I sincerely mock for you if you find a person removes a wedding on film. Once upon a time I was shooting a wedding at her home. I knew a wedding photographer, who still does not change the film. (!) These photos make me a deep respect and sincere admiration. This is a true master in the deepest sense of the word. Judge for yourself: - removing the entire wedding only 4-5 rolls of 36 shots, they are able to catch a lot of great and necessary things. Each shutter camera this photographer - is measured and deliberate step. Marriage virtually no.

Speaking of shooting with digital SLR - you can ask the photographer what level his camera. Why do you need to know? - Now I will explain...
If you intend to print photos up to A4 size (20x30cm), here fit 10 or 12-megapixel digital SLR camera (on the camera/lens is denoted by Latin letters DX, that is - the crop). If the print size must be greater than A4 size, then you need a professional full-frame camera, stands on the body, lens, Latin letters FX (full size).
What is a full-frame camera?
It's a camera, a matrix which is the same size as a 35mm film frame - 36x24mm.

How to frame?

Number of pictures taken, depending on the professional photographer, is anything but high-quality photos should be at least 250-300. This quantity is enough pictures to decorate a wedding photo album or photo book. To those photographers who will promise you thousands of frames (or even more) for one day of the wedding, you need to be treated, at least with caution (who knows, maybe it is a representative of one of the types of fotomutantov that, leave your finger on the shutter release button , click the series all in a row).

kitesurfing - series

How would you not convinced - do not believe that for one day of shooting, you can remove a few thousand high-quality frames - garbage - yes, I agree... Not really a day to make a number of good shots, well, not really, as not cool, even with the two cameras. In a number of shots you can cram everything, but not quality work.
In my life I've seen a lot of wedding photo shoot other photographers (disc CD with all the shots filmed the wedding day). I can not say that what I saw - a slag. No, of course. But recently I came across the eye is... just amazing how people are paying for this money, and a lot of... Do they not see that they vtyuhivayut illiquid?

For example, the last CD that I recently watched, it's just a mess! Session of 1500 photographs, of which only 10-15 can still somehow be attributed to the photo, the rest - just garbage, which can be safely discarded in the trash. It is this last case I was struck most of all the previous ones, and was inspired to write this article. I am certainly not a super-duper photographer (also happens sometimes sin), but the fact that they do bespredelschik-bombily me is shocking. I know that there are those who "cast aside my stones" for this article. I'm ready for it, ready for the howls of discontent bombed. But I hope that this article will help people not to get on the hook to fotobaboseram, because of which, wedding photographers take for cash registers with hood, without the slightest hint of creativity.

Do you have a website? Where else can i see your work?

If the photographer does his job not only for the money, then this is certainly the photographer a few dozen photographs that he published on the Internet on different photosite and photo forum. He may be your online business card, but it is not a guarantee of quality or professionalism photographer.
- Why should I look for other work, if I just look at his portfolio?
This is completely optional, but informative.
First - to bring about the photographer as much additional information;
Secondly - to look at his work through the eyes of other photographers and more competent in the photo than you. In this simple way you can understand what level of this photographer, and what others say about him. Even if he does not publish wedding photos, anyway, the fact that he actively hanging out and talking in fotosoobschestvah suggests that this person develops creative, he takes photographs, not only for money but also because he loves his profession, loves photography. And that says a lot, and well worth it. Therefore, be careful when choosing a wedding photographer. Before making a choice, consider all pros and cons, because the wedding - this unique moment of your life.
That's probably all. Thank you for your attention.

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