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Even some 20 years ago, about this profession as "wedding photographer" none of us have heard of. Anyway, to me in the late 80's on such a profession was not known.

Wedding Photographer

But time does not stand still, and today the wedding photography is not just a hobby amateur enthusiast, as it was before, now it is the same self-sufficient profession like any other, with the only difference being that the wedding photographer is no diploma certificate with appropriate specialization. But based on the scope and relevance of the profession of our population, we can assume that in the not distant future, a wedding photographer can proudly take out of "wide leg" cherished crust, confirming the legitimacy of the occupation/activity. But until that happens, with your permission, I will briefly tell novice wedding photographers about this fascinating creative profession, which in the world live under the same name - a wedding photographer.
Well, sit down comfortably, turn off ICQ, vkontakte too close... Nothing prevented us immersed in the topic.

How to become a wedding photographer?

How to become a wedding photographer

Some amateurs eventually think about the fact that it would be nice to make money from your photos. Wedding photography - the first thing that comes to mind. Indeed, removing the wedding can be a good living, but on one simple condition - you have to have customers who are willing to pay for that you provide photographic services. To your client wanted to use the services, your services must be of high quality and at a reasonable price. When it comes to the high quality of photo services, some amatours begin flour doubt, diffidence, fear of responsibility, etc. All of these fears and uncertainties are treated in the practice of passing experience. But more about this later.

So, you've decided to become a wedding photographer to start making coin. Bought, or are just going to buy a good digital SLR, fast lens, powerful flash and a whole slew of fotopribambasov. - Excellent! Now just have to learn how to light your dream come true. Until you have started to build the illusion of a fast and easy money on the wedding photos, I'll start with a simple: you have to be prepared for that which is not so easy to "recapture" in the shortest time spent on photographic equipment money, not to mention what- the profits. Professional wedding photographer with a good reputation and advertising can "recapture" the money spent for a few weddings, or for one season. But if you are just learning to make good portraits, to return the money spent on photographic equipment will be able to take some time (from one year to several years) until the master in this kind of photography at the master.

When your pictures will become free advertising of your work when earned so-called word of mouth, that's when there will be customers who will invite you to their wedding. Due to high competition in the market, you will have a good sweat narabatyvaya your own style to make a difference from the great mass of the proposals.
As you can see, just buy an expensive photo equipment, but to return the money spent and start making - to become a professional wedding photographer, is not so easy. But do not be like that at once give up after these words, - Cheer up! - You can always find out if you try...

Assistant wedding photographer

One solution to this situation - work assistant wedding photographer. This, naturally, does not pay for your cost of photo equipment, but you'll be participating in a real wedding photography! Feel like a heart begins to beat at the thought! Just imagine what will happen to you during the actual wedding photo shoot! In general, if you are ready for such an experiment - search the web ads on the issue. Surely there are among the professional wedding photographers in your city who will gladly take on photography beginner photographer as an assistant. More than that - you might even get paid for your time! Yes, it's not the money that you would get, but working as an assistant to a pro you have nothing to lose, but rather get a great experience of wedding photography, which is the master classes is expensive. And now here he crawls up the next exit from the situation. Well, move to it.

Master-class on wedding photography

Master class

Master class - this is not exactly what the real wedding photography, but in general will be able to imagine what it is and how it works. You might even like it, and you, so to speak, want continuation of the banquet.))) But too much focus master classes is not worth it, because the real wedding is yet another... Master class can cost you a pretty penny, so be prepared to pay from $100 for a few hours of training. Even if you do not remember all of what you were taught, you still have photos and memorable communication with like...

Free wedding photography

What kind of fun - "free wedding photography?" Is it for this that I bought/a such an expensive camera, so now for free to shoot someone? - Perhaps some of you resent.
Well, there you do not want to pay for any pay master classes, work for peanuts as an assistant to some uncle. But the experience of wedding photography need to purchase something, is not it.
In this case, the solution may become wedding photography your family, your close friends, your neighbors for "thank you." It is from this wedding for "thank you," I began my professional career as a wedding photographer. Even if your wedding photo shoot is not the most successful, most likely nobody else will not make any claims to the quality of your photos. But you just have to candidly admit to people that you are just learning to shoot a wedding, and that not everything can get you as they please. So people will not have any illusions about the future of high-quality photos, and you can work in peace without worrying about the consequences. On this adventure, many of today's newlyweds hardly disagree, but in my time (late 80's early 90's) in my family just did not have a choice, which I have successfully used. Try it and you suddenly your relatives or friends did agree...

Wedding photos at a low price

Wedding photos at a low price

I offer you another way to gain experience of wedding photography, to join a community of wedding photographers - to attract customers low cost. Some young couples looking for a wedding photographer on the Internet at a low price in order to save on wedding photos. In general, some of Brac photographer needed only for show, just to be running next to them a cool guy with a camera. This point is to learn to properly use it.

As a result, young people will guy with camera down, and you will receive at their disposal unlimited springboard for wedding photography skills without any restriction of flight of your creative imagination. Everyone is smiling and everyone is happy.

Initially can shoot a wedding at a low price - up to $100 or below. Then, with further training, gradually increase the value of their services. Always remember: when you take a client's money - you take responsibility for the quality of wedding photography. The higher cost of photographic services, the higher the degree of responsibility. But as long as you work in the cheap, the quality of photos may not be high, but they have to be at least some. The main thing to take a picture of the budget - to remove all the main important points of all events with the correct exposure. Number of processed images should be at least 150 frames, in general, so you can collect all of the emulsion photos 50-60 photos.

Wedding photographer to know

Wedding photographer should know the tradition of the region, where he spends photography to capture the images all the right moments. The photographer should know how to behave in the church on the wedding ceremony, not to create any inconvenience his presence for the newlyweds, the priest and the people. He must know the script of the wedding, to always be in the right place at the right time. He also has to know all the beautiful places of the city and neighboring towns, not to waste time searching for the right locations. Finally, he must know and apply the laws of photos, for example, good structure to the composition.

What should be able to wedding photographer?

Wedding photographer should be able to use all the potential applied to them photography. Must be able to quickly set the correct exposure on the camera in various rapidly changing lighting conditions: fast and correctly choose the shooting angle, quickly and correctly set the angle and intensity of the lighting when shooting indoors and on location. Wedding photographer must be sociable: you need to be able to create mood and atmosphere to your pictures, to be able to organize people for group shots, be able to tactfully evade unwanted conversations with inadequate/tipsy guests. Wedding photographer should be able to be visible at the wedding, so as not to attract the attention of others to the person.

What not to do wedding photographer?

Wedding photographer can not be in a state of intoxication on the job. Wedding photographer can not pay too much attention to someone of the guests, forgetting about the newlyweds. Wedding photographer should not be unduly initiative - to start "running the show", when it is not absolutely necessary.

At present, about the profession looks "wedding photographer". Hopefully, after reading this article, you have not lost the desire to start a career as a wedding photographer. Wedding photography - this occupation pretty heavy. But if you start it to make a living - it is you do not let go. As they say, once and for all life.
That's all. Thank you for your attention.

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