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Wedding soon, you're looking for a wedding photographer, you can not make the right choice. One - an acceptable price, the other - the quality. And then, finally you have found the best option. Looked photographer portfolio - enjoyed it. Perfect! Some time after the wedding you got the disc with photos, look, - Super!

photographer portfolio, wedding

If it is about you. - Then you can not read, so as not to spoil the mood, and then phoning your wedding photographer with overdue claims on the quality of the photographs. This article will be useful primarily to those who are going to look for a photographer for a wedding, but do not know how to distinguish the good from the bad photographer, and looking for online information about it.

But we have great pictures turned out! You say.
- Excellent! I have no doubt that this is so. But is it really - the answer to this question you will find in the materials section.

It would be foolish of me to say that all of your wedding photos are not worth the money spent. There are many competent and honest wedding photographers who do their work conscientiously, who are responsible for each frame, as they say, his head and his reputation. But there are others who have successfully used the ignorance of their customers, and quietly driven hack.

Moreover, they sometimes do not know the laws of composition in photography and other things. They believe that it is enough to have an expensive camera to do this business, stamping tens of thousands of GM. Because of just such upstarts, wedding photographers called "bombilla."

Fish is also called, and school photographers who punched various graduation albums/pads, calendars, portraits of children in outrageous costumes and other consumer goods. Of course, some are "photos" like, but I do not dare call these funny pictures - pictures. But people buy it without thinking what they are actually giving their blood. But today's article is not about that, today I'm going to reveal some important points when choosing a wedding photographer. I'll tell you what to look for in the first place, choosing a wedding photographer. Statement in the role of a freelance inspection rights of consumer protection. Ask why I need it? Bothered to look at how these people make a fool of "wedding photographer" who divorced recently a huge number (multiply like mushrooms after the rain). That his hack discredit honest wedding photographer.
- And what does "fair wedding photographer?"
- This is a photographer whose work quality is much higher than the price, for which the priority is the quality of the photo and not the price. Is a photographer who does not click with thousands of frames everything chasing the numbers, but that each frame makes a meaningful way, can you build a frame, observing the laws of composition and holds other important rules of photography. I'll explain later, but for now we will begin our study with the principal, with a portfolio of wedding photographer.

Portfolio wedding photographer

You have found a photographer in the network, an ad in the newspaper or through friends - very good. Now it is necessary that this photographer has given you his portfolio (the album with prints size 20x30cm), by which it will be possible to determine the future of the technical quality and artistic quality of the final product - your wedding photos. You can see his portfolio on his personal site, business cards, and even better - in the photoforum/photosite where you can not only see his portfolio, but also to read the comments on his work. In this case, you can not accurately determine the technical quality of the printout, as the monitor image may look quite different than on paper, but the comments of photographers will help you understand what the artistic level of his work.

Why is the picture on the screen does not look like on paper?
This is due to many factors, which are described in the article was being prepared for printing digital photos.

Okay, let's say, the print quality is not suspicious, and color of the skin you are quite satisfied. But the technical quality (color, brightness, contrast, detail in partial shade, sharpness, etc.) is insufficient for high quality photography. All these options are certainly important, but wedding photography is not just because of a report from the festivities, is the story of the happiest days of your life, which should remain in the photo the same as it was on that unforgettable day, with the entire range of emotions and feelings. And to pass it all on paper, the photographer should see and have time to fix these issues, and it is not easy to make even a seasoned photographer, let alone an inexperienced photographer - and even more so... Wedding photography - it is hard work, which, at first glance, looks like fun. No doubt, there is a skeptic who says that shooting - is not to carry bags of cement.

As for this remark can be answered?
- It depends on how the photographer works. If it works on the conscience, is laid at 100 - the back is wet, even when it's cold -20° C.
Considering portfolio, pay attention to the emotions depicted in the photographs, which convey the mood of a frame, which incorporates lighting schemes which pose photographer uses in his work. Banal photo with formulaic poses and angles do not cause the interest of the audience. The photographs should be an interesting solution to the shooting angle, competent primary and secondary placement of objects, and pictures with unusual effects and post-processing techniques. These and other factors which are discussed today, determine the artistic value of photography. And here we gradually turn to the description of the foundations of composition in photography.

If you are all the same as it was built some incomprehensible song - you can skip the next section and go directly to the reading of the final part of the paper we choose a wedding photographer (part 3). But for those who still want to learn (at least approximately) to determine the level and quality of the photos - I suggest to read the material below.

Photography Basics - composing (short)

Want to be sure that you do not make a fool that spent money down the drain? In that case, you must learn to distinguish between high-quality photos from the trash. In the text below, I will give the main points that need to pay special attention when watching photographer portfolio. Not prepared Photofinishing customer is unlikely to distinguish between a photo with competent construction composition and photography, take a picture of the composition laws which have never even heard of. That is, the qualitative picture of the marriage.
Let's start with the framing. Here are examples of pictures with the correct and proper framing of the image.

Photography Basics composing

What is wrong with the picture on the left? Why I defined as a variant of the crop is not correct?
It allowed a few mistakes:
- Not complied with the rule of golden section, the model's eyes are almost in center of the photo, which shows the error track (center of the frame - the dead zone photos);
- Over the model's head is too much free space, and at the same time, the right hand is cut off;
- Palms rough cut model (they should show in full or not at all included in the frame).
The photo on the right headroom models are not much diminished, but the model's eyes shifted from the center to the upper third of the frame by adding a space at the bottom. Palm also remained intact.
Considering the portfolio look for palm model, and if the palm/hand cut off in part or brush - it's bad, apparently, the photographer does not know that so do not.

Motion in the frame

This concept is widely photos reveal in this article I will not focus only on the primary. Take a look at two nearly identical pictures at the bottom that is right and what is wrong? Cropped the photo above is not correct because the young couple, being in the right side of the frame, out of it, and that's not good. If the couple was in the middle of the frame - too bad, because the center of the frame, as we already know, the dead zone photography. According to this, the best option framing, this is when our young couple enters the frame, which has space to move forward into the future - the photo below.

Motion in the frame wedding photos


In conclusion of this part suggest you another example framing. This shows two examples of the correct and proper orientation of the frame when shooting.

wedding photographer
portfolio wedding photographer

What's wrong with the top picture?
It's all right, except for the cut-off hand model.
In this portrait of the main objects - a boy and a girl, and this is the correct location of the main objects. Head models are located in the visual centers, according to the rules of the golden section. To help you become more clear about what the rules of the mysterious golden section I interpret here - read the second part of the material as a wedding photographer to choose (part 2).

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