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In the field of wedding photo services, there are three major forms of payment: hourly, frame by frame and tariff packages. I suppose many newlyweds choosing your wedding photographer to face the question: "What is all this variety to choose?" After all only quality photo-product, do not want to miscalculate with a choice of a wedding photographer and offer them a form of payment for its services.

Newlyweds to make it easier to choose one or another form of payment for services of a wedding photographer, in this article I will detail three basic payment scheme photographic services. Perhaps some wedding photographers will disagree with some of my statements and definitions in this article, but it was not written for you, dear colleagues, and to your potential customers.
Let's start with the most popular among wedding photographers forms of payment - hourly.

Hourly services wedding photographer

"Pitfalls" in hourly earnings

Hourly services photographer - a payment for a certain period of time (from one to several hours), who spent a photographer to take photographs of your wedding ceremony and photo shoot. Everything seems to be simple and clear, but... Let's Tear deceptive simplicity imaginary veil and see what lies behind this apparent at first glance, transparent and understandable form of payment; find out why this form of payment is so popular and beloved among the vast majority of wedding photographers.

So, you pay the photographer for the hour of a predetermined amount of money. Indirect evidence make a conclusion that the money you spend is not in vain because the photographer runs back and forth with the camera down and something to shoot there. In principle, there is something to complain about, everything seems to be exactly: you pay - it works. But the picture quality does not depend on how fast it revolves around you and your guests, and on how much your conscientious photographer (ie, what percentage of its capacity, he puts in the work), and as far as he is competent and professional.

If the photographer is not enough experienced and honest, he shamelessly can only create the appearance of work. You're not looking at his camera after each shutter release (and you can see there is something?). He can shoot lots of everything, without worrying about the artistic quality images. Within a few hours of work it can easily naschelkat several thousand frames. But you then do not be surprised if as a result of his work will be that of the whole mass of the frame there is nothing to choose for the wedding album.

How to be paid by the hour if the wedding procession got stuck in traffic?

Another important point that should be noted when ordering hourly wage of photography - this time payment photographer even when he, for whatever reasons, do not depend on him, unable to conduct photography. For example, on the way to the venue of the wedding photo shoot (walking), your wedding train got stuck in traffic. The situation is unpleasant for you, but unscrupulous photographer will be only too happy these circumstances. It is possible he will portray deep concern and sympathy, mentally rubbing his hands in anticipation free money. For as they say in the army: "The soldier sleeps - the service goes".

wedding procession on the road

Not to pay for the lost time photographer, you can ask him not to take into account time spent in traffic. Not the fact that the photographer you agree to go to a meeting. If a person will not too greedy, he is likely to go to meet you - do not take money from you for the time lost in traffic. But you never know what kind of person you hit? Therefore, in order not to "buy a pig in a poke", at a preliminary meeting with the photographer should discuss the order of your financial relations in the event of emergency situations, in the future, to remove possible claims against each other.) If you sign with the photographer not an oral and a written contract, do not be lazy in it to clarify/specify this and similar possible situation.

Who benefits hourly rate photo service?

As you can see from the above, in hourly earnings are moments that you should consider when choosing a wedding photographer. Hourly pay advantageous in the first place is not for you and the photographer, who in its sole discretion to use the time you paid. In my opinion, it is not necessary to hire a wedding photographer whose value is determined solely by shooting residence time at your wedding.

If it really happened, that you liked the photographer hourly form of payment, you can try to negotiate with him about a certain minimum amount of quality pictures (eg. 100-150 pictured), which will be included in the wedding album or photo book. Thus, to some extent, you will stimulate the photographer to work not only on the number of hours of footage, but also the outcome. If he agrees to your terms - you can hire this photographer, otherwise should think carefully whether or not to tangle with him.

Single form of payment photographer

interesting shot champagne spill on the floor

The advantages of frame forms of payment

Single payment Photofinishing - a payment for a specific number of your favorite shots of the whole wedding photo shoot. Their number can be anything. Single-shot payment is beneficial primarily to the customer and not the photographer, as the customer selects the most delicious successful, in his opinion, photos, and does not pay for the rest failed or repeated (similar) frames.

Disadvantages frame forms of payment

It should be noted that not all the newlyweds are ready to take a chance and ordered this form of payment. This is due to distrust of the photographer and the lack of guaranteed result; there is no assurance that the photographer will remove a sufficient number of quality training.

But the most important thing that scares them - this is the uncertainty budget of photography. It is not known how many will eventually have to pay for a wedding photo session. Therefore, the order of the photographer with frame form of payment - a lot of the most daring of the newlyweds, who are willing to take risks in order to achieve the desired result.

Price for each frame in frame form of payment may vary depending on the number of selected images. As a rule, the more you select the photos, the smaller the cost of each frame. According to this principle do not work many photographers, including myself.

The emphasis on the quality of the photos

Single-shot payment stimulates wedding photographer to shoot, not as horrible and something horrible, and so and what can be sold to the customer; photographer "embedded" in each frame by pressing the shutter release button consciously and at the right time; quality of shots is becoming a priority for their number. As a result, from all over the filmed material, the percentage of quality training for the poor at times higher.

Payments wedding photographer for tariff packages

cute smiling beautiful bride wedding photographer

Batch payment as a compromise

This form of payment photofinishing - it's something in between those two, which we have considered above.
Typically, wedding photographers create three tariff packages:

Names tariff packages can be very diverse. Each photographer calls tariff packages in their own way (to the best of your imagination). Contents of tariff packages for different photographers different prices and services provided.

Many newlyweds are looking for on the Internet sites of photographers is a packet form of payment. Apparently, they are attracted by the choice of tariffs and relevant services within the certain tariff packages.

In my opinion, payment of the photographer on the tariff packages - is the best option for those newlyweds who do not particularly rely on conscience and competence of the photographer, who want to know how much and for what pay.

When to hire a wedding photographer regardless of the form of payment?

At the end of the article I want to draw your attention to the following. You can quite happily hire a wedding photographer in spite of what form of payment it offers. That is a form of payment may be any of the above or any other. This should be done only if you are sure that the pro photographer in the photo that he pathologically in love with photography, works not only for the sake of the fee but also on its credibility. Be sure he will do his best to make you satisfied with the results of your cooperation.
I hope that now it will be easier to choose a wedding photographer and/or select a form of payment for his services. I wish you find a photographer who will not disappoint the result.

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