How to find a wedding photographer on the Internet

If you are looking on the internet for a wedding photographer, but the experience of surfing the Internet until you have enough, that is, you do not know how to do it properly, this material will help you understand some of the intricacies of the search wedding photographer.

Girl with laptop looking on the internet for a wedding photographer

Today I will talk about how simple and easy way you can learn to look for a wedding photographer on the Internet. It is important not to make the wrong choice, because the wedding day you are unlikely to be repeated (about remarriage are not talking).

So, in order not to buy a pig in a poke, search and choosing a wedding photographer should be approached with a certain degree of responsibility for their own choices, then to "not to blow on cold water" as the saying goes, when the photographer would be to put it mildly, not so... in terms of wedding photography. About what criteria to choose a wedding photographer, read the article How to choose a wedding photographer.

Search engines like Google and Yandex

Before you start looking for your photographer wedding, you have to learn how to use the database search engines, such as Google and Yandex, which collected most of the content all over the internet. Today, there are a huge number of search engines, but today I want to tell you only about those two.

The search engine Google and Yandex

Where to start looking for a wedding photographer

So, where do you actually start searching for a wedding photographer? You guessed it - from entering the relevant word or phrase into the address bar, which is located at the top of your browser, or directly into the address bar on the search engine page. See screenshot above. Remember one very important point - you ask a search engine because it is the answer.

Search Photos Lviv via the Internet

Therefore, we must know what and how to ask search engines, so they picked the best for you exactly the answer that best corresponds to your request, that is, that he was 100% is relevant to what you're looking for. How do I know what magic words must be entered into the search bar to get the desired response? It's very simple - give the right search query.

Made a valid request - half the work is already done

What does it mean "to make a valid request"? For example, if you are looking for a wedding photographer, and still live in the territory, for example, the Lviv region, then the search engines have to give the command "Search!", after giving "sniff" search phrase (indicated in the search text), for example, Wedding Photographer Lvov. After pressing the "Find" search engines, like mad, rush to seek the most cherished phrase and/or its close relatives, including a huge pile of words and their synonyms, phrases, phrases that are stored in the database.

Shoveled a mountain of information, in seconds, the search engines will find sites with the right content. That is, in the search results (SERP), see screenshot below, you'll see the top ten most relevant pages that contain answers to your request. And when you come to one of the sites found - to see exactly what you are looking for. But that ideally, in practice, is not so simple.

Specify the region in the search query to get relevant answers

An inexperienced user can enter a phrase, eg, "photographer to the wedding," without specifying a regional anchor - the word "Lviv" will instruct the search engines "Look!" by clicking on the "Find" button. Search engines do their work conscientiously - bring him pages from the search phrase, not only Photos from Lvov and Lviv region, but from all over the Russian Internet(!), Where the photos you want, you can look for a long time or do not find, depending on how advanced or that the site of the wedding photographer. Therefore, be sure to specify the search area for a particular search phrase, where you want to find a photographer to vain not to waste precious time and gan once again the search engines database.

Yandex search query in Lviv wedding photographer

The first page of search results most relevant to your request

Do not go too far in the search results. That is, the first 10 sites that are on the first page, containing the most relevant content to your request. The inscription under the pagination "Sort by relevance" can be translated as "sort by most relevant to your search phrases that are contained in the content page views" - means walking on all pages is not necessary.

The second and third page may contain relevant content according to your request, it all depends on the site and promoted competition on the search query. Therefore, among the first three pages of search engine results, you can find exactly what you are looking for. On other pages of issue, and they may be from a dozen to a few hundred more, something useful will be difficult to find, only time spent. The most relevant pages for a particular search phrase occupy top (top) position to issue (the first 3-7 links at the top), and the lower link - the less is relevant to your request in it content, the lower its value to the search engines, thus you do not need it, that this arithmetic.

I hope I quite lucidly explained in detail how to look for a wedding photographer on the Internet. Now it will be easier to deal with the search for a site and, accordingly, a photographer for your wedding. Have a good selection! Thank you for your attention.

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