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I am sometimes asked: - What is included in the photo service? - Why the different prices for wedding photography? - How is the price of wedding photo shoot? - What factors influence the pricing? And so on... in various diluted versions of words and sentences.
Each wedding photographer for himself defines the value of their services. For this reason, I can not tell what algorithms use other photographers counting the cost of their services.


In this article I will talk about the price of what formed my wedding photo services. This paper was also to a preliminary meeting can be removed a number of issues related to price my services wedding photographer. But it can also be useful for those married couples who meet in a preliminary meeting with the wedding photographer, and prepare a list of key questions. After reading this article may have some questions you removed from your list. But it's also possible that something you want to add to it.

What is included in the cost of my photo services

The cost of my wedding photo services includes:

  • Travel expenses (any movement in the city, long distance, and a trip to another country)
  • Talking on a cell phone (Internet correspondence, file transfer)
  • Amortization of photographic equipment (wear photographic equipment)
  • Photographic equipment maintenance (servicing)
  • Wedding photography from the bride to the restaurant charges (up to the first dance honeymoon)
  • Taking pictures at the restaurant before the end of the holiday (at extra cost)
  • Photo processing (2-3 weeks)
  • Prepare images for printing (3 formats to choose from)
  • Optimizing photos for posting on the internet (if you wish)
  • Optimizing photos for viewing on a DVD player (on request)
  • Electricity costs (powerful PC eats a lot)
  • DVD drive (s)
  • Keeping a backup of your wedding on digital media (forever)
  • Permission to place some of your wedding photos on the Internet

And now for some of the points I will elaborate. The first two points may miss because everything is clear and there is no big deal. But here's the third paragraph can stop.

Depreciation Photography (Wear photographic equipment)

So, what does "Amortization of photographic equipment?" This term hides a number of factors that are in operation, one way or another, cause irreparable damage to the digital photography:

  • Wear of the camera shutter. Shutter resource is not unlimited, respectively, melt with each click - press the shutter release button or the shutter;
  • Wear petals lens. The lens is often costs several times more expensive than on the camera. In parallel with the shutter, there is a movement of the lens aperture blades, which leads to deterioration of the block diaphragm;
  • Resource external flash. With each trigger the external flash is also exhausted its resources, yet it is also quite expensive - $450-600;
  • Rechargeable batteries are also subject to wear, are expensive - $50/pc.

Maintenance photography (service)

In servicing the camera and lens are:

  • Greasing the camera shutter;
  • Lubrication of the lens aperture blades;
  • Dusting infrared filter camera matrix;
  • Dusting the internal lenses of the lens;
  • Dusting the mirror and pentaprism;
  • Adjustment of the lens;
  • Adjusting the camera.

These procedures do not come cheap, require investments and time. The more expensive camera equipment - the more expensive it cost service center.

Wedding photography (separate wedding photo)

It's simple: you celebrate - I work hard. Typically, photography lasts 6-8 hours one day of shooting. Also, you are given the opportunity to share the wedding photo session for two or three days, perhaps with a trip to another city or country. Expenses for registration of my visa, the road, food, accommodation, etc. - at your expense.

Photo processing

That hides the words "Image processing", I wrote in a separate section of answers, here you can read about it processed wedding photos. It offers you a list of all the main manipulation produced with your wedding photos. Time does not stand still, so maybe in the future there will be additional items in the above list. Processing time photos can range from two weeks to a month, on average, the treatment takes 2-3 weeks (winter, spring and late autumn) in high season (summer - early autumn) - up to 1 month.

Taking photographs for publication

Preparing images for print - is a series of graphics file manipulation, which I will not tell you in this article. Before you carry your photos to minilab, they need to be optimized for printing machine lab. That is, your photos should be saved in the correct resolution of a format (such as 10x15, 15x20, 20x30), and, of course - in the correct color profile. You do not have to dive into the depths of color space and resolution, because I do it for you for a nominal sum. The DVD disc will be a folder, for example, 10x15, 15x20, 20x30. This means that in each of these folders have already cropped image of this format. When you want to collect photos of the photos in different sizes, just select the desired photo from the folder and write on digital media in the same folder, and then attributed to the minilab. In the lab at the time of ordering, the operator will be easier to navigate many frames in which format printing. This will save time for preparation of the order, and you will save on framing your photos. For each crop photos to minilab take the money, and if after a while you or your friends will need to print a picture - will have to pay extra for every time framing. The benefit is obvious, is not it?

Optimization photo for placement on the internet


Today, all or nearly all the young people registered in social networks (vkontakte, classmates, facebook), you probably also...
When you get your hands on a DVD with your wedding photos, the first wish - to show these pictures to your friends and acquaintances. To save time on the compression of a snapshot (no compression, photos can not be spread in the Internet), you simply open the folder "for the Internet", which will be in the DVD drive, and choose the right frames for posting on the Internet. Optimized for Internet photos look better unoptimized. Besides, there are much quicker loading of a snapshot that will not irritate the person who wants to see your photos. To have your pictures on the web looked well, and fast shipping (it appears on the page), I made them to optimize, and again - almost nothing. If you loose on your photos for the internet to put my copyright - the address of my website, see the photo on the right. In this case, the optimization of your wedding photos will be completely free.

Optimization on photo to view dvd player

If you do not have a computer, but there is a DVD player, you can view your wedding photos on TV in a slide show, perhaps with musical accompaniment. If photos are not optimized for the DVD player, in this case, pictures will appear on the TV screen very slowly, in a couple of minutes, you and your guests get bored. To prevent this, I optimize all photos for the DVD player, and of course - for a nominal sum. The DVD disc will be a folder «DVD-TV», which is designed for viewing on a TV.

Backup of your wedding

A backup copy of your wedding photos will be stored in my digital storage media in several different places (hard drive, DVD drive). Shelf life is unlimited. What is it for? Life is unpredictable, anything can happen... If anything, please contact me, you can always restore your lost data. Stores all the files of your wedding processed - format JPG (PSD), and raw files - a format RAW.

Permit for placement of your photo in the internet

If you allow me to publish your photos on my website or on another photo, the price of your wedding photos will be a little lower - at 3.2%, depending on the total amount of the transaction. Permission to publish your photos I have specified in the preliminary meeting - before the deal. This will determine the price of my photographic services. If I'm not asking your permission to publish, so I'm not going to publish your wedding photos on the Internet. Publishing your wedding photos on the web - it is an advertisement of my photographic services, so I'm doing a small discount. Everything has a price, to pay for everything.

Bonus wedding photography

Almost all of my customers in a given quantity, get away from me a few unexpected bonuses for themselves - photos, processed in different styles, with the use of interesting visual artistic effects. These photos can cause someone irony, saying:
- And what is that dust and/or scratches on the picture? What, they could not remove it somehow?
What can I say, some people just are not given to see the essence of the picture, the meaning attached to a particular element, the object in the photo. Such images are usually not subject to the website. But someone still finds meaning in these photos, and includes them in a photo album or photo book.

In addition, I offer a choice of cover pages (3-5 photos) for a wedding album - collages assembled from multiple images, sometimes with artistic text, such as "Our Wedding". Also, as a bonus, sometimes record a slide show of the best collected photos, complete with music. It all depends on how I'm currently busy working period. If time allows, and I dumped the avalanche of inspiration, I can engage in long hours of artistic treatment of some photos, and then just give you a bonus.

If you need advice on design photo books, and/or for the selection of photos for the album or photo book, always happy to help his advice. You can also contact me for advice on photography (photography, photo processing, photo printing) at any time - I will be happy to help.
That's all, thank you for your attention.

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