A check-list for SEO-promotion Web resources

Check whether your site is suitable for SEO-promotion

Basic requirements to website

Here are only the basic requirements for a Web resource promoted. The remainder of the claims corrected in the promotion. If all items listed below are met, promote your website you can start right now.

But if some items of the checklists cause you obviously doubt or flying as a flock napylnykiv... , I advise you first fix the problem points, and only then think about SEO-promotion of your resource.

  1. The domain name of the website is not a limitation for SEO-promotion

    - The zone of the domain name (contraindications: .info, .fm, etc.);
    - The domain name must be issued to the owner of the resource (admin access, DNS -redaktoru).

  2. Compliance with the requirements of hosting loading speed

    - Server response should not exceed 200ms (optimum speed of response - 20ms).

  3. The ability to make the necessary changes to advance in the HTML code

    - The ability to edit code page meta tags and other formatting elements.

  4. All accesses to adminok and rights belonging to the owner website

    - Access to the admin area hosting/domain keys to FTP.

  5. Web Age -resursu term and indexed in the search engines more than one year

    - Sites that less active, the SEO-promotion not to be.

  6. The site is available 24 hours a day and is in working condition

    - with the site all okay, works smoothly and downs server.

  7. Appearance site

    - The appearance of the site in all modern browsers almost identical;
    - Positioning is not falling apart when viewed in older browsers IE-6, IE-7, IE-8.

  8. The site is not is an affiliate of another website

    - It should not be text and/or graphic content consistency with any other site.

  9. The website is the main mirror

    - It may be the first host with www or without www.

  10. Web resource is not himnosaytom (doorways)

    - This is not the HS (himnosayt) created exclusively to promote the main site.

  11. The website is quite informative input page

    - No normal IM (internet shop) has informative Homepage: complete lack of text or an insufficient number.

  12. Web resource is not based on technology Flash, Frame or Javascript

    - This implies that it is not literally made entirely in one of these technologies.

  13. Web site developed in its theme and has a sufficient number of pages

    - Must have more than 20 pages in the index of search engines Google and Yandex.

  14. Region website correctly assigned

    - If your life is not assigned a region first you need to assign...

  15. promoting inquiries are entering text pages

    - That is, all requests that are currently advancing in the text pages and the particular subject, the semantic kernel.

  16. Availability balanced semantic

    - It is important that the semantic core was in principle though any.

  17. All content and website design unique

    - text content, images and meta tags unique to each site;
    - Website drawn and laid out with a clean slate. That is, it can not be any design template used many websites.

  18. Web resource does not contain any prohibited advertising materials

    - On the site should not be pornographic materials, as well as propohandoyu violence, racism, fascism and other debris.

  19. All established links donors to site quality

    - For example, there's heaps of links to a site with some porn sites.

  20. Initial corrupt links from the site no

    - The updated blocks with no source corrupt links.

  21. Online no broken links, redirects and pages with sessions

    - Pages website where the URL-addresses with dynamic parameters (http://site.com/index.php?id=24&page=5) shall not be subject to progress.

  22. URL-addresses Cyrillic characters without

    - URL-address of the site should not contain Cyrillic characters, they must be written in transliterated in the Latin alphabet.

  23. The structure of URL-addresses

    - The structure of URL-addresses generated by the engine must not exceed 3 investments (http://site.com/razdel/kategoriya/web-design/index.php).

  24. Збільшення number of incoming links to a website gradual

    - No link too sharp increase in weight.

  25. Text content is not perespamlenyy keywords or phrases

    - Average density keys (keywords or phrases that moving), nausea within 1-4.

  26. statistics Website uniform

    - No spike or falling attendance.

Before seek specialist SEO-promotion

If you are familiar with the programming language and server configuration Web server; not in laws targeting web design and usability; and far from the layout of web pages (names of web technologies like CSS and HTML you nothing to say), in this case before search SEO-Optimizer, you have to find suitable professionals who fix certain problems website.

What is SEO-promotion

You are right to ignore any of the above items, but sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that the money for promotion were thrown in vain. SEO-promotion - is a set of activities closely related one chain. And if a link would be weak (unfinished), the result may be disappointing. In SEO-promotion every detail can play a crucial role in achieving the desired result.