Services web-designer, creation and promotion of sites

Creation of a small website for a reasonable price

WEB-design WEB-Marketing SEO

If you need a business card site at a reasonable price, which must be combined modern web technologies and high-quality cross-browser layout with a modern, unique design — you can contact me in any way convenient for you, and in a few days (in extreme cases — weeks), you will have a modern website with a unique design and quality.

Redesign of web-site

You can also contact me on the redesign:

  • If you already have a website, but you want a little (or radical) change its appearance, that is to completely change the design template or only some fragments/blocks while respecting the original HTML structure (layout) of the pattern;
  • If you want to adapt the design of your site some units/modules written in conjunction PHP+HTML or only in HTML.

Website Promotion Top 10 issue

If your site in search results on the relevant keywords/phrases, so to speak, "tending back", that is far from the first three pages of the issuance of Yandex and Google, I suggest you use my SEO services to promote your site in the top 10 in the data search engines. The price of each keyword/phrase is dependent on their competitiveness in the issuance of search engines.

Promote your website in the top 10 issue Yandex and Google may take some time, on average, this process takes 1-3 months, depending on the level of competitiveness of key words/phrases which your resource needs to be in the top ten issuing the above mentioned search engines. You can also contact me if you need administrator WEB-resource.

Responsive web design

In recent years, the number of users visiting the Web with mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other modern gadgets is growing rapidly. In connection with this, the search engines are strongly encouraged to adapt websites for devices with different screen size.

Recently, the largest search engine Google has said that ranking websites are not optimized for mobile devices will be too low in the SERPs. That is, if your web resource is filled with high-quality, unique content, with excellent behavior and other factors, but without the optimization for different screens, ceteris paribus, to issue it will be lower than your competitor who has a mobile version of the site or the responsive web design.

Responsive web design on different devices

To see the effect of adaptation of the design of the site for different size browser windows, take the mouse on the right edge of the browser and change slowly narrowing the width of the window and pushing it. As you can see, the site design for different size of the browser window changes, obediently adapting a certain screen size of the mobile device. If you need a coder responsive web design or you want to optimize your site for mobile devices — I'm at your service.


The text and graphic content — what most people are looking for on the web sites. All search engines love sites with no exceptions with high-quality and unique content. And if the site is filled with well-optimized text, which is also supplemented with quality pictures, search engines simply adore. Promoting a site in the search engines, do not rely only on purchased links from authoritative resources. In the near future, the reference sites of exclusive promotion will be lowered in the search results. But those sites whose owners have relied on the volume of high-quality content, will rise up in the search results, or at least retain their former positions in the SERPs.

If your small website/blog lacks a thematic text and/or graphic content, use my services SEO-copywriting. This service is a unique writing text information, advertising or presentation of character: articles, advertising texts, description of services/products, stories, ads and slogans.

Advertising photography for the site

The price of SEO-copywriting

  • Text (Writing + SEO-optimization) — 50-60 UAH/1,000 characters;
  • Photos/graphics (creation + optimization for the WEB) — 15-20 UAH/photo.

Graphic content for the site

If you need a unique resource and high-quality graphic content, you can order photographing predmetki (photographing merchandise for online shopping) or any photos for articles. On this website you can order advertising photography at a reasonable price: a seasoned professional photographer at your service.

Translation services RU/UA

High-quality, artistic translation of texts from Russian into Ukrainian and vice versa.
Price: $0.5/1,000 characters.
Note: I basically do not write articles on corrupt photo themes, wedding theme, web design and maintenance PC — only translate as I write them for your blog.

Basic services: web-design, web-marketing (SEO)

  • Development of graphic design layout of the site: the prototype — to the design layout (PSD);
  • Translating your design layout of PSD to HTML;
  • Layout of web pages: DIV-block layout (HTML5/CSS3);
  • Cross-browser compatibility: all modern browsers (IE5 and IE6 — a separate price);
  • Validity codes: HTML/CSS (compliance with standards W3C);
  • Redesign: Change the appearance of the design (global/fragments);
  • Responsive design: optimize websites for mobile devices;
  • Site audit (Express audit): a comprehensive SEO-analysis of web project;
  • Promotion of sites in the top 10 Yandex and Google Keyword (payment for each key);
  • Optimize text/graphic content (internal optimization);
  • Correct file robots.txt (closing files, directories and pages of duplicate indexing);
  • Copywriting (unique, optimized text);
  • Production of animated advertising banners (GIF/Flash — ActionScript 3.0).

Prices for services web developer and SEO-Optimizer

Prices above contractual services. The cost of development/refinement website and its progress depends on many factors, which in turn determine the price of a web service. Before you call me on the SEO-promotion, I recommend to familiarize with the list of requirements for a website that has the move to not to waste our time with you. For more information on web-services available by phone or E-mail. To contact me, use the Contact Us section.