Retouching tool - Stamp (Pattern Stamp)

Today we look at the work of Photoshop Tool «Stamp», as well as get acquainted with its modifier - "Pattern Stamp". The principle of operation of these tools is almost identical, but there are also some differences in operation of these instruments. This tool is very often used for retouching images - replacing the new editable region fragment, which is in the source file, or replace the stored pattern (separate fragment of the original file). While all a bit in the fog... but soon all will become clear when we see these tools in the work.

Tool «Legally» (S)

tool Photoshop «Stamp» , a quick call to the tool - the Latin letter «S». The principle of operation of this instrument is very similar to the principle of tools «Healing Brush» and "patch" that we have already seen in this series of articles.

Hold down the «Alt», select the image source to replace by clicking on the image at a certain point. After the sample is taken, move the cursor to the place where it will be replaced fragment, and then produce a replacement. See the video on the right.

Do not pay attention to the quality of the replacement this example. There is only shown himself the principle of operation of the tool. If a good try, this tool is able to overwrite (retouch) the most incredibly complex parts of the image.

Using different blending modes, opacity, pressure, rotation, etc., can achieve excellent results retouching.
By this tool we will definitely return in the future lessons on Photoshop, because this tool - one of the most sought-after photographic processing.

Tool «Pattern Stamp» (S)

palette Pattern

Tool Photoshop «Pattern Stamp» , a quick call to the tool - the Latin letter «S». The operation of this tool is demonstrated on the video above.

Also as a "stamp", this tool is designed to make replace the sampled image in advance. But it may take a sample, not only from the original image, it can take a sample from any fragment located in the palette "Pattern". See the screenshot on the right. Apparently so, this tool is named - "Pattern Stamp».

The Define pattern

Add a portion of the image into the palette "pattern" can be shown as in the video above (unfortunately could not fit all the parameters panel). To take a sample of the original image, you need a tool «rectangular area "select the desired sample area. Once we have identified the desired track, we need to turn it into a "pattern". To do this, select the item "Define Pattern..." from the "Edit" menu. See the screenshot above. Click on the menu item, and then confirm the name of the new pattern by pressing «OK». So we created a fragment of the original image (pattern) which will be used in the Tool «Pattern Stamp", or "fill layer" - fill the selected area.

Based on its many years of experience with Photoshop Tool «Pattern Stamp", the processing of the photos I prefer the Tool «Stamp». For me, it is more convenient than patterned. But there are times that it is necessary to use "Pattern Stamp". That's it, in a nutshell, today I told you about this wonderful tool image editor Photoshop CS.
On this for now, thank you for your attention.

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