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In the previous article we met with interface graphic editor Photoshop, as well as a little acquainted with Photoshop toolbar. Starting with this article, let us continue with a graphical editor Photoshop CS, its tools and features. In this article, start looking tools first logical group. If you are just starting out in photoshop, these materials will be useful to you. Text description of the tools will be complemented with screenshots and videos. All tools are considered not make sense, we consider only those tools that will be useful in photographic processing.

Tool «Move" (V)

Tool «Moving" , a tool call - Latin letter «V». It is the most actively used tool in the editor Photoshop. His responsibilities include moving objects on the desktop, in the edited file (the active window to a file), move files or fragments between active windows open graphic documents.

This tool can sometimes acquire a different kind, for example, that a tag. This tab appears when you pre-select the necessary part on the edited file, going to move a fragment of the original file to another document; cut and move the selected area (track) to another location in the same document.

Tool «Rectangular Marquee" (M)

Tool «Rectangular Marquee" , a tool call - Latin letter «M».
This tool has several modifiers - instruments with additional functions extend the capabilities of the main see. screenshot right.

This tool has 4 modifier, but two of them (in the screenshot - the first from the top) are used more often. Anyway, I use them more often. Allocation of rectangular and oval areas, apart from the usual selections, you can create a variety of images, as well as to draw the text is written own unique font. This is done very simply and quickly. See the video on the right. The main thing in this case - remember functions and shortcuts of the tool, and when some of the parameters in the allocation should be used.

The principle of operation of the tool (Selection field)

In case, if your browser is not friendly with Flash, the screenshots below shows one of the many examples of the work of this tool. Just a few steps you can create any sort of figure it all depends on your imagination and the task.

Selecting the area, step 1

First, for convenience, the guides for the future positioning of elements. In this case, I'm going to write the word "Photo". On the tool options bar, select "New Selection". Hold down the «Shift», Tool «Elliptical Marquee» draw a perfect circle. Then, switch to the "Subtract From Selection" will appear next to the cursor "-" sign.

Selecting the area, step 2

Draw an oval inside the selected area, starting from the top left - to the bottom right, see fig. to the left. Thus, the selection of the circuit we have turned the letter "O", but because we need the first letter "F". So, it's time to apply the second modifier tool - "The rectangular area» We need to remove part of the selected area, and a little to add. To do this, switch to the "Add To Selection"

Selecting the area, step 3

When the tool" Add To Selection "is active, the icon appears next to the cursor "+". Just as in the previous example, starting from the top down allocation area. You can have a selection from the bottom up - look as you wish. To quickly switch between allocation "add" - "subtraction", the allocation of the area, use the keys «Shift» and «Alt». This greatly save your time.
Shift - add to the selection.
Alt - subtract from a selection.

Selecting the area, step 4

If you did everything correctly, you will see the letter "F". What have we done? We just removed the unneeded portion of the first two selections, and they added a third area - rectangle in the center of the selected area, which connected all three marquee into one.

It does not matter that you draw, letter, or a bizarre figure, it is important that you understand the principle of operation of this instrument. Connecting imagination, this tool can be navayal is...

Selecting the area, step 5

Now that you've mastered a little base, and are accustomed to the instrument, not bad to fix this stuff. To do this, you can append the word "Photo" completely. Especially do not show how to write the letter "T", I hope you have themselves cope with this homework, provided that you have not had time to watch a video. If you've watched - with homework we span.

Selecting the area, step 6

Highlight any area without cutting or filling pointless, is not it. So, now we will fill the selected area. Blend - this tool will be considered later. Looking ahead a bit, show you how to fill the selected area.

is selected from toolbar tool" Gradient ", choose the color of the gradient, and hold down the «Shift», driving a cursor from bottom to top, or vice versa - so far it does not really matter. Release the keys - filling took place.

Region selection step 7 completion

Deselect without recourse to the menu" selection ", you can use hot keys «Ctrl+D». To quickly remove the rails - «Ctrl+H».

In order to give the text a certain volume, it is possible under the text "slip" shadow. About how to do it, I'll discuss in the following their lessons. In the next article we will get acquainted with not less interesting tools Photoshop - «lasso»and «wand». And today, I think that's enough. Good luck to everyone, thank you for your attention.

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