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In this article we will look at tool image editor Photoshop - "Lasso» and its modifiers. See the screenshot on the right. This tool is in its characteristics is a bit like the selection tools "Rectangular Marquee" and "Elliptical Marquee" , which were discussed in the previous article. But there are some differences in the principles of operation and functions of the instrument. About them today and we'll talk.

The main difference between these tools is that the instruments "Rectangular Marquee" and "Elliptical Marquee" convenient to separate rectangular or oval areas. Tool «Lasso», we are able to freely allocate any area on objects or fragments thereof.

Tool «Lasso» (L)

principle of the lasso tool

Tool Photoshop "Lasso» , a quick call to the tool - the Latin letter «L». With this tool, you can allocate any contours of objects. That is, as the hand held - a contour is highlighted. see fig. on the right. From the name of the instrument "Lasso» it becomes obvious how it works - around a contour around the object, and locked the contour at the starting point. Mouse button when the stroke can not let go, otherwise the selection will be interrupted at the point where the button was released.

This tool is indispensable in cases where it is necessary just select kakuyu- then the domain, where there are no clear boundaries of the object. For example, we need to select a dark object complex shapes on a dark background. No other selection tool, we will not help - only the "Lasso».

On the tool options bar has 4 switch modes, which can run this tool. These modes work as well as in the Tool «rectangular area ", so I will not repeat the material covered again.

When the allocation of the object, the selection does not fit on a desktop editor for this object can be moved in one direction or another to keep the selection without releasing the mouse button. The process of moving object is carried out by pressing the «Space».

Practice: hold down the left mouse button to release, press and hold the "Space" ("Lasso» turn on "Palm "), and move objects on the desktop as long as there is room for further selection of the object. The process of moving object is very fast and easy. See the video.

Tool «Polygonal Lasso» (L)

Tool «Polygonal Lasso» , a tool call - Latin letter «L». The tool, in some cases simply indispensable. It is especially useful when the selected object in which you want to select a region with a straight section, which can be located at any angle relative to the horizon. See the video.

The tool works in the same modes, public works lasso . Activate one or the other mode of the tool can also use the keys «Shift» and «Alt». Holding one of these keys, you can add or subtract to the isolation of it.

Tool «Magnetic Lasso» (L)

Tool «Magnetic Lasso» , a tool call - Latin letter «L». To understand why the developers have called this Photoshop Tool «Magnetic Lasso», enough to activate it, and try to highlight any area.

To use the tool, we need to adjust the width of the zone search within which defined the edge transitions ; minimum contrast to the attraction of the magnetic lasso path ; frequency automatically insert control points .

For each case must be selected individual configuration settings of this remarkable tool. Such parameters Magnetic Lasso were installed in the editor at the time of recording this video. But, in practice, it is often necessary to allocate objects with a similar tone or contrast, where there are no clear boundaries. In such cases it is necessary to set the parameters of the tool only empirically. Acquiring the necessary experience, you will learn how to configure this tool very precisely and quickly. On this long stop, thank you for your attention.

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