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In this article we continue acquaintance with the tools Photoshop CS first logical group of toolbar. Today we will learn how the Tool «Frame" and its modifier - "cutting out", see Screenshot on the right. And also consider the principle of the 'Pipette' tool. The principles of operation of instruments, "Frame" and "cutting out" a bit similar, but still there are some differences between the principles of action. Tool «frame" at the same time we can cut only one piece, but a Tool «cutting out" at the same time we are able to cut a large number of fragments.

Tool «cutting out" in the photographic does not apply. This tool is used for the cutting of the drawn web designer template web page into fragments, of which the coder collects a template of the future website.

Tool «Frame» (C)

tool Photoshop «Frame», a quick call to the tool - the Latin letter «C».
this tool is carried out crop source file. Framing a file under appropriate geometrical dimensions, the numerical values of the parameters necessary to register in the tool options bar, as shown in the screenshot below.

the tool options bar Crop
You must also select the amount of resolution: pixels/inch or pixels/cm.

After installing the necessary parameters, it is possible to carry out crop file, see Photo below. To do this, the Tool «frame" distinguish necessary (left) and release the mouse button (right photo). Press «Enter» to complete the framing.

framing a portrait of a beautiful girl

When you crop an image, you can use the option «1/3» (rule of thirds) in the tool options bar menu" Frame ", see screenshot below. This is very useful, for example, framing a close-up portraits. See photo above (right).

settings panel

Check the box next to the item "Display", we have the opportunity to choose the color and transparency of the necessary cut off the field. This is very useful when choosing the right option framing file. Transparency percentage cut off the field can be changed using the corresponding slider in the options bar.

Crop area can be freely rotated around the axis of the right or left. To do this, bring the cursor from the selection
(the cursor will become)
and make the crop rotation. See the video on the right. Ate the datum axis to move to another location, in this case, the rotation will be carried out along a predetermined path.

If the rotation of the selection hold down the «Shift», the rotation of the field will be fixed under the certain angles in six steps. This is useful when you need to install a strictly vertical, the horizontal position of the selection, or to fix the region at a certain angle. Point of the axis of rotation can be dragged with the mouse, or by pressing the «Alt», - click the mouse inside the selected area to the desired point of rotation.

Tool «cutting out» (C)

Tool Photoshop «the cutting» , a quick call to the tool - the Latin letter «C».
As mentioned at the beginning of article, the Tool «cutting out" is mainly used by graphic designers, developers of different kind of application, for example, web designer, coder uses "cutting out" for cutting into fragments of the original image (graphic the layout of the site), to create a template website.

The operation of this tool is simple: - highlight the desired fragments of the image (layout), then optimize cut files, and save for the wEB, cm. video on the right.

Tool «Dropper» (I)

Tool Photoshop «Dropper» , fast run of tools - the Latin letter «I». With this tool we complete familiarity with the tools of the first logical group.
In the next article we will continue to meet with the tools Photoshop since the second logical group toolbar.

Today the Tool «eyedropper" I will not tell a lot in future materials we have repeatedly will return to this tool.
Tool «eyedropper" - is a versatile tool that we now consider its basic function - definition color and numerical values in the color channels spaces.

Very often when working with photos and creating a design template, you must choose a certain color. There are many free utilities designed to determine the numerical values of color, but the Tool «eyedropper" I prefer to use the working in Photoshop.

To find the numerical value of a particular color, it is enough to select an area of the desired color, and press the left mouse button. See the video above. Today is all, thank you for your attention.

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