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The figure below shows the Tools graphic editor Photoshop CS5 with their modifiers. Tools are divided into logical groups of horizontal lines. Most of these tools and their modifiers are included in older versions of the program. Each new version of Photoshop is complemented by new tools and/or modifiers, and can also improve some of the "old" instruments. All tools with their modifiers in this series will not be considered, only talk about the basic tools Photoshop and their modifiers, which are most often used for photo editing.

Tools Photoshop CS

Customize Toolbar

Toolbar - this is the main panel in the graphical editor. Almost every processing step is complete without a particular tool of this panel. The panel can be attached to the left/right border of the desktop Photoshop. And also it can detach from the border, and placed anywhere on the desktop image editor. See screenshots below.

Customize Toolbar

To move a toolbar to another location, move the cursor to the top of the panel, press the left mouse button while holding down the button, move the bar into your chosen area of the desktop editor. See screenshot above, or attach the plate to the opposite edge of the desktop, see screenshot below.

Move the panel
change the appearance of the

To change the appearance of the toolbar, move the cursor to the top of the panel, and click on the arrows, the panel will be a little shorter and wider. See screenshot above. To move a panel, press the left mouse button while holding down the button, move the bar into your chosen area of the desktop, see Video below.

When such manipulation toolbar can be useful? For example, you have a small monitor, but you need to open the file being processed for the whole desktop, so you can increase the file to a particular peak optimal scaling percent.

toolbar, and you can do closed by clicking on the X in the header panel, or remove a check in the "Tools" menu "Window".

To call the toolbar, you can use hot keys, pre-specified combination installations «shortcuts». Enter the setup menu of keyboard shortcuts you can use the "Edit" menu, or by typing the key combination «Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K». In installations "Keyboard Shortcuts" point to "Window", and in it are editing the item "Tools».

From the toolbar sorted out in the next article will begin a detailed examination of some of the tools this panel. We begin our acquaintance with the tools Photoshop, with tools and modifiers first logical group - Move and Rectangular area.
On this for now, thank you for your attention.

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