Familiarity with graphic editor Adobe Photoshop CS

Opening the series of articles on graphic editor Photoshop CS company Adobe (www.adobe.com), I want to talk a little bit about this popular graphic editor, whose name has become synonymous.

Articles about Photoshop CS

Man has never worked with this program, at the sight of either painted (overly processed) images can muttered: - "Again this photoshop..." Although not the fact that this image is processed in this wonderful image editor.

today, there are a lot of good graphic editors, but none of them has received universal recognition and respect among the photographers, designers and others. for this reason, in this series of articles we will talk only about Photoshop CS. Video tutorials and articles on Photoshop on the Internet, there is a huge amount, but still, many questions still have no answers. I hope I can fill that niche with his articles about Photoshop.

Interface graphic editor Photoshop CS

The screenshot below shows the interface of the graphic editor Photoshop CS5. All versions of this editor interfaces are similar, so it is not particularly difficult to understand interface, if you use the new or the old version of the graphical editor.

Interface graphic editor Photoshop CS

In the screenshot above, the designated area with a different color palettes and toolbars program. On each of these areas in the following publications I will talk in detail. Will also talk about what tool to use when and how; will lead examples of tool accompanying text description of the images and videos; I will share with you their experience and secrets of processing photographic images using this editing.

Features Photoshop CS

Graphic editor Photoshop much, very much. The full potential of photoshop I can not describe in this series of articles, and not simply because not enough time to talk about it, but because so far I have for himself the full potential of Photoshop is not yet revealed. Working with this editor, each time I find new ways to solve their goals by applying new approaches and methods of photographic. Acquired over 5 years of photographic knowledge, which I own at the moment, today I am happy to share with you. And as you gain new experience, will certainly continue to share their experience with you.

In this series, we consider only the basic features of Photoshop CS; talk about the main tools of the program that are necessary for editing photos, creating different visual effects, and so forth. Some tools Photoshop CS5 I said in my photo-articles. Therefore, in this series I will talk about the new Editor tool, which must be used with photographic.

Also in this series of articles about Photoshop, I will discuss how to create a text and graphic animation with this program; how to create an animated avatar and animated banners. This is useful primarily for beginners web designers, which should be able to create a animated banners for websites.

In order to save time for the processing of images, this process can be automated with the help of pre-recorded action games. Action Games are very useful when processing a large number of similar photos, or creating any image files. For example, with the help of action for a couple of seconds, you can create index-print to print photos for documents. About how to write action I wrote in one of his photostat, but do not think it hurts to talk about this in more detail.

Add-ons for Photoshop

Add-ons for Photoshop

Photoshop - a self-contained program raster image processing with a huge arsenal of tools, which is enough to create the most sophisticated 2D and 3D visual effects, but for the convenience of performing some special effects, photoshop master using a variety of useful add-ons.

Add-ons for Photoshop - it is compatible with Ps tools, filters, plug-ins, etc... see fig. Right, that complement and extend the capabilities of Photoshop. Some popular supplements, I'll discuss in this series of Photoshop CS.

Your questions about Photoshop CS

If you are interested in a particular method/a method for processing raster graphics, which have not yet been addressed in this series of articles about Photoshop CS, you can always ask your question in the comments, where he received an answer to your question. If your question would be relevant and interesting, it is possible that this topic will be written article detailing the treatment process. At this until all, thank you for your attention.

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