Photos for documents, how to create an index-print in Photoshop

Open up your passport, look at the picture - like it? If - yes - you're lucky! Most people (from my experience) are not delighted with how they turned out here. The reason? They may on that day was not up to photo shoots, or the mood was not that... One way or another, but the image turned out, to put it mildly, not the...

Create index prints

And now, every time I open my passport to someone - involuntarily annoyed because of the "stupid pictures." Probably still worth in the day gave the documents to the passport office, not to hurry and make a copy of this unfortunate picture.

Or better yet ask when shooting pictures showed on the camera's output. Dear client, photographers do just that: - after each shutter show customer results, and take off as long as the customer does not make the choice.
- But what if the camera at a photo film?
- Search for a room with a number. Some 15 years ago, salons with DSLRs was not there and so many terrible pictures. Typically, few at the time were decided to retake the photo. Either there was no time, or money sorry. Benefit today switched to digital photo developing. But even today, many are unhappy with their images in passports. Who is to blame? - You are. After all, it is you hesitate to ask the photographer to show you the results on the camera, and if necessary, re-shoot hack.

In my view, these pictures do better at home. Where you feel relaxed, free. Do not distract the visitors, spectators and staff. Today, many homes have a computer and a digital camera, but not many, this camera has a manual mode exposure control and the ability to connect an external flash. But if your camera is endowed with these wonderful features, and you have installed Photoshop, then, the material below will be useful to you.

arrangement of the illuminator

The figure shows the arrangement of the illuminator, which must be placed above the camera tipsy 20-30° to the axis of the lens. If there is no reflector (hood), you could use a piece of white cardboard or white matte any material which is directed external flash. Fasten the camera to a tripod or to any sustainable subject. If your camera has a slot Sync, for convenience, the flash can be set to the individual states. Translate the camera to "Shutter" and shoot a portrait with reflected light. The light must be diffused to avoid harsh shadows on the face and neck. Photos from the harsh shadows under the nose and neck, as well as with the shadows on the background, passport office will not be accepted.

The background fit white wall or sheet. Iron sheets are not necessary because the editor is done much faster and more economical. You do not know what tool to do it? It is best to select the background and fill it with white. But if there is only against the background of small folds, such places better zashtampovat or work through them Healing Brush. Remember that paper when printing a shiny. Suppose photography was successful and there are only make the index-print, which later print them at home or at a photo.

Creating an index-print

For this tutorial, I used Photoshop CS5.
Open the file in the editor. Instrument for the "frame" and crop the photo to the parameters as shown below.

crop the photo

In order to automate the creation of the future index prints on the documents, write the process as "Operation» (Actions).


Open the window of "Operations", and start recording. But before creating a new collection by clicking on the icon under the number 4. Assign the name of the collection (photo to the documents).


In the "Operations", a new folder (Photos of the documents), where it will be stored in all the information. To go to the process of recording action is necessary to create the operation. Click the icon under the number 5 in the window is given the name of a new operation (Documents (3,5x4,5) _20x30/30 photos). Click Ok.

given the name of a new operation

On the control panel icon ekshenom activated recording under number 2. At this point, all we will do is automatically written in the action. You can stop the recording stop button under the number 1.

recording action

Instrument for the "frame" and crop the file open at the desired size, from VLU to NHRIs. In this lesson, it is a format passport photos (3,5x4,5 cm).

format photos

In the "Image" select the item "Canvas Size" (Alt+Ctrl+C) and set the parameters as shown in the figure below.

Canvas Size

Choose the color background fill, press Ok.

color background

Formed around the photo frame is light gray (for easy cutting photo). To fill the new document, which will create a little later, small pictures, you must convert our photo in the "pattern." To do this, go to "Edit" menu and select the item "Define Pattern", assign a name (foto).

Define Pattern

Create a new document (Ctrl+N) with the parameters as shown below.

new document

Fill the new document images. To do this, go to the menu "Layers", select the item "New Fill Layer" in the popup menu and select the item "Pattern." In the window that appears, leave everything and click Ok. The document is filled with small pictures. If the pictures are offset slightly to the side, the cursor, hold down the left mouse button, drag the image on the document as long as it does not fit within the boundaries of the document. See the figure below.

drag the image on the document

Perform mixing: in the "Layers" select the item "Flatten". After that, the control panel action, press the stop button number 1. Thus our action has been successfully created.


Store created just that the action in the appropriate folder. To do this, first select the folder (Photos of the documents), and then enter the file manager menu by pressing the button on the top panel. See the figure below.

created action

Click the drop-down menu, select "Save operation." Further, in order to apply the action to the new photo, just open the image in the editor window and press the Start button on the control panel, after selecting the location of the operation. See the figure below.

Save operation

Result of work

File to print 20.3 x 30.5 cm 300dpi/30 photos a 3.5x4.5 cm (passport)


How to download action in photoshop

Of course, that the size of index prints, the number and size of the photos you can change at will. Download ready action here download shooter zip-file size of 2 Kb.

Download Photoshop action in two ways:
- Click on raspakovanom file, which opens the editor with our action game in the "Operations";
- The menu file manager. In the "Operation" select "Load operation."

Now prepare the index print to print, you can literally in two clicks.
The first - the camera shutter, the second - the start button action. Good luck!

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