Optimize photos for publication on the Internet

Optimization of graphic files used in many cases, for example, web-design - to reduce the weight of the pages; in computer games - to reduce the weight and increase the speed of the graphics display; when uploading photos to the Internet - not to overload the server and save disk space hosting provider.

estuary boat dock

In this article I will give an example of how to optimize the picture for download on the Internet. The article will be useful to those who first decided to put on public display their photos. Online you can see photos of different size and quality, but that these same size and quality did not live like cats and dogs, for this they need to "make friends", that is optimized.

Optimize photos for the Web

I can not say that outlined in this article is the only sure way to image optimization. Everything that follows - only to determine the direction in which way to go at first, and then everyone will make their choice on their own.
So, open Photoshop, photo processing, enter copyright information, etc. (window copyright information sought in the File menu > File Info > Description). See figure 10


Before opening the box optimization, you must specify the size of the file in the editor, and only then optimize. Call the menu "Image" in the popup menu, click "Image Size".

box optimization

In the window that appears, set the checkboxes as shown in the photo below.


After that, you must set the resolution. I usually set the value of 96 or 72.


To set the desired geometrical parameters photos enough to enter a numeric value in any of the columns dimension, since there is a tick keep the proportions - other parameter changes automatically. I usually set the width to 800 pixels to 1000, as it is the optimal size of the file in which quality and weight photo the most balanced. Many fotoresursy not take photos weighing more than 250 Kb. Therefore it is necessary to select the optimal size of a file that does not hurt the quality of the image.

file size

Bicubic interpolation reserve (default)

set resolution

After pressing Ok back to photography, which is much lighter in weight and smaller in size. Putting 100% scale, we can see the actual size of the photo that soon will see guests of your page on the Internet.

size photo

To optimize the photos go to "File" menu in the popup menu choose "Save for Web & Devices..."

Optimize photos

In the window that appears our photo which will be optimizing for web pages. First, choose the file format, in this case - Jpeg. Optimization method - "Optimization", although you can choose the "Progressive" method. If you use the "Progressive" optimization method, when you open an image in the browser, it first appears in the form of a mosaic or large-pixels, and then will gradually acquire a natural look. In conventional method «Optimize», the file is opened directly in normal quality, but not all at once but gradually downward (line). It all depends on the speed of the Internet, the higher the speed, the faster this process occurs.

After selecting the method of optimization pass to the correction of weight and quality photos. Slider "Quality" establish the most suitable for you photo quality. Here I put 85 because I selected quality fit in 234 Kb., Which is enough... The download speed from the server for 43 seconds at a relatively low speed of the internet - 56.6 kbit/s. Call up the menu "Select the download speed" can choose any of the available download speeds you, but remember that not everyone today internet speed is 2Mb/s. If you need additional correction parameters photographs in the "Image Size" is already familiar to us the tools... the world to know what camera you use, and what parameters setting when shooting using - select the item "All" in the "Metadata".

optimization techniquecorrection parameter file

I hope I have sufficiently detailed account of the optimization process, if not - leave your questions in the comments. Good Luck!

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