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Item for online store

It's no secret that advertising is the engine of commerce. But to be effective, it must be of high quality. In our case, this content is placed in the web pages of the online store, through which we can draw customers' attention to our products or services.

Naturally, the product/service is not the only one moving forward, there are other methods of advertising. But today I want to tell you about high-quality graphic content, which is an integral part of a successful online store.

What methods determine the quality of photo-content, this will be discussed in this article.

On what background should an object be depicted

Then on what background should the goods be, you decide, but much depends on the specifics of the product, its color, shape, area of ​​application, etc. I will note that not every object will look good on a pure white background. Although 99% of OS publish photos of all their goods on a white background. Below, I will describe what this phenomenon is connected with.

Shooting of the item on a white background is caused by the following main factors

Now let's take a closer look at each of these items.

If the main color of the web pages of the online store is white

Below is an example of the online store product catalog page. Background white, text black, pictures with white and black background. I cut off the right column with prices.

background color of web page OS white

As I said above, a pure white background is chosen as the base for the vast majority of online stores. Many users (customers) are accustomed to this color, which does not cause them irritation and does not distract from viewing photos of goods.

Items on the photo with a white background look like poured into the page. But the product shot on a black background a little dissonant in the overall composition, and such a picture of the eye trying to somehow "slip through". This is caused by a high contrast between the background and this black square, which is perceived by the eye as a large black spot. Therefore, I do not recommend using images with a black (dark) background on this page.

Dark pictures look better on a page with a relatively dark background

In order for your OS to differ from hundreds of thousands of other similar ones, and also to be able to use pictures with different brightness levels, you can do a little styling your web pages with CSS styles, while the structure of HTML remains untouched. This is how it is done in our online store, see the screenshot below. Click on the picture to go to the "live" page.

The color of the web page of the store is dark

This combination of shades of gray allows you to use any picture with a variety of colors, brightness and tonality. Neutral gray background balances the contrast of bright and dark pictures. At the same time, the eyes do not get tired of watching photos for a long time and reading the text.

Photographing objects on a white background is more convenient in comparison with others

The convenience of capturing an object on a white background is that it is not necessary to make essential changes to the light and shadow scheme of lighting whenever you change the item (edit the setup).
For example, taking an object on background of minor objects, you need to take into account the illumination of all the objects of the composition. And this can significantly reduce the speed of the shooting process, sometimes at times.

shot on a dark background

In the photo above, a secondary element of the composition is the belt, which is shot with a significant drop in light intensity. To create a similar lighting model, it takes much more time to prepare the setup in comparison with shooting, for example, in the same lightcube.

Speed ​​of processing of item photos with a white background in times more quickly

For example, if you take the items from the photo above and place the same composition in a lightbox with a white background, as a result, we get a photo with a clean white background without dust and any kind of scratches that would have to be retouched for a long time, whether it's a black background.

Removing the object on a white background, the background remains in any case perfectly clean, because the dust on a white background is simply not visible, since it is white. But if the item photography takes place against a dark background (not to mention black), to some extent, but the ubiquitous dust will be present in the pictures, no matter how you try to shot it before pressing the camera's shutter release button. And the use of a compact tunnel fan like a "gun" or a vacuum cleaner in most cases is simply impossible.

But all this only applies to cases when you shoot not large objects, about 15-20 cm. If the object is large, for example, 35-50 cm or more, in this case, scratches and dust will not be noticeable on the black background. When removing large items, for example, the Lowepro Flipside 400AW photo-latch, you do not have to worry about the presence of dust. The problem with dust only occurs when the frame scale is significantly increased, for example, when shooting the fastening screw for unloading, pictured above.

Weigh processed photos with a white background much less

If you take two absolutely identical photos on the composition but with different backgrounds, for example, with white and some textural, the weight of these photos will be significantly different. And no matter what settings you use when exporting a photo for WEB, the result will be the same, provided that the quality of optimization will be identical for the two files. For example, for all other things equal: the size (px), the resolution (dpi), the color depth (bit), the photo of a clock on a white background is 2 times lighter than a photo with a wooden texture, see the photo below.

Weigh processed photos with a white background much less

A photo with a white background is easier for one simple reason - a clean white background is almost devoid of details. Thus, pure (uniform) white or black backgrounds contribute to a significant reduction in the weight of the photograph while maintaining a high degree of detailing of the item itself.

Why watch out for the weight of photos, what does it give?

To monitor the weight of uploaded photos on the server is mandatory. And it is better to do this even at the stage of preparation of photos - optimization of files for WEB-publication in Photoshop.
This should be done to ensure that your OS has a chance (with other things being equal with your competitors) to take a higher position in the organic issuance of search engines. Therefore, the higher your store is in search, the more likely it is to get the desired traffic.

Why does the site position in the issuance depend on the weight of the photos?

In fact, everything is not as simple and simple as it might seem at first glance. Naturally, the weight of photos in no way can negatively affect the position of the site in the organic-issuance. On the contrary, photos with high resolutions, respectively, with great weight are welcomed by the search engines. Large-sized photos take top positions in the output of pictures, in comparison with the same files of small sizes.

All would be fine, but there are fastidious search engine algorithms for which indicator such as "Page speed" are far from empty. I will not now talk about the specifics of the work of the search algorithms PS, you can find it on the Internet independently.

The only thing I would like to note is that if the photo is too heavy (500KB or more), correspondingly, it takes a long time to load such a file (a few seconds), as a result - the "Page speed" indicator is low, besides "Behavioral factors" so But they suffer from this, because the user does not wait for the full load of the web page (including all pictures) to leave it. The algorithm analyzing the obtained data makes the conclusion that, most likely, there are serious problems with the relevance of this page. So - not a place in her top!

Collect photo collages from a photo with a white background much easier

If you need to create a photo collage of several items that are shot on a white background, such photos will speed up this procedure at times. Sometimes it is enough to apply only a banal layering of Photoshop layers (twitching the sliders of this tool back and forth) to get the desired result.

photo collage from photo for item

Depending on the complexity of the background, creating photo collages from objects on textured backgrounds can take a lot of time from you. Sometimes, because of the complexity of the clipping, it is simply impossible to create a high-quality collage. The quality of the collage will depend not so much on the complexity of the clipping, as on the level of your skills in creating such images.

item photography complex photo collage

That's all for today. In the second part of the article, I will talk about some simple but very interesting methods of photographing items. Thanks for attention.

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