Sharpen the image, Vibration damping system

One of the main indicators for the technical quality of photography is the image clarity. It does not matter what percentage of the picture is the subject which is in focus, it is important that this element has a large number of parts, that is - was sharp.
There are different ways to increase the clarity of images, some of which I will discuss in this article.

Shake - causes and corrective

Increase Sharpness

When printing photos, size 10x15 or 9h13 - you hardly notice the difference between images with different levels of detail. But if your photo size 15x20, 20x30 and up - the difference is evident at once.
How to achieve maximum clarity of photos?
Removing soap box or SLR is important to remember one thing - at the moment the shutter camera should not move. If at the time the camera slightly trembled - shake assured.
As often happens, the person pressing the shutter release button, tries hard and fast giving her that a subtle camera shake but a handshake visible in the pictures, from the format 15x20 cm.

That will help prevent smear images (shake)?

The following shooting conditions can help avoid blur:
When shooting continuously try to press the shutter release button is pressed without a sharp;
Press the camera to the head (the layout image in the viewfinder and not on display);
Use a very fast shutter speed (if the lighting conditions and functional camera);
Use a tripod or monopod.

Shake often pursues pictures taken with compact digital cameras with built-in zoom lens when using a telephoto mode (the lens is set to the maximum or close to maximum focal length, such as 100-120mm). In this mode, the camera shake feels like a fish in water. Taking off from a distance in telephoto mode is difficult to get high-definition pictures due to camera shake. And the further the subject is from the camera the higher the risk of blurring the image. SLR equally with soap holders affected by this unpleasant phenomenon.

Vibration damping system

Vibration damping system

Recently manufacturers of photographic equipment is increasingly osnaschivayut their products vibration damping at the hands of the photographer. But even these technologies will not give the desired effect if you do not follow the basic rules of which are set out above. If you make a choice between a camera equipped with a vibration damping system with a camera which has itself no, of course not buy the first one, despite its inflated price compared to last.
How to know if the camera is equipped with image stabilization?
On cameras Canon Image Stabilizer uses the letter - IS (Image Stabilizer).
On cameras Nikon Image Stabilizer uses the letter - VR (Vibration Reduction).
On cameras Pentax Image Stabilizer uses the letter - SR (Shake Reduction).
The cameras Samsung torus image stabilization uses the letter - ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction).
UFO on the cameras image stabilizer marked a red palms and/or letters - ASS (Anti Shake System), see fig. above.

In image stabilizer

In image stabilizer

As practice shows, the built in image stabilizer in the camera is slightly inferior performance compared with built-in image directly into the lens. In the soap dish image stabilization built into the camera, sometimes it looks like an addition to any regime. Some SLR image stabilizer is also built into the camera body. Is it good or bad... - Well, as you say...
The best option, in my opinion, is the use of lenses with built-in image. These lenses are more expensive, but they are worth it. Other notation systems absorb vibrations and symbols are described in the lens material has Transcription labeling lenses.

Another effective method for vibration damping

Using ultra-powerful zoom with a focal length, for example, 1000mm., And you can avoid camera shake with a small bag of sand, which fixes the lens (cheap and cheerful).


Get this lens on a regular tripod, you can not achieve perfect definition picture. This is particularly common when taking pictures of the moon and distant objects at a decent distance.


To increase the clarity of images you can use other features of photography. For example, if your camera has a shutter lag mode, it will give good results in conjunction with the tripod/bag.
How does it work? While shutter lag before firing the shutter, the mirror is raised a little earlier than usual. Use this mode to avoid camera shake because of cotton mirror. This technique is effective if the subject is static or not very mobile. Otherwise, you may miss, as raised on 1/4sek. mirror does not give you the opportunity to continuously monitor the object.
Using a cable or remote control when shooting at long-focus optics, is also working to improve the clarity of images. If there is no cable or remote control, you can use the self-timer is set to 2-wire or 5-second delay shutter to include in this mode shutter lag. That's all.

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