How to make the autumn landscape more beautiful and interesting

If you're reading this article right now, you probably want to learn how to add color to a dull autumn landscape. You are no longer surprised if you hear from someone about the boring autumn landscape. Now you know for sure that the image you see in the viewfinder can be completely different from the one shown by the monitor.

mountain autumn landscape

Well, how can this be? Strolling with a camera in the autumn forest of different colors, admiring the beautiful autumn palette of colors, and when you come home, you see boring, uninteresting autumn landscapes on your monitor.

Everything is trite easy. The camera matrix is not able to convey absolutely all the shades of the autumn palette, which we observed in real life.

In addition, our eyes perceive all these colors much deeper, feeding them with our emotions. And the camera matrix simply captures only the reflected light, and nothing more. Therefore we may have a false impression of incorrect color rendition. But in fact the camera did its work for all 100, as they say. We just want more.

How to make the dull autumn landscape more expressive

Add a landscape of autumn colors in Photoshop

So, as we found out, we expected more expressive pictures from our photo walk through the autumn forest than those that we received as a result. Look at the photo above and compare it with the image below. The difference is obvious, isn't it? Although this is the same photo.

boring autumn landscape

This photo without the slightest color correction. It is only converted from RAW to JPG format. This is a natural state of nature with a color palette that was at the time of shooting, and which was successfully captured by the matrix of my camera. Yes, sadly, banal and boring... I don’t want to look at this photo, as there is nothing interesting here.

To make this photo more attractive and interesting, I used Photoshop's Color Replacement tool, which is in the Image menu, and the Correction submenu.

replacing the color of a boring autumn landscape

Don't let the name of the tool mislead you, in fact, we do not change the color for them, but just add saturation to individual colors. For example, to make yellow out of dirty yellow, you need to select this hue with the pipette on the image and set the acceptable level using the saturation slider.

In the same way, you can "pull out of the dirt" and other colors, for example, make gray-brown maroon-red. That is, here you can “draw out” any color that, in your opinion, needs color correction. By playing with the “Saturation” and “Brightness” sliders, you can achieve the desired result. But do not forget about the sense of proportion.

Expressive sky in the autumn landscape

Making the light blue sky more expressive

The expressive sky in the autumn landscape plays a very important role, and this should be kept in mind when processing photos in a graphic editor. A weak sky will make the colorful autumn landscape dull. Therefore, open the image in Photoshop, and add colors to the dull sky.

Expressive sky in the autumn landscape

To make this boring sky expressive, now we will darken it a bit, showing white curls of clouds. This time we will use Photoshop's “Selective Color Correction” tool, since the previous tool will not help us here, see photo above.

As you can see, this simple way to darken the sky has made our dull autumn landscape more attractive. Interesting curls of clouds appeared, which until then had been almost invisible. This sky can be given more naturalness if you play a little with blue or blue colors. Although this color of the sky is quite acceptable. That, in fact, is all. I sincerely wish you all more successful autumn landscapes, thank you for your attention.

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