Use the built-in flash as a master, the lens out of the container

diffuser container

When shooting in the studio, using the pulse flash, can not do without the Remote Control studio flashes. These are the flash transmitters, radio transmitters, infrared transmitters, etc. The price of these devices is on the average $50 - $100.

Many people use an external flash with a swivel head (two-axis) as a source of arson studio flashes. If there is no external flash, which can be directed away from the axis of the lens, then it is better not to use an external flash, as the right directional light spoils the cut-off lighting configuration.

Light synchronizers

light synchronizer

If you want to use as a source of studio lighting normal external flash for still cameras (without built-in flash light synchronizer), in this case, light synchronizer have to purchase it separately. Is such light synchronizer, on average - from $20. To use the external flash units for burning built-in flash on your camera, it is necessary to transform the direct light of built-in flash diffused.
- Why do it?
- This must be done in order to avoid harsh shadows on the ground, on the neck, under the nose, and in cases where there is no need to over-fill illumination of the subject.
- How to do it?
- Elementary, Watson!

Manufacture of lenses

Take a white plastic storage container 35mm. film, cut a rectangular hole the size of built-in flash, and put on the built-in flash of the camera, see photo above. To reduce the intensity of the leading lights in the manual exposure control mode set in the configuration flash output optimal time, ie, 1/8 - 1/4 (depending on the built-in flash guide number). If this is insufficient, install 1/60 - 1/128 or glue a piece of transparent tape/cloth pieces in our diffuser and/or increase the distance from the camera to the subject.

Such outbreaks of arson acceptable if you shoot a portrait in the usual cut-off lighting configuration when using the standard drawing and fill light.
If the configuration of lighting consists primarily of drawing a (angle in the range 65°-80°) and/or backlit, so arson lighting is not suitable, because the light from the lens acts as a filler. This method can also be used with the camera supports the creative lighting, but in this case, the flash should be used to support this creative lighting. That's the simplest way you can burn any pulse with flash light synchronizers. Thank you for your attention.

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