Your personal guide-photographer Lviv attractions

Briefly about the service guide-photographer

I suppose most of the guests of Lviv before the trip, one way or another, looking for information about the most beautiful places of this ancient European city.
On the Internet there are enough materials about the sights in Lviv, however, the information on the web is sometimes very controversial, that can delay collection the necessary information for long hours sitting at a computer.

to help visitors to the city to capture in a short time the most beautiful places, making the best route to the most interesting sights of the historic center of Lviv, it is for this and created a personal guide-photographer service.
The guide is different from the usual photographer guide? Guide-photographer — this is not a tour guide, whose services you may have used before. On the specifics of the guide-photographer, see below.

Your personal guide photographer in Lviv

Guide-photographer not only shows tourists attractions of the city, but also:

  • Save your time looking for city attractions, accompanying you to your shooting shortcuts;
  • Helps you to choose the unusual camera angles when taking pictures against the background of buildings;
  • If you wish, to your pictures, will give tips to build a composition;
  • Helps to set the correct exposure modes on your camera;
  • Removes your (or you together with your friends) on your camera for free;
  • If you wish, he can take a picture of you on your professional camera;
  • If you are an aspiring photographer, tell and show in practice how to shoot portraits (free master class in photographing portraits).

Photo excursion to Lviv, accompanied by a professional photographer

Service guide-photographer — a walk is not typical as it might seem at first glance. It is a kind of photo excursion of the city with a personal photographer. She is accompanied by the tourists to the chosen place of shooting, as well as help professional photographer directly when taking pictures.

The copyright on the pictures

Service guide-photographer profitable different from the usual photowalk also the fact that photography is made on your camera. That is, if you want to have the photographer shot on your camera, it automatically sends you the exclusive rights to the pictures he made. This means that in the future it will not make any claims regarding property and copyright.

Photographer takes beautiful girl

But the picture changes dramatically if the photographer takes you to own the camera, of course, with your permission. In this case, the exclusive (property and copyright) rights to the shots belong to the photographer, who has the right to dispose of them at its discretion, of course, under the current legislation.

Cost of services photo excursion

Service cost guide-photographer (photo excursion) depends on the amount of time spent for a walk, as well as the number of photos made a professional camera photographer guide.

Order of service guide-photographer for the whole day (5 hours)

  • If you order the service for the whole day from 12:00 to 17:00, the cost would be 100 USD.
    (excluding the cost of a photographer taking pictures the camera).

When ordering hourly rates, cost of the service will be:

  • First hour — 30 USD.
  • All the following hours — 25 USD/hour.

Shooting for professional camera photographer-guide is:

  • Up to 10 shots — 5 USD/shot.
  • More than 10 shots — 3 USD/shot.

Please note that photos taken with the camera of the photographer will be processed in the graphic editor within a week or two. After the treatment, I will send them to your E-mail; raw photos without processing the customer had not been given.

If you decide to order a guide-photographer, we need to agree beforehand on the day of the shooting. To do this, you can call me on the phone shown at the top/bottom of the page to the right or send a letter of application. Book a date in advance is better, to my working day I was not busy. All the above prices for the service are valid until December 31, 2019.