Useful software for PC: disk defragmentation, virus removal

Sometimes, a person buying a computer, does not see much difference between a mobile phone and a PC. Suspects for certain that everything is a little more complicated and everything is possible. Inexperienced users very quickly "see clearly" when faced with many challenges related to the specifics of electronic body. Why the "body"? Because that's how it is.

Useful software for PC

Home PC in need of care, and it should not be limited only to wipe the dust from the cabinet, but also the software. Smart computer, without our help just "bent" fallen under the weight of its tasks. And for this we need to know what to do when he starts to "cough", "sneeze" or when it starts to "fever."

If you notice the first symptoms of the "disease" and began to "cure" time - this is good, because "chronic diseases" treated reinstalling Windows, or replacement parts. But as they say, "prevention is better than systematic, than to be treated." And with this statement can not agree. So, for system stability, you need to download the web a couple of free tools from the company IObit. These useful software for your PC - a balm to the soul.

CCleaner - When space debris

Simple and at the same time very useful program. With it, we can clean the disk space from unnecessary files, fix the registry, control startup programs that run every time with Windows, though none of this and is not asking for - control is installed on a computer. programs, system restore, and manage cookies. Once a month, you can run the program and "walk a broom on the disk" and the registry. Frequently than this is not recommended. This period is sufficient to clean, check and, if necessary, fix registry errors. In any case, you should not take to overload the hard drive.


Advanced System Care - more for PC

This utility is somewhat similar to the previous one, but there are other useful tools:

  • Scanning and removal of viruses;
  • Optimize and repair system configuration;
  • Removing spyware;
  • Scanning system to find stolen settings;
  • Cleaner (effective release of disk space on your choice);
  • Freeing memory in the background;
  • Detailed information about the system, see Figure 5, and more.

Smart defrag - Drive Defrag

In my opinion, this program must be present on each PC. If the previous bend mentioned above - a balm, this is for - a breath of cold water in the hot desert. Each time opening any application (game, movie, photo or any file), the system has to perform a lot of operations. Moving or copying files, they are broken into many pieces and scattered in different sectors of a hard disk. This phenomenon occurs even when the disk space is sufficient. Unfortunately, this is happening, and this must somehow fight.

Why? Then, in order, bringing together all the scattered fragments of the disc and to accelerate the opening of a file. System "slow" because of not being able to gather a huge number of fragments scattered all over the disk at once, as some time spent trying to find the fragments and their identification. When the fragments together - opening a file is instantaneous.

To defragment (collect the scattered fragments), enough to run the defrag program and wait for the completion of the process. I usually use the "Quick Optimization", at least - "Deep optimization". These modes are most effective defragmentation (in my opinion) to achieve maximum system performance. We strongly recommend to defragment at least once a month. PC will thank you, and will respond to your needs quickly.

Smart Defrag

Using these three tools, you get:

  • Saving disk space;
  • Improve productivity;
  • The improved security.
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