Putting your own desktop computer (part 2)

The second article on how to build a very home computer we will continue to build. In the first part of the article Building your own PC, we decided on installing TV-tuner. Once again the main components of which we gather our PC.

IRON System block

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • RAM (can be a number of modules)
  • Graphics card (may be more)
  • Sound Card (optional)
  • TV - tuner (optional)
  • Hard Disk (may be several)
  • Drive (may be several)
  • Power supply unit
  • Cooling system - cooler
  • System block

Well, let's continue. And we continue to build our graphics cards.

A video card (graphics hardware)

NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

Installing the video card, we have to prepare a place for it in the computer chassis. To do this, just as in the previous example with TV-tuner, remove one section of the rear panel, and gently insert the video card in a slot PCI Express 2.0, then reinforce it with the mounting screws.
When installing, do not touch the contacts with your fingers video, it can cause oxidation of the contacts and lead to unpleasant consequences.

Connect the video card power

When a video card, make sure that there are no distortions fee and retainer slot PCI Express was in the latched position, see photo below. Connect the video card power.

Installing the video card

Installation of RAM (system memory)

system memory
install module of RAM

If you install one module of RAM, and your motherboard supports the installation of several modules, such as 4. Then you can install it in any of the four slots. But if you want to install, such as two memory modules, then they should be in different channels, that is, in the same color slots, see photo above. Thus, the system memory will operate in dual channel mode. If you install four strips of RAM in all 4 slots, remember that each module must be the same memory, the same manufacturer and the same series. This rule also applies if you use the two modules in dual channel mode, the RAM.

You can set a different amount of memory in each channel slots (slots in different colors), but remember that for dual channel configuration, the system will display the total amount of memory, focusing on the channel with the least amount of memory installed. The full amount of memory installed in this case will only be displayed in a single channel configuration.
I recommend to install the 64-bit version of Windows, to tap the full potential of the established RAM. Using a 32-bit version of Windows, the system can not use the entire amount of installed memory. This is due to the fact that the 32-bit version of Windows does not support the PAE (extended physical addressing).

Disk Drive (DVD-RW)

install a drive

To install a drive, as well as to set the HDD, we use a plastic clamp that included housing. Fasten the clips to the drives and insert it into the case, pre-releasing a place for it on the front panel of the case, see the photo above.

plugs HDD cable and power supply

After installing the drive into the housing, it is necessary to connect it to the power and HDD cable. Holding one hand on the front of the drive housing, second hand, insert the plugs HDD cable and power supply, see the photo above.

Cooling PC (cooler)


For high-performance PC cooling system must be appropriate. Sistemnik to stuff a high-iron is not enough to get high performance and stability. The more powerful components, the better to be cooling system components. Before buying a body, you need to determine the level of future power system. If you are building a home PC for office work - this one... but if you are building a powerful gaming computer - is another matter. In this article, for example, I use a gaming PC configuration. Case EL-DIABLO, in my opinion, is the best option for an inexpensive but high performance gaming PC. One look at the huge cooling fans for EL-DIABLO, to understand that the body is designed exclusively for gamers and enthusiasts.

Someone might say:
- Why so much cooler place, because you can and less.
Less of course you can... but not for a gaming PC.
What good large diameter coolers?
- They are good in that, first, excellent cooling system, and secondly, are quiet. The larger diameter of the fan, the less of it the noise. This is what I wrote in my previous article How to choose the right, buying a computer.

That is, in fact, all our PCs assembled. It only remains to put the side cover system unit, then connect the power cable, DVI cable to the monitor and the rest. But in order to give life to yet another dead iron, it is necessary to revive our system connecting it to the mains and install the appropriate software (software) installed the drivers that are supplied with the kit, install the OS (operating system); divide (split) Railway etc. But this is a topic for another conversation, which might write an article, in general, let's see.

PC protection system - Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supply

At the end of the material to assemble a PC want to say a few words about the system protection against voltage surges and other troubles. It does not directly relate to the topic, but still.
If you do not protect against power surges or unexpected power failure, your computer could die on the first day of his birth. From surges triggered by many factors, such as lightning in the wires today are not perfect, so it is necessary to insure.

Can the PC go down because of jumps/line voltage drops above the norm?
If your PC is connected to the mains supply without protection, this is equivalent to playing the lottery. At the time of the jump line voltage may work internally protected power supply that is provided in some expensive devices, but it may not work if the voltage will jump critical.
Jump stress can trigger a chain reaction: first a fault (short circuit) in the circuits the power supply unit (PSU), and then feeds the power supply system of an element, for example, instead of 2-volts - 30. The high voltage leads to a momentary overheating of electronic components, followed by failure of certain components.

What will happen to your computer if you suddenly disappear voltage in the network?
Similar unpleasant story could happen if, for example, to work intensively disappear paryazhenie PC on the network. Yes, in the short-circuit power supply may not occur and electronic components do not turn into ashes, but such a body as hard drives can "die from a heart attack." As sudden power failure can cause a powerful electrical pulse in the circuits of the system, which can cause damage to electronic components. I hope this is enough horror stories to know that UPS - is a vital thing for your PC.

Depending on the power consumption of your system, you must select UPS with the appropriate capacity to provide reliable protection for your PC and stable operation.
And lastly, to finally consolidate your confidence to purchase this handy device, a few words on the UPSov.

How to protect your PC from jumping voltage telephone/cable line?
The device pictured above can protect your PC from jumping voltage telephone/cable line. After telephone/cable lines as well as electrical wires exposed to lightning strikes, so I recommend this device especially those connected to the Internet through a phone/cable line. The modem connects the motherboard with the phone cord, so if all of a sudden lightning strike to a telephone line, Motherboards immediately goes down, if it is not protected UPSom. Well, it's enough to scare today :)
If you have any questions or comments on the subject, waiting for them in the guest book. Thank you for your attention.

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