Hard disk: how to prevent data loss

Perhaps some of the readers reached this article, quickly casting a glance material hurry to leave this page. Obviously, they are already in the subject, that is, they know how to prevent the loss of data, or have not yet faced the problem of data loss.

Hard drive, how to prevent data loss

If you have never faced such a problem, do not rush away from this page, as this problem can be yours at any moment, when you do not expect it at all. Murphy's Law still has not been canceled. The purpose of this article - to protect you from meeting this trouble, keep your nervous system and money.

Hard drive - the main component of your PC

Why is the hard drive - the main component of a PC? The answer is obvious: in case of failure of a component is part of the system unit, it can be easily replaced by a new one without any consequences. But this rule does not apply to the HDD. Hard disk drive (HDD, hard, screw) - is the main place of storage. I will not open for you to America when I say that some of the important data can be many times the cost of the hard drive.

For example, your computer contains hundreds or thousands of photos you for years was removed and treated by investing in this business a lot of money and time. Imagine you are working on new orders - Manufacturing wedding photos, and then bam... screen went out, the computer passed out, the fans slowly fade away... Well if this is just a consequence of the sudden lack of voltage. But if the supply voltage is lost and will not shut down your PC, then some components of the unit is out of order, and this may be the death of the hard drive.

What turns out, the couple are looking forward to their wedding photos for which you have already made an advance, but there is such an embarrassing situation... If you did not remove the source from the camera's memory card - it does not matter, just have to re-process the hundreds of photos, having spent a couple of weeks time. But if the source is left, the consequences for you can be very sad: your reputation, of course, already stained, the advance will have to give the customer, long and hard to justify in front of people looking down in shame and choosing the right words to you are not billed for the penalty. Yes, the situation is still the same.

How to prevent abrupt failure of a hard drive?

Prevent sudden failure of the hard drive, to date, almost impossible. Trust the hard drive is 100% impossible. It's not the same guy.
At any time, any abnormality may occur - the death drive. Can you and I take at least some steps to somehow protect themselves from such a ridiculous situation? In a way, yes, we can... We can monitor the health of the hard drive with the help of some software, which point to certain problems hard drive, and is based on these indicators to make any conclusions. But even monitoring is not 100% guarantee that we will have time to save the data in time. But if you provide us with at least a small possibility of data rescue, sin not to use it. As they say: "bezrybe and cancer - a fish." Methods for monitoring the health of the hard drive is different, for the consideration of moving to the next chapter.

Monitoring technology and self-DRIVE - S.M.A.R.T.

Modern hard drives have built-in tracking their own technical condition. This technology is called self-control - SMART, stands for Self Monitoring Analysing and Reporting Technology.
Without delving into the details of this technology, except to say that the technology is designed to warn the user of the impending danger due to the deteriorating condition of the hard disk. Virtually all modern hard drives have this technology in its arsenal. If your hard drive is equipped with a self-monitoring technology SMART, maybe someday it will give you an effect, as it once happened to me.

Several years ago, while working at the computer, on my screen suddenly there was a message on Windows 7 with the following text:
"After the backup is complete, shut down the computer, repair or replace the damaged hard drive. Follow instructions stored or printed earlier.
Note. Do not use the computer while the hard disk will not be repaired or replaced. If you change any of the documents, they will not be included in the newly created backup."

damaged hard drive

Feeling, I tell you, not pleasant, especially when you start to realize that you can just like that, in an instant to lose all their possessions, having worked for years. In general, goose bumps...
Operating System Windows 7 before this ominous notice gave me a couple more no less ominous message, which made me immediately put aside all things aside and go immediately to save all your important data. Screenshot above - this is the last message of Windows 7, which I guessed zaskrinshotit, the previous message is not a screenshot, for the reason that at the time I was in no screenshots. When all the backups were made, then calmed down a little and catch your breath, I made this screenshot.

I periodically make backup copies of all important data, and it helped me to quickly and efficiently make a backup the rest of all your important files. If I did not make backups periodically - would have to bother with reservations for much longer. And do not know if I would have found as soon as possible the necessary data carrier with the right amount of memory.
Make a backup of important data right now, after reading this article. Do not wait for the cancer on the mountain cold day in hell. Instead of cancer-whistler, you can fly to roast rooster. And this guy certainly will not stand on ceremony with you.

How can live hard drive after warnings S.M.A.R.T.?

With this question, I turned to the trading organization, which I sold a hard drive.
About what, I got the answer to this question, I will tell later...
I think Winchester was then little more than two years, and the interest has been for two years. In general, a warranty replacement, I flew like a pack of files over Paris. By the way, buying a hard drive with it, you will not be even a month warranty. Why buy a hard drive to be in the specialized trade organizations, which provide at least some guarantee. Receipt with the check it is necessary to maintain that in such a case, I think, by the seller, there is no separate.

So, what I said, a solid representative trade organization.
I was told that the hard drive after a stroke prevention SMART can live from one hour to... Recumbent eight. In general, it is not known how long can last the life of the hard drive with bad sectors. Oh, I almost forgot, it is damage to one of the sectors of the hard drive will make the system self-control to give me a warning that I have, of course, caused a storm of emotions and a flurry of unformatted expressions.

Also, I learned from the interviews that most hard drives live... about two years or so of this period.
- What kind of nonsense, I thought, politely continuing our conversation. This information I have, to put it mildly, a bit shocked. Many people I know, hard drives are faithfully exceeds 10, 15 years old, and are not going on a holiday. When they told me what it depends on the hard drive life, the picture a little clearer, I began to understand why my brand new hard grabbed infarction has failed after two years of operation.

WHAT early death Winchester?

Rhetorical question of course, but I'll try to answer it. So why on my hard drive started pouring in the sector? The reasons can be many. This may be my fault as well as banal workmanship. But I am not inclined to shift their sins on the shoulders of others, then we will assume that the problem lies in the improper use hard drive. That is the reason for bad sectors - it is a long operation of the hard drive below the critical temperature (below +25° C). Why do I say that? For a while my computer is working under adverse conditions. Ambient temperature was somewhere between +5° C to +10° C, and a bit of humidity of the atmosphere. Coincidence or not, but after these conditions in a couple of weeks, I got a warning from SMART.


The fact that the hard drive does not like too cold or too hot. The room temperature should be at least +18° C. If the room temperature is low, the temperature at the start of the hard drive begins to increase rapidly. If the increase in temperature of the hard exceed 20 ° per hour, it can cause physical damage to the magnetic coating of the plates. In general, do not like the hard drive to quickly heat up. If the hard drive for a long time, works at +25° C or below (the temperature of the top cover Hard), it may cause damage to the HDD. High temperature - +50° C - +60° C also can harm your hard drive or cause premature wear. The optimum temperature for HDD Desktop - is +35° C - +45° C. For notebooks (Spices say) Hardy optimum temperature a few degrees higher, depending on the features of a notebook hard disk drives.

Also, the hard drive does not like bumps, jolts and bumps in the process. You can not knock on the hard drive. If you have a laptop, you can not abruptly turn/move, throw when it works. And do not knock on the table with his fist, such as: - Who's the Boss? When working on it to be a laptop. Such a high pitch your laptop can wind up and die of a heart attack, do not make a will. With laptops you can not do, they need affection and caring, responsive attitude, as with a baby. Notebook, as well as a baby, you can not trust an important and valuable information. Painfully, they are finicky, fragile and unreliable.

Frequent on/off the PC does not promote longevity HDD. Each comprising a PC or reboot - this is another nail driven into the coffin of the hard drive. Can not start/restart the computer without the need, it can extend the life of Winchester. The fewer cycles of heating/cooling, the longer life expectancy of the hard drive.
And to avoid premature death of the hard drive, you must connect the device via PC power UPS. The sudden shutdown or power surge AC can cause damage to the hard disk.

Monitoring programs HDD

To promptly identify impending danger and save the data stored on your hard drive, for that you need to monitor the processes occurring in the hard drive and promptly take appropriate measures. What do you need? Just download though, would be one of the following free programs to have a picture of your hard drive at the moment. If you have any difficulty in installing these programs on your machine, write it in the guest book, I will always answer any of your questions.

Monitoring program - CrystalDiskInfo

monitoring program CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo - is a simple and free way to find out the state of your hard drive. In the screenshot above proilyustrirovanno state of my hard drive with bad sectors. The program starts to sound the alarm, warning me of the impending danger of data loss. After the installation on your machine, just a mouse click to a couple of seconds to be aware of the many options the hard drive.

Monitoring program - HD Tune

monitoring program HD Tune

Monitoring program HD Tune - this is another way to learn the state of your hard drive. In the screenshot above proilyustrirovanno state of my hard drive with bad sectors, which is marked in red. After installing the program on your PC with just one mouse click to a couple of hours (scan time depends on the HDD), to have an idea about the state of the hard drive and its sectors.

I hope my tips will help you avoid a sudden loss of data. Protect your hard drive as zinitsu eye, take care of him, watch his health. If your hard drive starts to hurt, you can always pinpoint the diagnosis and prescribe treatment. The day when your hard drive will leave this perishable world, you will not have enough for the heart, as all this data will be in a safe place - a backup. If you still do not backup data suggest this quickly, so that after the sudden death of the hard drive, you can avoid a heart attack. That's all. Thank you for your attention.

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