How to create a system restore point manually?

Of material last article, you learned how to delete restore points system. Today's article will be devoted exclusively to the creation of the control points in the OS (operating system) Windows 7. I will not bore you with a long story about the use of checkpointing. The only thing that I would like to stress that necessarily make a restore point before running critical updates, as well as prior to installing the software (software) of dubious origin.

window system properties

On the creation of the control point in Windows 7 you need to select a single minute of time. This is not as difficult as it may seem. So, to create a counter. point, we need to open the control checkpoints, see. screenshot on the left.

Click on the icon «Computer» on the desktop, and then on the top menu bar, click on the button «Properties the system». In the next window, go to link «System Protection», then we will be available to the window «System Properties», it is what we need.

Check the settings of the «System Protection»

Before you begin the process of creating a restore point, you need to make sure that the protection program is properly configured. To do this, select the desired disc, for example, the system drive C, click the button «Settings», and look...

program settings system protection

If the program is to protect the system is turned off, see. Screenshot above (left), we can not create a breakpoint. Therefore, we need to change the security software settings, such as those which are shown in the screenshot above (right). Now we have the opportunity to use the disk space for the system files used by System Restore.

Create a new restore point

The screenshot below shows the order of operations at checkpoint.

process checkpoint

After clicking on the «New...» dialog box appears in which you want to specify a name for the new counter. point. In this example, I had called her name «new», see. Screenshot above. The program will then begin the process of protecting the necessary files to a local disk C. Wait until the process of creating a restore point, and then click «Close».

How to find a restore point?

The screenshot below is an example how to find just created a breakpoint.

location of control point

As we already know the window «System Properties» push button «System Restore...». In the next window, boldly press the button «Next», and then we will open a window with all established control points. In this example, set up a counter. point called «new». If the need arises in the future "roll back" to a previous state of your PC, you will need to select a point «new» and click «Next». But while this will not do, perhaps in a future article we will touch on this topic.

How much disk space using a restore point?

used disk space reference point

If the system drive C has no excessive disk space, it should be rationally used, otherwise the PC may begin to "choke" from a lack of space itself. Therefore, I recommend to set the slider «Maximum use:» within reasonable limits, in which the C drive will not start to blush.

In this example, see. Screenshot on the left, set to «Maximum use:» 5%, which corresponds to 2.44 GB of total disk space of the system drive C. As can be seen in the screenshot, our new counter. point takes only 193.22 MB, which will allow us to create several new system restore points.

Quantity of new control points is limited only by the disk space of the system drive. The more disk space C, the more points you can save. As practice shows, store more than 3-5 points does not make sense. But one control point must be on the safe side in case. I wish you all a stable operating system, and to the same above mentioned case bypassed your PC side.

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