What to do when the computer refuses to include

Today it is difficult to imagine modern photographer without a laptop or desktop PC. Each photographer, in varying degrees, depending on the software. And how can we do without specialized knowledge when profession photographer directly related to computer technology. Basically, the entire archive of works is stored on digital media.

desktop computer with monitor off

One way or another, but the photographer becomes a geek that has a good understanding of the software and all kinds of settings for the stable and secure operation of the system. But let's not idealize our contemporary photographer, and imagine for a moment the following picture.

As always you turn on your computer and instead start doing things you love, for example, editing only just captured images you see on your monitor display something akin to "Black Square by Malevich." And here, the fun begins. Hollywood is resting.

Before you start poking around in iron

I admit at once, practical material is not posted, just an introduction. Material with my recommendations for a "return to life" of your PC will send for free to anyone who will issue the appropriate application on feedback. You can also call a cell. Why so? Because it is impossible to treat the consequences of not knowing the cause.

PC without the side cover

Computer - a complex machine, and can not be here so soon, in one fell swoop to give a universal recipe for treatment. Before you start poking around in the gland, it is necessary to know the symptoms of a particular manifestation. But these same symptoms and signs, in turn, may vary in many ways. Some of them will be discussed in this article.

So, if you care about this subject - it is obvious you are among those who have already gone through this trouble in his life, or does not want to once again including your favorite computer, run into a problem that makes the heart beat faster than usual. And this is the best, and at worst, well... Okay, do not let the bad, let's look at some examples of solving the problem.

When you start the computer refuses to boot Windows

You turn it on, and he flatly refuses to load Windows! Trying once again to reboot the system in hopes to revive stubborn dead iron, but in vain... You can yell at him, to bark on was worth, povydёrgivat passions in all cables, promise to chop the ax... and that helps? Perhaps, but this is not the case... But you persevere and not give up at the first attempt, then the second, third, fourth and so long as the nerves stand.

Vkontse ends your PC wins, and you frantically trying to find the phone number of one of your friends geek or service center. But if the service center far away (in another city) and among your friends hacker is no, then what? Moreover, if we urgently need some files or important information stored on your hard drive. But even if not urgently, all the same you do not want to give a stranger sistemnik with the hard disk on which is stored in the mode of free access personal information, such as access codes and passwords.

With horror, you realize: "And suddenly, everything is turned out by overwork, in a moment irretrievably disappeared suddenly hard drive has failed?" By the way, and this, too, no one is safe. It is for this reason that all the important programs and files I duplicate on independent media system, in multiple copies, and stored in different places. What do you suggest to do so, just in case... For example, this being considered in this article.

Indeed, look at the black screen native monitor it anyway to look into the eyes of domestic four-legged friend, who is about to die. For many people, the computer - not just a piece of plastic with iron, or an element of luxury and best friend with whom spend most of their free time, and for some - life. As a result, we come to eternal life as a question - what to do?

Maybe I can you something to help

the location of the components in the PC

If two of the above options outside, while the third remains - write me a letter with a detailed "symptoms of the patient" - your stationary PCs (netbooks and notebooks are not considered due to lack of skills).

and get my detailed recommendations for addressing these fault - with their hands to cure his beloved.

to be honest, all the sores system a alas, not fly only what I can, what is 100% sure that is checked in practice.

Such subtleties service systems found on the web not easy, probably because at this well earned, system administrators and service centers. This information is closed for the layman than success enjoyed by citizens of the master computer scientists. I know that among these ladies and gentlemen are honest and generous tips to people.

But there are also those who, knowing what is the true cause of the problem, specially dyed situation in your eyes dramatic as possible, so that the client does not remain and drops doubts about the wisdom spent money for the repairs. And, often, not weak, according to our wages, money. I am willing to share this information with you for free because I know that the good has withdrawn from you, sooner or later you will return to the good. - Geek-altruistic? Perhaps, why not. I would be glad if my knowledge and advice to help solve your problems.

Key answers to questions when ordering
  • Do you hear a short tone (beep) when the system?
  • Do you hear the noise of the hard drive when booting?
  • Do the cooling fans (CPU, VC BP)?
  • What is displayed on the display (digital/analog input)?
  • The drive is responsible?
  • The keyboard is responsible?
Only service Center
  • If you hear the smell of burning insulation wiring;
  • If a system failure triggered a fall or strong impact of the system unit;
  • If a system failure triggered by water getting into the housing unit;
  • If there is sustained smooth thermal transition (abruptly from a cold to a warm without 2-hr. exposure);
  • The voltage drop (including a lightning strike in the network);
  • The mechanical connection circuit damage (scratches on the matrix, etc.);
  • The presence of mold and other foreign matter on the system components.
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