Buying a computer in the store, how to choose the right

Not long ago, 10 years ago, the computer was only some, today only some do not. And for those who have no home of their PC, but who was determined to get the iron elektromozgom - computer, but does not know how to choose from a huge number of right, - I wrote this article. I stress that it is the right and not the best. Not always be the best fit for us, but more about that later.


Before going to the store to buy a computer, ask yourself - why do I need it? If the answer will be forthcoming - the computer you just do not need it. Not now, maybe later. In the late 90's I wanted to buy a computer, but clearly did not understand what it's me. Probably just wanted to have something that was not in the majority. But think about it, I decided to wait a little longer to purchase a PC.

Waited for 9 years. It was only in 2009, when I switched from film to digital, there is a pressing need for a computer - built his first PC. By that time I had already had some experience with this technique, studied the magazine "Home PC", talked with the advanced programmer. I knew exactly what parts I need and for what purpose. Save on this would not, because he knew that the performance of your PC depends on many things. At the time, my system cost me a pretty penny - $2500. This was a super-computer (pictured above), which you could only dream of. But this was the best of the best PC? - Most likely - no. I did not need the best. I wanted to have something that would satisfy my requirements, it would be best for me. Do not buy the fact that you do not need what is not strictly necessary. First let's define the tasks that need to lay on the shoulders elektromozga, and then feel free to make a purchase.

Do not buy a computer for future use

Never buy a PC for future use. That is, do not buy a computer in advance, even before it is you really need. This is not a flat in Kiev. Think about it. Here you are given a new PC today for $1000 a month the price dropped by 20% in a year - a 70%. What did you stay?

Every month, new models of components. So, the last month that cost $100 now costs $80, and tomorrow - a pittance. By computer components moral warden much faster than might be expected. Software developers encourage the vendors all the time to improve their products. Therefore, every year there are more heavy 3D applications, and thus increase the higher system requirements, and as a result, there are more powerful hardware (and the price of new products almost does not rise). And if your PC is mentally/physically obsolete - no illusions that anyone you buy it for much. Expensive to buy for a new one, your - for pennies.

If you decide to buy a laptop or netbook

Continuing the theme of prices, I want to say a few words about laptops and their simplified versions - netbooks.
If you decide to buy a laptop/netbook, remember that the price of your laptop at least 2 times higher compared to a desktop PC, with the same parameters performance. You do not pay double the price for the best quality and performance of the components, and for compactness and to a greater extent - for the brand.

Girl with netbook on your lap

And if the table (stationary) PC still somehow can be independently apgreydnut (replaced components), the laptop or netbook apgreydnut not so easy without the appropriate skills and knowledge. When the battery in your laptop fails, replace with a new battery will cost you 50-70% on your laptop. As a replacement bolt in digital SLR cameras, and replace the battery in the laptop - not retnabelnoe company, better to buy new and look forward.

Photo processing on a laptop

If you are going to buy a laptop with a trendy glossy display for photo editing - do not do it. You will not be able to handle such a high quality monitor image. Color profile of the display is configured by default to the cold shade. Therefore, treated at a monitor picture looks red to normal display. So, forget about color correction on a glossy laptop and manipulate pictures on a standard matte TFT monitor. In addition, the glossy surface of the monitor can be very blikovat, which will adversely affect photographic and your vision.

How do i know what system configuration is best?

It all depends on the type of PC operation. This can be anything from web pages to view. Recumbent eight. For example, if you are going to use your PC primarily for viewing Internet pages, suitable for this purpose is the cheapest computer - up to $300. But if your family has a gamer - just a powerful gaming PC - from $2000. If instead you live gamer keen amateur photographer should buy PC performance and the large amount of main memory, 64-bit processor with a clock speed of at least 3,16 GHz, - $1000. About how to build a very home PC, I wrote in a separate article, we consider the option of buying now ready desktop PCs. Let's say you already know why you need one, come to the store and ready to buy. Very good. Choose your favorite design and color of the chassis, monitor, keyboard, etc.

Now we need to clarify some of the points that most buyers are not paying attention.

  • As a crashed hard disk drive (HDD)
  • A video card (GPU)
  • Number of strips of RAM (SM)
  • Version of the operating system (OS)
  • Power supply unit (PSU)
  • Drive type (DVD-RAM)
  • Fan noise
  • The presence of a sound card (SC)
  • Availability/integrity of seals on the system block (SB)
  • The presence of dead pixels on the monitor
  • USDA seal shop in the warranty card and patched him checks
  • Availability of DVD discs with drivers for the motherboard, monitor, GPU, SC, etc.

And now for each item more.

See how a crashed hard drive

HDD Samsung

Ask the seller to turn on the computer after connecting a monitor (the one that you are going to buy). First of all click on the icon "Computer", and look at how many parts broken (divided into sections) hard drive. For example, if the full amount of hard drive is 1TB, therefore, it can be divided into four disk (partition), for example, in sections C, D, E, F, or less - do not matter. It is important that the volume of the C drive was not less than 400GB. The remaining sections may be of any size. Why this number is selected for the local disk C? Why, for example, 50 GB or 40?

The answer to this question (in all colors) painted in the article How to free local disk C. The title of this article speaks eloquently for itself - because the disk is filled with a very fast, but not very quickly released. And so you do not run on the computer scientists familiar with requests to help you release the C drive, it is better to give it a more free disk space, because it is so simple.

And so, we look at our C drive, we see that the total capacity, for example, 48.8 GB, see fig. below. What to do? Calmly, confidently say that we want the seller to see the C drive of no less than 400GB. One can say in response that the C drive should be just such a proportion of the space that is already installed. You do it again - I want to 400GB. Now the left eye twitches a bit from the seller, but he firmly holds back his emotions and politely continued to bend the line. But we insist on your own - I want to 400GB.

the C drive

The question: "Who told you that the local C drive should have such and such a proportion?" Give him the address of my site, let me tell you how much and what it should be. He did not know how many people suffer from the red line on the system drive C.

People do not know what to do, because the operation of the system is actually paralyzed, and so begins to hang etc. And why not? Because at the time did not pay attention to this important point, and now spoil your nervous system, and spend precious time looking for information on how to free up space on your C drive Dear customers shop there and then ask you to wait a few minutes to replace drive. This procedure can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. So it's best to wait 15 minutes, than to lose a lot more. With the hard drive sorted, moving on.

Check for video card

video card

Why check if the documents - here it is my child. Yes, according to the documents, it certainly is, but what kind of video card? Perhaps an integrated VC (video card built into the motherboard), which you slip as external. Sometimes it happens.
How to determine the type of video card?

Look in the middle of the chassis (you can remove the side cover), and if you use an external video card - it will be hard to miss. But it's easier to look at the rear panel connectors. If the top of a vertical panel connectors you will see some of these connectors to connect a monitor, which are depicted on the right, then motherboard with integrated video card.

The lack of ports on the top panel shows the vertical that motherboard without integrated graphics card. If the lower block panel connectors you will find that these connectors are shown in the figure, then set the external video card. I think this is clear, go on.

Check the number of strips of RAM


If the total amount of memory is, for example, 4GB, therefore, should be one bracket to 4GB, or two to 2GB. If you see three or four modules of the OP asked for a one or two. The rule is simple - the lower the bars, the better. I want to draw your attention to the fact that if your computer is running Windows 32bit, then the OP 4GB will be available only 3.5GB. Therefore, you should check your version of Windows. Well if the OS is Windows 64bit, it will enable the full potential of the memory modules.

Check power supply

Chieftec 750W

If you buy a powerful gaming system, BP should meet the load. That is, if you have a powerful gaming graphics card ($200 - $300), then BP should not be less than 700W (look for the specifications on the PSU), otherwise it may result in overheating of electronic components PD, failure to unforeseen consequences for other parts. For example, because of a failure of the power supply may damage the hard disk, which will be impossible to restore, or very expensive, and not just.

Test drive type


The drive can be a writer (DVD-RW) or play-only (DVD-R). Check what type of fixed drive. This is checked easily. Open the "computer" and see the description, see fig. above.

Check fan noise

Cooler А-Plus EL-DIABLO

Why check the fan noise?
The computer is close to you for a long time, and the noise cooling fans do not inconvenience, check how the fans at maximum speed (if speed control). As a rule, the larger the diameter of the fan, the less of it the noise. Recommend housing system unit EL-DIABLO firm A Plus, the noise is minimal, more noisy cooler graphics card and/or processor. Fan diameters EL-DIABLO: Front - 250mm on the side - 330mm. The cost of this building about $100 (without PSU), is still available for sale.

Check for sound card

All the same, that when checking the video card, except that on the top panel in any case will be installed integrated TSP. On the lower block the sound card connectors can be identified by colored circular connectors that are arranged horizontally.

Check availability/integrity of seals on the system block

Before sistemnik packed in a box, be sure to check the seals on the housing Sat This saves you the trouble in the future if something will have to repair or change. Warranty repairs only if the seals are intact and in place, otherwise - for repair costs.

Check for broken pixels on

How to check for dead pixels on the monitor?
- Very simple. Open one after the other four files (BLACK, WHITE, GREY, VIOLET), and leisurely gaze at the screen for decimeter decimetre.

  • BLACK - look for the white point
  • WHITE - look for black spots
  • GREY especially VIOLET - show scratches in the display of the liquid crystal layer of inaccurate movements during assembly/transport.

Download files to check the monitor for defects

Check for seals shop in the warranty card and filed checks to it

Be sure to check the print shop in the warranty card, and also filed with him the checks. And to do this it is necessary not only for warranty repairs, but also for the children of the security forces who may be asked about the origin of the product. You never know.

Check for dvd disk with the drivers for the motherboard, monitor, VC, LC, ETC

At first, the driver may be useful to you if you decide to put a different version of Windows. Then, of course, these drivers are out of date, and you will have to download new drivers from the network for devices.

How to download a new driver?
Visit the official website of the device manufacturer, look for the Support tab, then - the driver, select a series of devices - download. All shipping boxes to save, it can be useful when sending to a warranty repair, or when you sell components separately. With packaging more likely to sell, fire effects package - if the pack, then - almost new.

I can only hope the moments of the material you take to your arms, going to the store for a brand new PC. Waiting for your comments and questions. Thank you for your attention. Happy shopping!

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