Beeps and flashes green orange indicator UPS APC Back-UPS ES 525

One day, one fine morning, after a 5-minute quick charge and invigorating cup of coffee, you are the inspiration, and you are not wasting a minute, decided to complete the processing of images of yesterday's photo shoot. But when you turn on the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) APC Back-UPS ES BE525-RS, he refused to work.


Your reliable defender system unexpectedly began to behave like something is wrong as usual. Started beeping and flashing alternately green and orange power indicator. No manipulations repeated multiple starts (on-off) UPS do not work, and your good mood with creative inspiration slowly disappear. Unwittingly take their place and unformatted anger expression towards the manufacturer.

So, after pressing the power button, see photo below, instead of the test battery (when the transformer hums a couple of seconds), your UPS after a few seconds the blinking yellow and makes a snapping sound and then turns off.

After that immediately begins to emit a double beep (beep) for each subsequent color change of the indicator from yellow to green. This behavior continues until the UPS until not disconnect it from the AC power or press the power button. If the symptoms I described above correspond to the behavior of your company UPS APC, this article will come in handy and help solve this problem.
Recommendations of this article can also be used for other models of UPS APC Back-Ups ES series with different power (VA) For example, BE400-RS, BE550G-RS, BX650CI-RS, BE700G-RS and others.

What reasons can cause this behavior indicator UPS?

LED UPS APC Back-Ups ES 525

May be several reasons for this behavior UPS APC Back-Ups ES 525:

  • battery is worn out;
  • relay is out of order (single/multiple);
  • capacitors are out of order;
  • Diodes are out of order (single/multiple);
  • Oxidation battery contacts.

This lists the main possible causes of such a sound- power indicator lights ES 525, which occur more frequently than others. In this article I will discuss the most common cause of this behavior of the UPS, which is caused by the failure of the battery.

How to determine the cause of failure of the UPS Back-Ups 525 - faulty battery?

The instructions to the article said that this display shows a lack of battery. But as we already know, the causes of such a yellow-green display double bipom can do much more. To find out the cause of this behavior UPS should first contact the battery terminals clean from possible oxidation. If this does not help - the internal battery to replace the old with the new. This is the easiest and surest way verify that the Back-Ups 525, but not the most convenient for most users.

Why? Because for such a test will need to buy a new battery, which is not cheap. And if the reason is not in it, then what to do with it ? You can, of course, a couple of days to carry the battery in a store, but not the fact that you will get back the money. Yes, and also spent time nobody will return. Therefore, do the following.

Check battery UPS operation

Remove the battery cover, disconnect and remove the battery terminals of the UPS. Then look in the balcony, attic, garage spotted two short wires coated with insulation 10 - 15cm. each, and 12V light bulb (preferably chuck). Thus, the desired testing tool is assembled and ready to work. Now pressed tightly against the bare ends of the wires to the battery terminals, and carefully look at the behavior of light bulbs.

If you do not use the cartridge for fixing light bulbs, be very careful when connecting the wires to the terminals bulb. Avoid contact with the sliding surfaces of the bulb. This may cause a short -circuit the battery, which can cause internal damage electrical circuits, batteries, and premature failure. Use to connect a light bulb special cartridge or maintain contacts on the bulb wires by soldering to the contact surfaces of the light bulb.

If the bulb lights up brightly at once - the battery is good. In the case of a slow start battery, that is when the light bulb lights up dimly at first, and only after a few seconds turns bright, it means that your battery is out of order, and now suitable only for the flashlight. Do not waste time and money for the restoration/repair battery, immediately go to the store for the new.

Causes of failure of a lead-acid battery

Here again, it may be a few main reasons:

  • Battery exhausted its resources (service life of 3 to 5 years);
  • Short circuit at the battery terminals (careless operation)
  • Incorrect UPS charger;
  • Incorrect polyusovka contacts of the battery connection (+ instead of - a - instead of +);
  • prolonged use (storage) at an unacceptable temperature conditions;
  • Production marriage.

Typically, after 3 - 4 years of operation, the battery begins to slowly fade - lose capacity. Battery life often depends on the operating conditions, although there are those who believe that it is not. Do not expose the battery continuous operation in high humidity and temperature. The higher the temperature of the battery, the faster it loses resource. Freezing temperatures less harm battery resources in comparison with excessively high, but they also should be avoided. The optimum operating temperature of batteries within the range +5 - +25°C.

Reason of failure on the new batteries are defective charging circuit Back-Ups 525. If the batteries charging properly, the charging voltage will be 12V or a little more... In case of system malfunction UPS charger, battery will be charged or too high current (15V or more) or too low current (8V or less). To check the correctness of the charger Back-Ups 525 by removing the battery included with the UPS after disconnecting the low voltage terminals of the battery. Then, to measure the existing voltage tester contacts connect to two power terminals.

If you have your own experience of the successful solution of the problem with APC Back-Ups ES 525 or other model series ES, which is not connected with the failure of the internal battery, write about it in the comments for this material. It is possible that your recommendations will be useful to someone. Thank you for your attention.

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