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The second camera in the shooting, service spare wedding photographer

Why would a photographer at a wedding shoot two cameras?

If your photographer drags on itself two cameras or more, this indicates that your wedding photographer responsible person who really cares about its reputation. Is the photographer's reputation is directly connected with a second camera on his shoulder? — Of course not. But the mere presence of a wedding photographer in the second camera shows that:

  1. It is to insure themselves against unpleasant event — a sudden failure of the camera, which can happen with any camera, regardless of its price levels;
  2. He will not lose precious time to replace the lenses, since each of the two cameras mounted lenses with different focal lengths.

Thus it has increased the chances to remove all the important moments of your wedding.

Why did the photographer two identical cameras?

Hardly so. It's just far away they may look like exactly the same. In fact, these two cameras can be quite different to the functional and technical capabilities. But even if they are the same brand and series of lenses between these two cameras are likely to be different. I would say more, it's a good thing that the camera (body) of the same brand and series, as the photographer does not need to adjust every time a different user interfaces.

Our wedding photographer only one camera, it is bad?

By and large, you should not worry about the number of cameras hanging on the shoulders of your wedding photographer. It can be hung with the camera as a Christmas tree garlands, or hold in your hand a little nondescript camera. Your wedding photographer takes full material and moral responsibility for the shooting of your wedding, as well as for the quality of the final product — your wedding photos.

Therefore, if the photographer camera suddenly fails, the entire responsibility for the failure of photography lie on the shoulders of your photographer. He will be required to reimburse you moral and material damage that is associated with an urgent search for a second photographer or camera, as well as permanently lost important points of the events.

To secure itself from such force majeure, not too lazy to make and sign a written contract with a photographer at a preliminary meeting that, in which case, you could get a refund for the failure of the grand event. If a wedding photographer does not bother to buy a second camera (buy or rent), perhaps it is a beginner photographer, who yesterday took the camera in his hands and today claims around the world that it is a photo-guru, or simply an irresponsible person for whom the wedding photography and filming their friends at a party — the same thing.

Should I ask the photographer at a preliminary meeting as he will have cameras?

As I wrote above, this is not your concern, if at the crucial moment the photographer camera refuses to work. But if the wedding photographer — your friend or relative, in which case, you will be difficult to claim compensation for lost funds for the failure of photography.

Most likely, you will not roll up the scandal, and take this situation for granted. But if you do not want to fall into such force majeure, want to protect the nervous system from collapse, do not hesitate to ask your wedding photographer about what he would do if suddenly something... And on the basis of its response draw conclusions.

We like the style and the price of the photographer but he has only one camera, how to be?

If it really happened, that your wedding photographer has not earned the second camera, and does not want to take it out, but you want to see on their wedding only him and no one else, in which case you can insure yourself and your photographer.

Perhaps some of your guests will be SLR Cameras primary or secondary level with a standard lens. Ask your relatives and friends who will be present at your wedding, whether they will be able to borrow in an emergency photographer your camera? And ask what it is they have the camera?

With this information, the photographer can choose the camera that will somehow be able to replace it with a working tool. Do not be amiss to ask friends that they fully charge the battery to the camera, and also brought with them a battery charger and an extra memory card.

How to protect a wedding photo shoot of force majeure?

If by force majeure is meant the sudden failure of a single chamber of the photographer, I can advise the following:

  1. Invite to take photographs of your wedding only a professional photographer, whose arsenal is interchangeable photographic equipment.
  2. Do not stingy, and invite the second wedding photographer that if anything, can continue to take photographs of important events.
  3. If you do not want to invite an expensive pro or a second photographer, hire a spare photographer, who can in your wedding day to be on the alert, and patiently wait for your call all day.

This is a paid service, but it is much cheaper than hiring a second photographer for the day.

What does the term interchangeable photographic equipment?

Interchangeable photographic equipment — this is such a technique that is compatible with different models/series devices. That is, it can be used on devices of different classes, but with the same fixtures, landing slots, and so on. For example, the camera Nikon D90 (crop) has failed hotshoe (fell off the blow with the flash).

And if you have a second camera, for example, Nikon D800 (full format), you install dumps the flash on this camera and keep calm wedding photography. If you are using photo equipment from different manufacturers, for example, Nikon and the Canon, in case of breakage hot shoe, work will only be one set of photographic equipment, because the contacts of hot shoe of the different manufacturers.

For this reason, most photographers work with photographic technique the same manufacturer, or use a universal photographic equipment to take pictures, which is compatible with the products of different brands.

Read more about the service spare wedding photographer

Services of wedding photographer spare practically does not differ from the services of the main photographer, except for some nuances. As usual, you find a photographer on the Internet. See his portfolio and the prices of photographic services. If all goes well, you offer him to work spare photographer.

The main condition put forward — it should be not too far from the venue of the wedding, preferably a few minutes, a maximum of half an hour, and always in full "combat" readiness. It does not matter who it is, a local resident or a visitor, the main thing that he was on that day was near (perhaps even in the field of view of the customer).

After agreeing on the dates and the waiting time, pay services photographer for the entire day of shooting, for example, from 10:00 to 20:00. Payment for the booking of the day (approx. 10:00 shooting important events) is carried out on the day of the contract or in any other, but not later than one week before the day of your wedding. Calculating the cost of $2 for 1 hour of waiting.

Thus, you are insured against any force majeure by 100%. Will you believe that wedding photography will occur even if the main photographer accidentally fall into an open sewer)).

Who owns the copyright if the photographer takes visitors on a camera?

For example, the photographer out of order and it is the only camera he borrowed a camera from someone of your guests. The situation is not pleasant, but it is possible. Some might say that the copyright in that case belong hazyain camera, but it is not.

It does not matter on whose camera took the picture, the author of photos is the one who pressed the shutter button. In the world there are examples of funny, when monkey stole the photographer-traveler David Slater naschelkat camera and about a hundred of his self-portraits.

In this case, in terms of legislation, copyrights belong to this macaque, but hazyain this chamber believes otherwise. He posted these photos online and earn a lot of money, not unfastened macaque dime for her selfie. This story looks funny and fun, but this smacks of copyright infringement this black macaque)).

Who is the author of the camera when a photographer shoots one of the guests?

Let's say you are a wedding photographer, you want to stay young and decided to make a group picture with the help of some of the guests. Guests are picked up your camera in hand, screwing up his left eye, I pressed the shutter button. In this case, the author of the photo will be a guest, you are asked to remove you.

The same story with the authorship, if the street you are asked to remove their camera. Of course you will not ask these people comply with copyright laws in relation to you. Most likely, you will forget about them in a minute. But you should know that it is you the author of this picture.

Who knows, maybe after some time, the price of the picture, for whatever reason, will be quite high. For example, when shooting portraits, to the rear of the frame plan flies some UFO. And then you will be able to assert their copyright, and require payment of royalties.

Unfortunately, in practice it is not realistic or very difficult to prove in court that it is you are the author of a picture, because the camera where you saved the file, does not belong to you.

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