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Processing wedding photos, price and resolution

Overexposure to the wedding photos - is an artistic effect or marriage?

Some crafty wedding specialist, using the ignorance of their clients, give frank marriage (overexposure) for a certain artistic effect. Very rare cases of overexposure can be justified in terms of the idea of the picture. Wedding photographer who does not have enough experience in sequential shooting, very often simply does not have time to set the parameters of exposure, resulting in overexposure, not only on the white wedding dress, but also on the skin of the bride (!). If your photographer gave you the wedding photos with deep overexposure, ask what the idea of such a decision. I wonder what he will say to you?

What is the resolution set in the processing wedding photos?

Before you crop the photo or that under certain size, ask your customers what they need print sizes. In the process of photo processing need to install such permits that comply with print in the darkroom. There are many different print formats, but mainly for the wedding album print pictures 20x30 size (width 3602 pix., height 2398 pix.) and/or 15x21 (width 2480 pix., height 1795 pix.) dpi 300 pixels/inch.

In a resolution to keep the wedding photos to be viewed on a TV screen?

If you view images on a regular TV (not LCD), in this case, You can set the resolution of 72 pixels/inch. Depending on the size of the diagonal of the screen, you need to install the geometric dimensions of the photo in pixels. For example, for a conventional 20/22 inch TV can set file sizes: width 1800 pix., Height 1200 pix. These parameters are enough to fill the entire picture television screen aspect ratio (aspect ratio) of 4: 3.

If the proportionality of the other screen, for example, 16: 9/16: 10 - can set the width of 2000 pixels. For LCD TVs optimal resolution of 96 pixels/inch, but if the photo is 72 pixels/inch - the difference in picture quality will not be too noticeable.

Should the wedding photographer to give RAW files?

First, not every wedding photographer takes in the format RAW (there bombily beginners who have not even heard of this format). Secondly worth elaborate on the preliminary meeting, in what format are the files stored in the camera. If this is the format of RAW, ask the photographer if he will give you the files. If you have previously agreed to this question is not, the photographer can refuse to issue these files or require additional charges.

What should be the font for the copyright of the photographer?

Much depends on the copyright purposes. For example, if you want to left on your photos copyright led you to new customers or visitors to the site, make the font readable. Artistic fonts may look better, but pretty hard to read. If you are willing to sacrifice a certain percentage of potential customers can draw copyright artistic type.

What color card must be the photographer?

Depending on the direction in which the working photographer, tone and color business cards can vary significantly. For example, a business card wedding photographer, in my opinion, to be executed in light colors. Black cards, black or entirely more suited to photographers working in some creative genres. Actually, strictly speaking, there is some kind of framework and rules in choosing the colors of the cards, because each photographer has independently determined how to present to the public their creative nature and his own style.

Should the wedding photographer to handle all pictures?

A wedding photographer is obliged to process only the material for the processing of which he takes the money, or the number of wedding photographs that agreed by contract. If you are a photographer gave only 50 processed photos from 1000, the conditions have been described in the contract or announced at the preliminary meeting. Carefully read the agreement, or listen carefully to the photographer when he announces the conditions.

What is the price one treated wedding photography?

There is no clear tariff treatment of a particular wedding photography. Each picture requires an individual approach means different time spent on processing. On one picture you can spend 2 minutes, and the other from the same series - a few hours. So consider the cost of a single photo processing. Such tedious calculations wedding specialist not engaged, they have no time... they take the money for all the work of the wedding photo shoot: photography and photo processing.

If the client wishes somehow in a special way to handle some wedding photo, the photographer will be able to name the price. But again, the price will depend on the photographer and the value of his time, because each time the value of the photographer is different.

How much should a wedding photo session lasts?

If the terms of the contract clearly states the time of the shooting, then just enough and will last a wedding photo shoot. If you agree with the photographer not pay for his services by the hour (hourly rate) and pay only for the specified number of processed photos - here the photo session may be some anything.

Whether or not to take pictures at the wedding for free?

If you're an aspiring wedding photographer - yes, you can begin to take charge. Learning to shoot the wedding best with relatives or close friends who can not afford to spend on a great part of the wedding photography budget. That is exactly what I was doing at the time - was shooting relatives and friends for free. You also can ask an experienced wedding specialist to work with him number two. Perhaps you otstegnet photographer with his master's shoulder a few bills on the creative development :).

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