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Slide-show of wedding photos, photographer and client

How to make a wedding video album with his own hands?

Obviously here we are talking about slide show of photos. Slideshow of your favorite photos can be done with special software - video editor. There are many paid and free video editors. Paid programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, CyberLink Power Director, designed to create complex projects that use a variety of video effects. To create a normal slide show of photos, not necessarily to pay big money for a professional software. On the Internet there are lots of simple and free video editors. List them here will not, because simply enter the appropriate phrase in the search to find a list of these programs.

wedding video album Windows DVD Maker

The Windows operating system has a program «Windows DVD Maker», in which you can create a wonderful slide show with background music, beautiful transitions and different style DVD menus. See the screenshot on the right. The program interface «Windows DVD Maker» is so simple and intuitive that it understand even a child.

As a rule, all free video editors have the ability to add background music clip and select transitions between images with different visual effects, but if you need a more sophisticated visual effects, such as presented in this video, then have to use only professional software.

How to process thousands of wedding photos for a few minutes?

accurately process a number of photos in such a short time is impossible. In just a few minutes (depending on your computer) you can only complete the batch conversion of files with some general parameters of image correction. This "treatment" wedding photos is very deplorable results, and evidence of low-skilled photographer. If you care about your reputation photographer, about the high quality of your work, in this case, each photo must be treated individually, spending at least 10-20 minutes of time to process a single photo. On the Internet there are many articles about how a couple of minutes to process thousands of photos. Do not believe these would-be photographers, such as govnostati - it's just zamanuha for visitors who want to tighten any means at their govnosayty.

Should I buy an expensive camera to shoot a wedding?

For wedding photography does not need to buy an expensive camera, you can take professional camera for hire or borrow from friends on a couple of hours. But if you decide to do wedding photography seriously, it is better to buy a good camera with the right functions and the necessary permission. Depending on customer requirements, can be used in the wedding photography full frame camera or kropnutyh. Full-frame camera several times more expensive than their counterparts kropnutyh. For this reason, it may be a different value of the photo shoot. Typically, wedding photos print no larger than A4 size (20x30 cm.). So do not shoot the wedding on a full frame camera, because for pictures 20x30 cm. kropnutyh camera enough.

Is it profitable to be a wedding photographer?

If I understand the question, you want to know what the profitability of this business. Income wedding photographer depends on many factors. If the photographer known enough, his income will be ten times more than the novice wedding photographer. The more popular a photographer, the more his customers, respectively, more income. If you spend on an expensive camera and shot several weddings of their friends, it does not mean that you customers will begin to queue. The market wedding photo services huge competition. To the profitability of this business was high enough in the first place, you need to learn how to make high-quality photo, and then do promotion of their services. The best advertising - it is word of mouth, but to run it, sometimes it takes years of a long and exhausting work. Profession wedding photographer - is hard work. Someone from the outside, wedding photography may seem like a way to make easy money. Unfortunately it is not.

Does the right photographer to give the customer photos with copyright?

Yes, has the right, if the client has not yet been fully paid off for the photos, but wants you to he was given a drive with the footage. In this case, you can put the copyright sufficiently large and preferably closer to the center of the frame.
If the client is fully paid for your services, you can invite him to publish photos on the web with your content. In this case, you should create a separate folder, where all photos should be optimized for the web, and in which copyright can put invisible.

When the client has paid for your work, the same moment he acquired a property right on your photos, and from that moment he decides what to do with your photos: publish your optimized content, or to publish more files without any optimization and copyrights.

If the client has settled with you for the photos, and you gave him photos with copyright, he may demand their money back, or first, to hurt you - to break you face face, and then claim a refund. In this case, it is absolutely correct.

Can a wedding photo and video shoot one person?

Yes, it can, if that person 4 hands and two heads, that is, if it is mutant. Very often there are such enterprising "mutants" that offer just two services. Oddly enough, many newlyweds are conducted in such conditions, after which usually regret it. As a result of the operation of such a "mutant" or quality of the photographic material or video in full they do not get. And this is natural, because it is impossible for one person at the same time (in parallel) to shoot video and take photos of the same event.

Why photographer does not remove the video?

The question of course is still the same. but I'll try to answer it correctly.
The photographer does not remove video for the same reason as the videographer does not remove static (photo): - it is simply not necessary. For these two types of pictures need at least two people, as the principles of shooting completely different.
If the wedding photographer will shoot the same video and, most likely, is not a person, but... in general, see the response unit the above.

In what form to give wedding photos to the client?

As a rule, client give processed photos at a maximum resolution, sometimes with options framing for multiple print formats. But if the question does not specify a preliminary meeting with a client, or the item is not fixed in the contract, you can give the client photos in any convenient form. If you do not care about their reputation, you can give the customer the raw files without treatment, let your head that breaks with these RAW-kami do. But if you still care about their reputation, and to treat customers with respect, you should at least warn him at the preliminary meeting of the form in which it will receive their wedding photos to future claims did not arise from the client.

How many wedding photos should be on the DVD?

So you want to know how many photos you need to give the customer?
Number of wedding photos on a DVD may be what you like, if the number of the photo is not spelled out in the contract or if their number is not stipulated in the preliminary meeting. Each wedding photographer determines the cost of their services and the number of photos. I can only say how much I am treated wedding photos to the client: - 300 to 400 photos. But you can give and 3,000 photos if you wish. There are no limits on the number of photos. It is important to only one: - quality photos that you give to the customer.

Should the photographer to give the customer all the photos taken?

No, it should not. He must fulfill the terms of the agreement, which states the number of photos. Photographer wedding day takes a lot because that was a lot to choose from. After the shooting, the photographer makes a thorough analysis of filmed material and selects the best, in his view, the frames, which then are processed. And the rest of the photos can simply be removed, so as not to take up valuable hard disk space.

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