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Processed photos, the cost of the wedding photo services

What questions to ask a wedding photographer at the preliminary meeting?

At the preliminary meeting with the photographer, you need to agree on a lot of questions regarding the future of wedding photography. Some of them are laid out in the article For what is worth paying money photographer.

Processed wedding photography - what and how

Under the processing wedding photos should be understood as follows:
1) correction (white balance correction) - to white in the picture was no color cast to the skin had a natural look;
2) correction distortion - to the border/edge contrast detail were without color contours; to the details on the edges of the frame were without geometric distortion;
3) Correction tone (brightness, contrast) - Increase/decrease in brightness and/or contrast; lightening strong shadows; overbrights blackout or too bright areas of the image;
4) Crop (preparing to print) - framing all the photos for some popular print formats: 20x30, 15x21, 10x15, or other formats on request, but not more than three formats;
5) correction horizon - correction horizon occurs during crop an image in the editor; Horizon correction is necessary in order that the horizontal/vertical lines are parallel to the borders of the frame, that is, did not fail to left or right;
6) Correction of field - sharpening as some of the picture and the whole frame;
7) Retouching (standard) - delete/add some details in the image. For example, the removal of acne and skin blemishes; removing unnecessary details in the frame, or vice versa - to add some elements;
8) Art retouching (separate service photofinishing, paid by the customer separately) - add/application to image all sorts of special effects;
9) Replacing background (kind of retouching) - a separate service photofinishing. The cost of replacing the background - $4/frame;
10) Photo Collage (kind of retouching - private service) - a picture that can be assembled from multiple images. Several collages (as the album cover page) may be included in the package of wedding photography for free. Price - $4/photo.

What does it take to become a successful wedding photographer?

To become a wedding photographer need is not so much, but not enough. If you have a strong desire to make a living wedding photography - it is not bad. But in order to become a successful wedding photographer, one desire is not enough, we need significant financial investment ($5,000) in expensive photographic equipment and advertising. With high-quality professional photographic equipment, you will not be able to provide income security of your company until you learn to do quality photos, both in technical and artistic sense. The higher the quality of your product, the more of you will say. What will work best "word of mouth", the more customers you will have respectively - more profit.

Why so different cost wedding photo service in summer and winter?

The cost of wedding photo services summer and winter can be exactly the same, because the photographer's work in the summer, in the winter is not it is easier. Winter wedding photo session can be a bit cheaper for the reason that at this time there are not enough orders. In order to attract customers, many wedding photographers reduce the prices photographing in winter (cold) period.
But if we compare summer and winter wedding photo session the eyes of photographer, it can be stated unequivocally: winter photo shoot is much more difficult for the photographer and for honeymooners. Newlyweds tire quickly from the cold, and the photos are sorely lacking daylight hours to make a sufficient number of shots.
From the cold affects not only people but also the photographic equipment that has to be carefully protected from sudden changes in temperature, to avoid sudden failure due photographic equipment for the condensate.

What is the average price of a wedding photographer services in Lviv?

The average price of a wedding photographer services ranges from $300 to $400. The price of $300 - $400 each photographer puts a different set of services. Photofinishing price depends on the subjective assessment of the work of a particular wedding photographer. Someone for $400 will give you all the pictures with the treatment (retouch), and someone for the same money you give only raw files. Price of services wedding photographer may vary depending on the season. In the summer season (from Easter to the end of September), the average price - $400. In the winter (cold) season average price - $300.

As people are looking for a wedding photographer?

As a rule, almost every young couple finds their photos using the so-called "word of mouth". Sometimes, the couple find a wedding photographer in the photo sites on the World Wide Web or photo forum. Today, unfortunately, the search for a wedding photographer in the Internet is not very popular. As before, the people no longer trust the old-fashioned way - "word of mouth".

Girl looking on the internet wedding photographer

About how to choose a wedding photographer, read the article at the link above.

Do I need a photographer to exhibit their prices on the site?

To put up their prices on the site of course you can, but that's about "you need" - here it's up to you. Published on the site prices for photo services of some customers can scare away. But if you are firmly convinced of the adequacy of the price of your photo services, it is better to show prices to potential customers right away. Let people decide if their price tag is right for them.
But if you are not sure about the adequacy of the cost of your services, and want to bargain with each client, taking a bunch of calls with questions about prices, then it's better not to show prices on the site. But keep in mind, the lack of prices on the services page of many people will be very annoying.
Therefore, prepare to receive calls from worried customers who can spoil your mood because of the lack of important information on the web page.

How is the price of wedding photography?

Each wedding photographer uses its own algorithms pricing. I do not know where their prices are taking other wedding photographers, perhaps - from the ceiling like to know? Here you can read the what is in my price on wedding photography.

Is it worth it to book a photographer and videographer in one person?

If you need photos and videos of good quality, do not use the services of a photographer and videographer by one man, since neither one nor the other will not be executed efficiently. The problem is that the average person only two hands and one head. It is impossible to simultaneously capture the same event at the photos and videos. Simultaneous fixation of events can be done only fotomutantu which have four arms and two heads. If you find this - no questions, invite.

Do I have to sign a contract with a wedding photographer?

The agreement with the photographer to sign is not necessary if you trust this man; sure that you do not throw the money that you give to a preliminary meeting as the booking date. With the contract you are more likely to return your money in the case when, for whatever reasons, the photographer will not give your wedding photos.

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