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External flash, photo printing 10x15, search for all images on a PC

Does the flash on picture quality?

If it is not a built-in and on the external flash, - certainly influences.
But it all depends on the proper use of external pulse illuminator. If you use an external flash with no specific knowledge (skills), the quality of the photos may be of the same level as when using the camera's built-in flash. External flash prof. level - is a powerful tool which allows to make high-quality pictures in difficult lighting conditions. But even prof. Flash will be only expensive piece of plastic in unskilled hands.

Should I buy a showpiece camera?

On the next rhetorical question I can not answer unequivocally, because Again, it all depends on a number of factors. For example, if DSLRs - you need to check the status of the matrix for dust, scratches, dead pixels; if the kit includes kitovsky lens - check the status of the lens for dust on the internal lenses, as well as scratches, stains, chips on the front and rear lenses.

Showpiece camera in stores Foxtrot

If the appearance of the camera and lens in perfect condition, and if all is well with the matrix, lenses and other electronic and mechanical moments - you can safely buy showpiece camera. There is no difference where you buy a camera (with windows or warehouse), check the camera before buying necessary in any case. The photo above cameras in stores Foxtrot.

What is a booster?

Booster - a special electro-mechanical accessory (Multi-Power Battery Pack) for some professional and semi-professional DSLRs in the form of a handle which is attached to the bottom of the camera. Booster allows you to use more batteries, and also serves as an additional handle for easy operation, such as when the camera held in portrait (vertical) orientation of the frame. At the booster has doubles basic camera controls. Almost all professional full-frame cameras are equipped with built-in booster housing.

What is the optimal number of dead pixels on the sensor?

If the number of dead pixels on the sensor is less than 5 pieces, provided that such bedy located closer to the edge, - such a matrix can be considered working. In the case of the location of the burned pixels in the center of the frame or near the center - a matrix is considered defective.

What does it mean to optimize photos?

Under the optimizing photos be understood preliminary training, adapting the graphic file to be published on the Internet. Optimizing photos is needed in order to reduce the loading of Web pages. To Web pages loaded quickly, image files should be easy enough - no more than 200 KB. If the pictures on the web page about 5 pieces - the weight of each should not exceed 100 KB. The total weight of the photos on a web page should not exceed 500 KB. Optimization is carried out in a photo editing software for example - in Photoshop.

What parameters should be in the photo to print 10X15?

To print photo size of 10 by 15 cm. in a standard horizontal version, when you edit the file in an image editor, you need to set the following parameters: the width of 1795 pixels., height 1205 pix., dpi 300 pixels/inch.

No copyright on photos whether you can use it?

It all depends on how to use... It's one thing if you have printed and hung on the wall of someone else's photographic her bedroom. But if you do the same job posted without permission in its online store, or sell postcards with photos of others - this is a violation of copyright and related rights. If the photo has no copyright of the author, it does not mean that this work is not the owner - the copyright holder. Each photo has a right holder, but not every owner of the copyright/neighboring rights writes a warning (mark and copyright the author's name) on his photo. In order to use someone else's work for commercial purposes and sleep well, you must obtain the consent of the author or copyright holder to use its intellectual property. Otherwise, with you in a court of law can collect a tidy sum on the basis of loss of material gain.

Where is the best place their photos that they are not stolen?

In order to prevent theft of your photos on the Internet, you can go to the most reliable way - do not place them the Internet, and stored in a safe deposit box. If you do decide to publish your photographs on the Web - sooner or later they will start to brazenly tyrit copy and replicate (in the worst case - with their copyrights).
But this, of course, does not apply to photos from your family album. Dull personal photos, as a rule, no one needs. Although all may be watching who needs what and for what purposes. To date, there are no services and technologies that are not allowed to copy images. All graphic files that loads the browser (which are available for viewing), they can be copied one way or another, because copy protection graphs exist.

Both on the computer to find all the pictures?

find photos

to find all the photos stored on the hard drive of your PC, you can use different search utilities graphic files. But if you do not want to install additional software on your machine, you can use the regular search tool running Windows.

Open "My Computer" and in the search box located in the upper right corner, register the extension of the file, for example, .png, .gif or .jpg see. screenshot right. As a rule, most raster graphics extension is.jpg, so you should start searching for photos from that expansion. In this search tool has the ability to filter the desired files by weight or modification date. Upon completion of the search, icons of all found files will be available for viewing in the same window.

Can I remove the memory card from the camera is?

Remove the memory card from the camera is not recommended, since this may lead to loss of data due to the failure of the flash drive, or damage the camera. Always turn off the camera before removing/inserting the memory card.

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