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Flush bulb, adjusting the lens distortion, white balance

What color profile should be given the photo to print minilab?

Give the photo to print minilab better in color profile in running a particular machine printing. Color profile of the machine (file extension.ICC) can be obtained directly from the operator minilab, if they want to give it to you. Often in response to hear that the color profile does not affect the colors, but I assure you - affects... If you got rid of the stick this file, set the color profile in the program Photoshop, and editing photos, use this color space. This is a little article I described in How to prepare your digital photos to print.

Does the constant light in the photo which uses pulsed flash?

Yes, it does, if the constant light output equal to or slightly below the power... If the pulse weak - depending on the duration of exposure and location, a significant impact on the configuration of the cut-off does not produce.

Flash at the ceiling as it?

It's simple. Raise the flash head up (or at some angle), and shoot a scene illuminated soft diffused light. To get the correct tonal values frame, you must manually set the correct flash output and the correct aperture. The article the flash head to the ceiling, calculate exposure described in detail how to do it.

Why smear background when shooting a portrait?

To smear background when shooting portraits is not necessary, but if you want to make your photo more expressive with a particular emphasis on the artistic any object/fragment, this smear background sometimes necessary.

Why do I need to install a filter on the SLR?

And who said that it is necessary... It is not necessary to install a particular filter on the lens, if you indifferent to what quality should be your future pictures. Filter - a tool for the photographer, through which it controls and manages the process of taking pictures as you need it, instead of natural and other factors. For example, a neutral UV filter (UV), which is not particularly affect the image, but which protects against physical contact gentle multi-coated front lens element. Filter because much cheaper than replacing a damaged lens.

What is the adjustment of the lens?

Adjustment Lens - a special setting, adjust the lens and/or camera, which is carried out by means of special instrumentation, control negatives and so on. d. Such operations are carried out by specialists of the service center, where for these purposes a special stand, tools and appropriate lighting. Adjusting the camera and/or lens is needed to ensure correct operation of the autofocus system. That is, the subject in the exact center of the zone DOF to the focused area of the image was sharp, no Front-focus and back focus.

What is the front-focus and back focus?

Front-focus and back focus - is the focus error detection system. It can be as error focusing the camera system, and a consequence of incorrect alignment of the lens/camera. In practice it looks as follows: removing the portrait (close-up), instead of the near field to the chamber of the eye model, focus horrible ear - back-focus (AF slip back); if the focus turned his nose instead of your eyes - the front-focus (AF slip forward). Such camera to shoot is not easy, and it is not profitable. Who needs a technically defective pictures? Blurred image - an obvious technical marriage.

What is a full-frame camera?

full-frame camera (camera on full frame) is called the chamber in which the CMOS sensor (matrix) has a physical size 36h24 mm (identical to the size of 35mm film frame). Camera at full frame can be identified by the presence on the lens barrel Latin letters FX, but it may not always be full frame, as some photographers can use the full-frame lenses to kropnutyh carcasses (DX).

What is white balance?

White Balance - a parameter that is used to transfer an adequate color on the color image. That is, the white color in the image should not be with some parasitic hue, such as red or blue, if it is not an artistic technique used by photographers. Ideally, the color temperature in the chamber is fully consistent color temperature of light at which the picture is taken. What is the correct setting WB on the photo? For example, if the color of the image looks natural, without reddish or bluish tint, then BB is in order. What is wrong setting WB on the photo? Go to the website of any sots.seti, for example, VKontakte - there are many examples: - if not blue, make sure the red.

What is a lens distortion?

Distortion - this optical distortion, which is expressed in the curvature of straight lines. Distortion (from Lat. Distorsio - bending), the error image in optical systems, in which the broken geometric similarity between the object and its image; is one of the aberrations of optical systems. Distortion is a property of many lenses, especially the wide-angle and lenses with variable zoom. Distortion - a distortion of the shape of objects, in which the rectangle becomes a convex or concave shape of the cushion. What is the distortion in the photo? Again, welcome to the site of any sots.seti, for example, VKontakte - there are so many examples... especially feels good distortion is the portrait of a girl who takes herself on a bar of soap or a phone with outstretched arms. About distortion I wrote in my article how to remove a portrait of, can read.

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