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Matrix, dead pixel, the guide number, the resource shutter

How do I check matrix for dead pixels?

on how to check for dead pixels matrix I talked to a FAO Article Цифрозеркалка, test SLR. Read the article, and if you have any questions - feel free to write questions in the comments, happy to answer.

Can I clean the matrix of dead pixels?

At the moment, there is no technology that could clean the matrix of dead pixels. Perhaps, with the development of digital technology, this possibility appears, can only hope so.

What is the rule of the golden section?

Rule golden section - a rule of composition in the visual arts. There are many rules of the golden section, but the most used - it is so called, rule of thirds, with which you can build the right track. But these rules, as well as all other rules are often ignored and violated. Terms golden section also used in web design, but there are some features associated with usability.

How to crop a photo?

On this question there is no single answer. Each author has the right to choose options for framing from my own taste and vision. Therefore, there is no universal recipe, it is a creative process that is impervious to the templates. While framing the need to adhere to generally accepted laws of composition, the rest - a complete work.

Who are the members?

Perhaps my answer to someone a bit shocking, but it's the same people. People with cockroaches in my head. People who are very similar to ordinary earthling, but usually these people do not live on Earth, but somewhere in your world, in its dimension. They speak in a language that is understood by few. If you see a person on the street with expensive camera in hand, you should not take this man's photo. This may be a "Chinese fake photographer", which tries to masquerade as a real photographer, buying an expensive camera. Sometimes this photographer in the hands of Soviet might be an old technique. And it is not because it has no money for the photographer dorogushchuju digital technology, but rather because he is no difference than do the main thing - WHAT, HOW and WHY.

Why do SLRs limited number of runs gate?

This is due to the imperfection of technology at this stage of civilization. That is, photographic manufacturers have not yet found the materials for their products, which could last forever. camera shutter - delicate and fragile product that due their vulnerability associated with the imperfection of the material used, can not live forever. Therefore, it is not necessary to click everything right and left.
Try each shutter do consciously, with certainty that it is really worth it... The one who used to shoot on film, with more confidence releases the shutter at one time or another. This is due to the habit of limiting the number of film frames. Usually, when such photos go digital, they remain a sense of proportion.
Therefore, the percentage of quality images from a photo shoot in these photographers is several times higher than those who did not pass through the film. Proceeding from the above, 1000 images taken by two photographers with different training, are completely different things, different percentage of ratio of quality to quantity.

What is the guide number?

Guide number - this value indicates the maximum distance from the source of pulsed light to the object being photographed, provided that the angle of directional light does not exceed 20 relative to the axis of the lens, with which it is possible to obtain fine tonal values frame; denoted by Latin letter (G). This value is constant, with the exception of flares with the zoom function. Zoom flash use the variable power of the light pulse that provides the correct exposure of the subject when using TV/zoom lenses.
flash guide number usually tied to ISO 100 and if the ISO sensitivity to change, therefore, change the guide number. About how to calculate the guide number by using the new value of ISO, for example, ISO 160, you can read the article Calculates optimum aperture.

Does the angle of the illuminator to the guide number?

The angle of the illuminator will certainly affect the guide number. For example, the flash guide number 31 (the position of the light source is not more than 20 ° relative to the axis of the lens), but if the same lamp positioned at an angle of 45 ° relative to the axis of the lens, the guide number will drop to 26. See information about the article calculate the diaphragm, methods of calculation.

Crop photos - what is it and why?

Cropping Photos - cropping the image on stage or shooting at the editing stage. Photographers often use cropping photos during postprocessing to correct errors made in the composition when shooting. For example, in order to correct accents in the frame. At the time of shooting to avoid errors crop an image. Better just to the right crop (to throw out of the frame is not necessary) to keep the original image resolution. When framing pictures in a photo editor, image resolution is reduced depending on the size of the crop source. Also crop the image be undertaken within the preparing photos for printing in minilab, specifying the desired geometric dimensions of the file.

Photomerge, it?

Photomerge - a tool for Photoshop, which collects photo-artist panoramic picture of high resolution from multiple source frames. About how to use this tool Photoshop, read the article Create panoramas in Photoshop CS5.

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