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Index-print, crop photos, flash mode SLOW

How to set the size of the photo in Photoshop?

Use the tool image editor Photoshop -«Crop» (C), set the size of the photo in Photoshop is easy. To do this, you need to register in three windows corresponding numbers, see screenshot belowTool Photoshop Crop

How to make the index print?

The index-print can be done in Photoshop. The article Photos of the documents is an example of the finished action that can download and use in Photoshop.

Can I use the built-in flash as the lead?

About how to use the built-in flash as a master can learn from an article on the link above.

When using the flash mode SLOW?

The flash mode SLOW is used in environments with insufficient lighting. For example, in a large room with high ceilings (eg, photographing in the church), in cloudy weather, just before sunset, and so on. d. a detailed description with an example, see flash Mode SLOW.

How to achieve high-definition photo?

In order to achieve high-definition photos, shooting, you must use the optics with high resolution, and also to prevent the jitter/shift camera when the shutter is released. Read more about this in the article methods for sharper images.

What is the dead pixel in the image?

dead pixel in the image is as follows, smotrite photo.

How to check the number of pictures taken with cameras Nikon?

Check the number of pictures taken on Nikon cameras is very simple. One need only download a small utility does not require installation on a disk, and open it in the last picture taken in RAW or JPEG. Details in the article Test SLR.

What is a photo retouching?

Retouching photos - is the processing of the image file in Photoshop or any other image editing program. Processes such as color correction of the image, removing/adding fragments in the source file - called retouching.

What is shooting with wiring?

shooting wiring - is a fast-moving object (the object is frozen - background blur). How does it look? Subject is in focus and the background blurred. Blur background usually occurs in the horizontal plane, but it all depends on the direction of posting.

How to crop a photo in Photoshop?

Crop photo in Photoshop can be using the tool "Crop" (C). If you need to ask some geometric size of the file, it is necessary to register in the windows of sizes and resolutions desired numerical values, see fig. belowinstrument panel Crop

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