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Replacing the hard drive, system image, the local C drive

How to replace the hard drive on your computer without losing data?

In order to expedite the procedure, it must first create a backup copy of the data (stored on the old HDD) on external hard drive. There are several ways to transfer (migration) of all data to the new hard drive. Using special tools to transfer the OS, you can safely move all the data (including the operating system settings and installed software) from the old hard drive to the new.
For data migration can use regular means Windows. This will require the pre-create system image on an external HDD, then burn to a DVD-disc special system recovery disk (if you do not have the installation DVD-ROM Windows). Learn more about how to migrate Windows OS from the old to the new screw I write in one of my future articles.

Why is the image of the system more than the system drive C?

The system image includes all software installed on the HDD of your PC. For example, if there is software that is installed in addition to the system drive «C» on the same disk «E», therefore the system will consist of two system disks «C» and «E», that will greatly exceed the amount of disk space occupied by the system drive «C».

Why Local Disk C red?

On Windows, the status indicator of local disks begins to redden in the case where the free space becomes less than 10% of the the total amount of specific local drive. This does not mean that your disk is damaged, it is simply not enough space to complete the work. Free up disk space and status gain the previous form.

Is it possible to all the contents of the local drive C moved to another disk?

When it comes to moving all data from the system drive on a regular local disk in one hard drive - no, impossible. If the movement is to another hard drive - yes, you can.

Can I delete old restore points system?

If you make a new system restore point - you can safely remove the old. To automate this process (passed on to the operating system), you need to set some parameters protection system management tool disk space allocation for the control points. Read in this article how to do it.

Why on the C drive is lost place although I do not download anything?

If you are on your PC, not only listen to music, but also actively use the Internet, editing photos and so on. e., hence the system disk will be filled with lots of different files, which you do not may know. They need a system for different purposes. These files need to be removed periodically, thereby freeing up disk space on the system drive garbage. In order to effectively free up space from junk files, you must use special programs for Disk Cleanup, for example, the utility CCleaner can help you with this.

Does the photo disk space C?

If you download from the internet photos without file locations - yes, pictures will take place on the system disk, because the default storage directory is located in it (the system partition "Downloads"). To change the location of uploading photos, downloading files from the Internet, specify the storage folder on another local drive, such as a disk «D».

Can I use a computer with a damaged hard drive?

If the OS is loaded and running - of course you can... But there is no guarantee you safety data on the damaged hard drive. At any moment can happen final failure of the HDD, with all the. Therefore, you should do a full backup of the system, and hope that your hard drive will last for many years.

If you knock on the table next to the laptop working, what will happen to the hard drive?

Imagine that you suddenly hit a rubber club on the head. From this blow you may not be a concussion, but agree, a nice little. The same situation and with the hard drive, he does not like this attitude. And sometimes it can simply "die of a broken heart" - jam/get stuck, it all depends on the force of impact.

Girl working on a laptop while sitting at the table

If your laptop has no hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state (SSD), it's still not worth ispytyvt fate protect laptop from any shaky strokes and even when it is turned off.

Is it possible to prevent the sudden failure of a hard disk?

If your hard drive so decided to try on a wooden mac - "discourage" him from this decision will be very difficult and often impossible. No matter how many lived HDD: 1 year or 5 years, what matters is how you are using the what quality materials manufacturers have invested in it. Remember, never be 100% trusted Winchester, even if it is of the highest class. Always make backups of important data, since data can be many times more expensive than the cost of the hard drive.

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