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Cleaning the local disk, system files, upgrade your PC

What does it mean cleaning the local disk?

Cleaning the local disk C

When it comes to system tools" disk Cleanup "- this means that we it is possible to free up disk space local disk.
It is very simple:
After clicking on the button "disk Cleanup". See the screenshot on the right to open the master tool in which you can select the files to be deleted to free up disk space system disk.
This Windows tool only suitable for cleaning several file types that are usually not steal too much disk space. To clear disk space on large files of all types, you should use various special programs that effectively relieve local drives from heavy junk files.
Read more about this here.

If on the local disk C apply Disk Cleanup which files deleted?

After pressing the "Disk Cleanup", no files will not be deleted automatically. Cleaning program only checks the status of the local disk for junk files and prompts you to make a choice. To delete certain files, you will need to choose which files you want to delete, then confirm your selection by pressing the OK button.

What information is on the local C drive?

On the local C drive is a lot of different files, most of which - it is system files, different drivers, files of some programs. In addition, the system disk can be quite unnecessary files that accumulate in the cache, and which must be removed periodically. Ideally, if this disk will be only the system files, drivers, and some important programs, such as anti-virus files. All other files are best to keep other local drives.

What are the system files can be moved to another disk?

The system files better not to touch. If you move some important system file to another disk, the result may be that the next time the OS simply will not start. And will have to reinstall the operating system.

How to move all the C drive in drive D?

Move all from drive C to drive D (or any other disk) can not be. Move can only some files that are not system or those files, without which the possibility of full and stable operation of the PC. If you still be able to move all the files from the C drive to another drive, you expect the situation described in the answer box above.

Than from the Internet can be filled with the local C drive?

When you open the browser some Web page, all files are immediately downloaded to your computer usually - on drive C. If a web page lots of image files, respectively, they will occupy more disk space than all the other files. When you are downloading some media content, all downloaded files (the default), try to get to the system disk. To avoid this, before downloading the file, you must manually specify the path to save the file on another drive. When finished, surfing the Internet, you can clear the cache in your browser to free up space on your local drive C.

What will happen if you change the name of the system disk?

If you change the name of the system disk, you will have the unique opportunity to reinstall the operating system, or get acquainted with geek, inviting the specialist home. Do not change the name of the system disk if you do not want to once again spend money and time. Well, if you still want to get acquainted with the geek - safely change the name of the system drive right now.

What to do if knocks hard disk?

knock hard disk - this alarm about the impending demise of the inevitable hard drive. If you hear the sound of the hard disk, it's time to make a backup of all important data that are available on this hard drive and replace it with a new one. If you wait for a miracle, they say all right - you can lose all your data in any, the most inopportune moment. Do not pull up to the last... make a backup data right now.

What is a PC upgrade?

Upgrades called the replacement of old computer parts with new ones. Upgrade may be partial or global. Global component upgrade involves replacing almost all the iron that makes up the system unit. In fact - this is a new PC in the old building. If you change also and the case of the system unit - this is a brand new PC, which to upgrade irrelevant.

Computer used, to buy or not?

Looking for how much money and in what condition. If we consider a normal PC with an average power used, I can say the following.

You can buy a PC for half its starting value:
If computer worked in favorable conditions, it is not thrown into the water not dipped, wood on it is not pricked, etc.;
If components still have enough reserve power.

If the computer more than 3 years - from the starting value can remove three quarters of the cost. For example, if a new PC worth $100, after 3 years of operation, its price is about $35-40. If the computer's time to "go to school", ie if he is six years or more - so it is better not to buy a PC and take a gift. Although why you this stuff in the house?

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