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Update drivers, components, local disk

How to remove a local disk?

To delete a local disk (volume) is certainly possible, but it is better to do. Local drives are created when broken (divided by volume) of the new . If you're tired of some local drive, I advise you to contact the nearest service center for computers with a request to remove one or the other partition. You can also use one of the many tools that are able to merge several chapters into one, but then again, think carefully about whether to do it. It may happen that when you transfer the information to another volume, an error will occur, and all data will disappear. If the drive is not important information, you can try (at your own risk) to combine the two into one local disk using a utility Acronis Disk Director Suite or Partition Manager.

Why Local Disk C red?

The red light disk space - is not a sign of problems with the hard drive. System disk C, or any other local disk turns red when on the disk runs out of disk space, which is the operating system "eloquently" warns you.

How to remove red stripe from disk C?

Remove the red strip with disk C, or any other disk can be through the release of the disc from the accumulated debris. You can free up disk C using special utilities operating system or using third-party utilities that remove debris on the order of efficient system tools free up disk space.

After how many years it is necessary to change the desktop computer?

Desktop computer change is not necessary if its capacity is sufficient to meet current challenges. When the power of the PC is not enough, you need to replace some of the components that are part of the system unit. But if there is a need for drastic increase of power system, then you need to replace almost all of the iron (components), including system block.

What is a driver?

The driver - a special program that is able to combine wonderfully connected module/device to your system. Figuratively speaking, the driver - is the neck that connects the head to the body. If there is no neck (Driver), head (system) will not be able to control the body (the connected module/device) is such a thing.

What will happen if the driver is out of date?

If the driver is out of date, nothing special with your system will not happen - the PC will work as before, but can not as well as the PC on which you installed the new driver. Driver update improves stability and performance of the connected module/device, and the system as a whole.

How do I update the driver?

In order to update the driver, it must be pre-downloaded from the official site of the manufacturer of the device. As a rule, the manufacturer's website there is a section "Support" section there looking for "Drivers". Find among the supported products appropriate model (model series), select your operating system (32bit/64bit), then download the file, for example, that with the same name and extension: 310.90-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql.exe.
download the file to your computer, start the installation process, and wait for completion. After that, restart your PC to update the driver to take effect.

How often should I update the driver?

The more often you update your drivers, the more comfortable life will be connected device, and therefore, your life too... Updates drivers for devices from manufacturers, occurs through a certain period of time, depending on the willingness of producers to provide users with updates for their products. Some manufacturers are more concerned with the timely support of its products and service quality, and some forget about the support already half a year after the release of the first batch of a product. There are those, which do not provide the ability to update drivers for their products.

Why manufacturers update the drivers of their products?

How do I know why. I'm not a component manufacturer. I can only guess why OEMs update drivers for their products. Perhaps this is due to the detection of software errors. Or the fact that the producers are trying to give their customers the ability to use all the available potential of their products. Moral to the age set (computer hardware) comes very quickly. And in order to maintain an appropriate level of the product, its optimal compatibility with newer components from other manufacturers - component manufacturers provide driver updates for their products. But all this, of course, is just my personal opinion.

What is Hardware?

Accessories - a components that make up the system unit. Programmers components affectionately known as "iron". There is no better gift for the programmer as a good, powerful "iron". For example, power supply, hard drive, motherboard, processor, video card, memory, and so on. D. - These are the components, that is the most "metal", which is, in fact, is a computer.

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