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Finger Battery: talk time and charging NiMH batteries training

Do I need to charge the NiMH battery before first use?

memory TechnoLine BC-700 recovery mode

After removing the batteries from the packaging (blister) not in a hurry to put them in storage in the charging mode. It is better to insert new batteries in any suitable device and used until exhausted. Only after a full discharge can be fully charged.

I recommend "to train» NiMH batteries at the beginning of operation. For example, you can insert your brand new battery in the charger TechnoLine BC-700, pictured right, and select REFRESH (recovery capacity). Thus you will use the maximum capacity of the battery, and significantly extend the service life.

How current it is necessary to charge the NiMH batteries?

To increase the service life, NiMH batteries should be charged a low current, for example, 200mA. Рекомендуемый charge current indicated on the battery itself, but if such data are not available, charge current of no more than 10% of the declared capacity of the battery.

Why is strongly heated Finger battery when charging?

Strong heating of the battery when charging indicates that set a very high charge current, or that in the battery is too high internal resistance and service life comes to an end. To extend the life of your battery, do not charge them unnecessarily high current, provide forced cooling batteries if passive cooling is not sufficient. High temperature when charging a negative effect on the chemical composition of the electrolyte, and leads to premature failure of the battery.

How to determine the time of charging the battery of the pencil?

Determine the battery charging time is quite simple - look at the case of the battery, there are shown the ideal settings for a particular battery charge. But it is better to use the chargers that automatically detect the charging time of a particular battery. For example, the same TechnoLine BC-700. This memory of each battery determines the optimal time charge, that is, each inserted battery is charged autonomously; charging a set of 4 batteries will not be interrupted if one of them is charged faster.

Do I need to remove the battery from the charger immediately after charging?

For example, when charging 4 batteries, one charge faster. Do I have to remove it from the charger? Answer: No, it is not necessary to retrieve it immediately from the charger. Feel free to leave it in storage until the end of the charging process of the battery inserted.

Why one package one battery charge longer than the others?

Obviously this is due to the fact that this instance has a higher capacity than others. In my experience, this is extremely rare, can often be faced with the opposite situation, when one copy is charged faster than the others. I advise you to quickly align this set of batteries to avoid possible problems with the equipment which uses unbalanced kit.

What it means to align a set of batteries?

This means the following:
first checks (testing), for example, 10 batteries for the tank. This can be done with chargers, analyzers, which are explained in detail here. Once when the hands will be a list of containers received 10 batteries are sorting them according to the same (or nearly the same) parameters containers. Thus, you should have at least two sets of batteries of different capacities for 4 pieces each.

How much should hold a charge NiMH rechargeable battery when fully charged?

It depends on the type of battery, its capacity, conditions of service/storage and service life. For example, NiMH batteries Duracell 2650mAh company will keep for about a week a useful charge (ie the charge and left on the shelf), then they need to be recharged. Here, for example, Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAh (LSD) will hold a useful charge for several years.

It is also important to properly maintain the battery in order to increase the storage time without recharging. For example, NiMH batteries can be periodically "train", thereby restoring the working capacity.

Who are the LSD batteries?

LSD batteries (Low Self-Discharge) - these are batteries that are different from other types of battery low self-discharge. That is, after fully charging these batteries can hold a charge for a long useful time (about 3 years).

What is meant by "training battery»?

The term "battery training" - is synonymous with the term "recovery capacity NiMH batteries." In common parlance still use the term "acceleration battery" that is the same. This cyclic stages of discharge-charge NiMH batteries that restore lost capacity batteries. Depending on the capacity of the battery, the electrolyte status, current charge/discharge, these cycles (charge-discharge) can be very much, as they may be different in duration.

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