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Can a business card site consist of a single background image?

Of course, you can build business card site only one wallpaper. But it will look very shabby and unpresentable, which is unacceptable for sites in this category. After all, online business card should attract the attention of potential customers not only their appearance, but also responsive, comfortable and modern interface that does not happen without the use of additional graphic design elements.

Should the site be black photographer?

No, he does not have to be black. It can be any colors. Site photographer can be built with the elements of a perfect black color or with some elements of dark tone, but this is not necessary. Even if the site will not be any text content that is difficult to read on a black background, but only pictures, do not really get too carried away completely black. Better a little dilute the black background site what some light elements, such as shades of gray.

Do I need a photographer on the website page about yourself?

Site of the photographer - it is his online business card. I advise you to do on site photographer page about yourself, because sure that a potential customer interested in not only your portfolio, contacts and price with the prices of photographic services, but also your personality. If you enable future customers to meet you before your first meeting, and the transaction can be more successful, you never know. Psychologists say that visualization pretty strong stuff, so you should use it.

Whether or not to call the domain translit?

On this question I answered deployed in the article domain names. I advise you to carefully read this material. Perhaps some future problems (they can occur at any time) with the promotion of your site will be easier to solve and much cheaper.

Where better to publish a new photo, at some personal photo site or a small website?

There are two important points related to the fact on which site spread the author's photographs in the first place:

  1. Progress in finding your personal website;
  2. Help protect the authorship of the photo.

So, first on the promotion... If you are going to promote your online business card in the search by image in search engines Google and Yandex, then first publish a photo on your site. For the site where the picture was loaded first - finding will rank your site higher. This means that your site is in the eyes of search engines is considered a plagiarist-kopipaster, which is not good.

But if you are on the ranking of pictures and search traffic do not care - then feel free to upload your photographs to any photosites is you in the future, may be useful for protection of his authorship to certain photos that can be used for their own selfish purposes without your permission sorts of figures (like that who I here told). Date of first publication of the photos on the photo site in your profile may be, though a small but evidence of what it is you the author of this photo.

Is it true that Nikon coolpix L120 can shoot even before, when I press the shutter button?

To be honest, I have never held this miracle of technology in his hands, and perhaps for the best. Well, that's why I'm such a camera that shoots is not what I want, and what she wants, ie clicks instead of me before my finger touched the trigger button? Please leave a comment there about this camera, please describe your impressions of the process of photography. I think many photographers would be interesting to know what it is when you do not push it and click.

How to make the copyright of the photographer?

Copyright photographer (watermark) can be done in a graphics program, for example - in the Photoshop. Write to the copyright first sign «©», then your initials or alias, can also add to and address of your site, such as I do with your photos. According to the international rules of writing copyright, you just specify the year of first publication, so that at the end of the copyright can write the year of publication.
When writing copyright try to pick visited fonts to be able to read your copyright is not just you.

Where is the sign of copyright in Photoshop?

I do not remember where this sign can be found in Photoshop, perhaps it there or not. Can dial a combination of letters and numbers Alt + 0169 (without a plus). Thus quickly write the sign «©». If you need to write a copyright mark registered trademark «®» - that's the combination dial: Alt+0174.

How to set all settings Photoshop default?

To install virtually all settings Photoshop default, it must be reinstalled. But if you do not have time to re-install the program, you can restore the default settings by hand - each separately. For example, to restore the default basic settings Photoshop, it is necessary to enter the setup menu Ctrl + K and there go through all the settings by clicking on the appropriate button (they have different names but with the word" restore "). In the drop-down menu "Edit" in the same way open the settings window menus, keyboard shortcuts and consistently set the default settings.

Is it legal to be other people's poems if I have laid upon your picture?

Other people's poems - a stranger property, just like your photos - your property. If you use a photo as described at home, for example, to hang on the screen saver on your computer - in this case, you can sleep peacefully, no you is not for the judge and the court does not drag. But if you're a photo posted on the Internet on public display - you break copyright law, because the poem is the intellectual property that is protected by copyright.

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