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The authorship of the photograph, the use of copyright in images

How to assign authorship of photographs?

In order to acquire the authorship of the photo, it is enough to take your camera in hand, choose the subject and press the shutter release button. Thus, the authorship is in your pocket. But if you want it assign authorship, that is, to steal copyright on photos from the rightful copyright holder, you can put your copyright on someone else's work and publish it on the Internet under your name.

A girl in a yellow jacket with a netbook on your lap for a photo copyrights author

But there is little nyuansik: for such acts you on the head not pat, and candy will not give. At best, the author asks you to delete the photo from the Internet. Well, at worst, you may need quite a lot of time and money to get the "absolution" from the author for taking photos of your insolence. You can not assign authorship to someone else's work, never do it.

How to make a copyright on the pictures?

The sign of copyright on the photo and can be applied using any graphics editor such as Photoshop. It's enough to write a text in the photo in the following format: copyright symbol ©, your name or alias, per year of the first publication.
Example copyright look on this page at the bottom left.

How to put a copyright on the photo?

Copyright on photographs can put anywhere. As a rule, it is placed in the lower part of the image left or right in a horizontal or vertical position. Copyright to not distract the viewer from the photos, it can be done with the translucent or tone similar to that of the image will be placed where the copyright. Font (font style) and size of the text copyright must be readable to anyone who could read it easily.

author's photos copyright rooms

There are times when you need to send pictures to the customer to choose the most successful, in his view, the staff of the photo shoot. Suppose a customer has not paid for your work but needs to set an example to select all the images in the most successful treatment.

In this case, to protect themselves from unscrupulous kidalovo by the customer, should be protected by copyright photos or any text. Copyright and make a big enough place in the center of the frame, such as is done in the photo above. This copyright does not easily wipe out, though, with a strong desire and certain skills, you can remove it.

How to locate the copyright on the pictures to reinstall it not?

If you want to remove an experienced kopipaster copyright symbol with your photos, no refinements to the location of the sign you do not help. If you have a little time, you can overwrite it. But if the thief-kopipaster will not have time or desire to tinkering with rubbing your copyrights, most likely, he just leave your photos alone and go look for another victim. But in order to discourage most kopipaster overwrite your copyright, you should put these signs in places where the thief would be difficult to single motion gently remove copyright text. On this site is full of examples with the location of copyrights in the images.

Do I need to put a copyright on the photo?

Copyright (URL of your site), you can put the image:
If you are promoting your own brand/name;
If you want your potential customers have the opportunity to quickly contact you;
that webmasters could you quickly find and ask permission to place your work on your website or blog;
order to attract attention to your resource users, thus increasing valuable traffic to your site.
If all above conditions for you - an empty phrase, in this case, no need to put a copyright on the photo.

How to remove copyright to the photos?

If you are not the author of this photo, the copyright must be preserved, that is, copyright to photos can not remove. But if you are the author of this work, and you need to overwrite copyright, you can use the graph. editor Photoshop.
Typically, grout copyright on the image, use the "Clone" stamp tooland/or "patch" The patch. Sometimes it is useful to grout "Spot Healing Brush» Spot Healing Brush. Principles of operation of these instruments are described here and here.

What will happen if I will treat someone else's picture and hang it on your website?

If you do so, you fail to comply with copyright law. For copyright infringement you can to prosecute and/or will be forced to pay the author photos pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary damage. Do not do this if you want to sleep peacefully.

Where can I get free photos for your blog?

Free photos for your blog, you can take on special photo hosting, where the images are distributed under a free license. But it is better to do with his own photographs, in order to avoid future hassles associated with the author and/or property rights. Not always free pics are like that. Therefore it is better to find the author's work and to ask permission from him.

What size photos can be used for free on your blog?

If you're using on your blog free photos, their geometric size does not matter, as well as in, if you are going to use some photos found on the Internet. Copyright cover photos of any size, without exception. Also protected by copyright, any fragments of these images.

How to be if you put my photos on the internet without my consent?

If it is possible to contact the person to publish your photos, ask them to remove your image from the web the internet. If he ignores your request, or does not want to remove the controversial photo, you can refer to your request to the administrator of the site where posted your photo. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact hoster with a complaint and/or to the registrar of the domain. When making a complaint of unlawful publication, you must show hoster/Registrar evidence of your authorship and/or ownership of this photo. If this does not help, contact the law enforcement agencies.

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