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Portfolio site, single page, file size graphic, authorship

What is a portfolio site?

Site-portfolio - is a site that has multiple pages, where, for example, photographer is public photos. Also on this site may have different thematic sections, for example, a page with a list of services, blog, customer reviews, contacts, etc. Site-portfolio can be constructed on the basis of any engine or without CMS. Depending on the tasks assigned to it, it can be a single page.

What is a one-page site?

One-page site - it is a site consisting of a single index file, which can be included those or other pieces of code with different content.
one-page site can be easily mistaken for a site mnogostranichnik, if not look in the address bar of your browser. He may look like an ordinary mnogostranichnik due to the fact that it has a navigation menu, there are several sections with different content, and so on. When you click on the menu, open the page with new content that can be taken for transitions to other pages, but it not. Page one and the same, only different content loaded. As a rule, used odnostranichnikah JS scripts, jQuery library and various jQuery plugins, which, in turn, gives this site visual appeal and elegance.

Which site is better portfolio, single or multi?

clear answer to this question can not be, as there are a number of key factors determining the appropriateness of a particular structure for a particular site. For example, if your website portfolio is planned to place large amounts of graphical and/or textual content, if you need to make the site well indexed by search engines and loads quickly, in such a case it is better to build a multi-page website. But if the graphic content on the site will not be too much, or if the content is mostly text - one-page site will be better.

Is it really necessary to optimize the photos for the website?

Optimize photos for web publishing is necessary if you want to pages of your site loads quickly, and in that case, if you want to make rational use of disk space hosting. In the event that the loading of Web pages for you is largely irrelevant and disk space hosting Unlimited - can upload to the server large, heavy files without preliminary optimization.

What is the optimal size of the image file for photo site?

If you are talking about geometric file size (px), a clear answer to this question is not, as in different situations may use different sizes of graphic files. There is no any standards. But if the question of weight files (bytes/kilobytes/megabytes), I can say the following. Weight graphic content, for example, the average picture in the article (stored in good quality) with the parameters of 700 x 500 px, can weigh about 100 kilobytes. Graphic design elements and page can weigh from a few bytes to a few kilobytes. If some graphic design elements weigh more than 10 KB, should be replaced with lighter.

Have printed photos, how to find a copy of it on the internet?

To find the Internet a digital copy of the printed photos, first you need to digitize this footprint through scanner and stored on the PC. After this, the image must be optimized for web publishing with optimum quality and dimensions, see. Unit response above.
Then, using the online services search by pictures, you can find the required image, provided that this image is present on the Internet and it is indexed by search engines Yandex and Google.

How to find on the Internet photos of the author?

On the Internet you can easily find photos of the author, if the author has taken care of - put copyright on their work with the address of the author's web page, for example, as is done in the photo below. But if the author did not bother to point out a photo of his name (nickname) and/or web addresses, in this case, the search for the author of this work may be delayed for a long time or just be futile.

She is trying to find in the Internet photos of the author

You can use the service to search images. Refer to block the response above. There is a strong likelihood that the results of the search will lead you to the pictures on the website photos of the author and/or one of the many photo sites where the author publishes his work.

Lose if the authorship photos posted vkontakte?

Photo published in the social network VKontakte not be denied authorship, if the author does not transferred its copyright to this web resource. Terms of use of the social. networks and any other similar platforms, in any way can not detract from the copyright of the photographer and/or intellectual property owner, which is a photograph.

Is it legal to photographer posted my photos on the Internet, citing copyright?

If the photographer Post your photos on the Internet without your consent, it is not obvious familiar with the civil Code or you have delegated to it the right to use your image. If you have signed a contract agreement with the photographer, where it was stated that he has the right to dispose of your image at its discretion, then it is quite legitimate to publish your photo. If no written agreement with the photographer you have not signed, and no oral agreement between you was not - then photographer posted a photo is not legal, therefore, you have the right to require the photographer to remove your photo from the Internet.

Does the law of copyright in the image on the monitor?

Of course, yes. Under this law gets up intellectual property in any manner, including photography (reproduction) from the monitor, TV, billboard, etc.

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