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How to connect FLASH, unique design, site engine

Who are the SEOs?

SEOs called experts involved in the promotion of web resources on the Internet. Their work is always covered with a translucent veil woven from thin curls of intuition and the intricacies of various kinds of calculations. None of SEOs not reveal to you the secret algorithms of promotion, which he uses in his work. The name "SEOs" like the abbreviation SEO - Search Engine Optimization. SEOs are well versed in the state of the market of web services; perfectly familiar with the markup language HTML and technology CSS. SEOs also has excellent analytical skills; keeps track of all the new trends in web technologies; continuously analyzes the changes of search algorithms leading search engines such as Google and Yandex.

What is a freelancer?

Freelancer - a person who is not tied to a particular place of work. Freelancers do not have to sit in the office at the computer, it can work anywhere. The main thing in his case - a time and a quality of service. Telework does not tie a freelancer to any particular place of work, therefore, where there is a computer - have a job. If suddenly, resting in the Caribbean, you run out of money, you open the laptop, took the order, get the job done, and continue to enjoy life.

What is a site engine?

site engine is called CMS - content management system. The structure of the engine includes numerous files with a variety of extensions, for example,.js,.php,.xml,.css, and it consists of the entire cloud folders with different scripts and images (graphic design elements). Engines for sites are free and paid. The most popular free CMS - is WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. On these engines were built, most sites on the Internet. These engines have a number of vulnerabilities related to security, so they are the "whole world" is updated periodically, plug security holes are added and/or grind JAVA/PHP scripts to improve functionality.

How to hack admin WordPress or Joomla?

Open the can all, it would wish. But why do you need to open the admin site? Not really something you forget the administrator password? If you want to open the WordPress admin panel Joomla or someone else's site, you should think 100 times, whether to do it. Your actions, at least, are illegal, and you could end very badly for you, for example, to take you into custody and/or a fine. After all, sooner or later you will find and punish, not even doubt it. Open the best package with juices, and it is useful for health and taste nice. So, forget about hacking other sites.

How to remove a database of another site?

Here you zhesh itching! Why did you delete the database of another site? You give yourself a report than it is for you may end? Find and go to jail. If you are under 14, - your parents will suffer. If you kill site will lose money on your grace, will also have to compensate for the entire site a penalty, which can amount to millions of dollars. Well, disappeared desire to break other people's sites? I hope so.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Do not look at this site for hacking disk imaging database or adminok, no such information is and never will be. Try to build, not destroy.

Which site is best for the photographer: flash or plain?

That is, online business card photographer on flash, is it good or bad?
unequivocal answer to these questions is no, because it all depends on the task. If you want to site the photographer well indexed by search engines, thereby leading visitors to the site, the answer is straightforward - just an ordinary site, built on HTML/PHP. If the search engine indexing is not required, ie traffic from search engines is not necessary - you can use the technology FLASH, to give the site a special charm using a variety of visual effects. But we should remember that Apple devices do not support and will never support the technology FLASH.

Should I buy a ready site with no unique design?

If the price of the site within the $50 - $100, - you can buy. Site design, anyway, you will need unikalizirovat. This will require some financial investment, if you yourself are not a web designer. Unikalizatsiya site design can be fragmented (changing some parts of the site) or global (complete redesign). For these two types of unikalizatsii design, there are different prices, which can vary by tens of times together.

Why unique site design?

First, the unique design of the site for the search engines - this is one of the hallmarks of the quality of the site. Website with a unique design is more likely to appeal to search engines than one site, which is not unique design, that is, when the same design used on other sites.
Secondly, a site with a unique design, subconsciously perceived by visitors as a sign of unique content that contributes to a more loyal to the site.
There are many sites on the web with the same or almost the same design. Typically, this is a free engine for blogs Wordpress. Many webmasters yourself unikaliziruyut design of your site by changing the graphic design elements, changes in the structure - replacement of some location blocks, as well as full or partial change texts in the site navigation.

How to choose a name for the site of the photographer?

When it comes to the site's domain name, in this case, the domain name should be short and memorable. It is advisable not to use the domain name in the complex word forms that are difficult to remember and write. The shorter and clearer the domain name, the more likely that a visitor correctly write the address and get it on your website. For more information on choosing a name for the site photographer can read the here.

How to connect a flash video on a web page?

Connect FLASH objects on a web page can be using HTML elements «object» or «embed», cm. screenshot below.

the correct code to connect to a web page FLASH

elements «object» and «embed» today are supported by all browsers, including older versions of IE. You can choose any of these two types of connection.
You can also download zip-archive files (file.swf and object-embed.html) to test the connection.
Weight zip-archive: 69 Kb

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