Where is a walk in Lviv tourist with a camera

Photos taken on a journey to ancient Lviv will remain in the home archive for years to come. Many of the details of what he saw live eventually zatrutsya in our memory, but by opening the file with pictures of travel, we will be able to come back for a few minutes at a time to remember those places where you have been, to see new details that previously were not paying attention or in haste simply did not have time consider in detail.

Tourists walk around Lviv

Remove the journey on camera

Going to a tourist trip to the cities, we always take your camera with you, and no matter what we have in the hands of the camera: professional SLR or digital compact, the main thing that we are going to record our journey from the beginning to the end of the

Traveling with a group of tourists?

If you go on a journey with a group of tourists, you will have limited time for personal photography. That is, you will have enough time to take photographs on the grounds that the need to move quickly from one place to another. In addition, many of your companions will want to shoot this or that object, without the crowds, then have to wait for their turn to take photographs.

Travel better alone

As for me, traveling around Lviv with the camera better or to a single satellite. In this case, you will have enough time to carry out shooting, will not have to stand in queues at the subject.

We make visits to the route

For one or two days of travel in the city need to have time to see and remove all Lviv scheduled beautiful place. Therefore, we have to pre-create a detailed itinerary visits the most beautiful places in the old part of Lviv.

If you wish to visit in a short time all the most interesting sights of the old part of the city, I propose to use my services guide and photographer in Lviv. I will show you the best places of the city in just a few hours walk. In addition, it helps you to make high-quality photos during a photo excursion in Lviv.

Boim Chapel - Catedralny area, 1

In a previous article I talked about some of the interesting places in Lviv. Today, I will continue the story of the most beautiful places of the old town, where you can take a picture on the background of the unique, ancient facades. One of such places - it Boim Chapel, which is located near the already known to us from previous articles, the Market Square, close to the Duomo Cathedral Latin (pictured below on the left part of the image visible corner of the cathedral).

Boim Chapel

Boim Chapel was built in 1609-1615, Is a monument of architecture. Facade of the chapel is covered with a very beautiful stone carvings. See photo above. Today, the room is reserved for Boim Chapel branch of Lviv national arts gallery.

Photo portraits against the backdrop of Boim Chapel

  • portrait of a girl near Boim
  • girl sitting near Boim Chapel
  • girl near columns Boim Chapel
  • the girl at the door of the Chapel of Boim

Latin Cathedral - Catedralny area, 1

Colorful arches of the Lviv City Hall

Latin Cathedral — another architectural monument, built in the Gothic style, built in 1360-1481 gg. Located on Cathedral Catedralny Square, in the heart of the city. In the photo below, a view of the back of the Cathedral of the Latin cathedral with Market Square, with his back to the main entrance of the Lviv City Hall.

By the way, the main entrance to the Lviv City Hall sometimes beautifully illuminated with colored spotlights (for some reason every evening they light up, forget probably). These cute, colorful arches can be used easily for the spectacular night portraits.

Latin Cathedral view from the Market Square
Latin Cathedral in Lviv

Historically, that Latin Cathedral is in the Catedralny area. In the maps of Google and Yandex you can meet the erroneous name of this area, it says, "The Cathedral", when in fact its name "Catedralny».

Lviv Katedra

Lviv is often called the Latin Cathedral «Katedra»; and say, "I'll meet you outside Katedry". How would anyone ever called Latin Cathedral, from that, he is not getting better or worse. Its grandeur and beauty can be enjoyed without even knowing what is the name of this remarkable building

Selfies on background Katedry

The cathedral — one of the most decent decorations historic district. I think that everyone who has been in the Market Square in Lviv, certainly came to this beautiful place, and of course, made a couple selfie photo on background Katedry.

Stained glass windows of the Latin Cathedral

Right Pictured ( click on the picture to enlarge) visible fragment of the back of the Latin Cathedral, whose windows are decorated with very beautiful stained glass windows. These stained glass can be seen at any time of the day but in the evening when the lights turned on inside, they look especially beautiful. If you're in the city center near the town hall, I recommend to go to this cathedral and admire these wonderful stained-glass windows, and maybe make a few selfie photo in Night Portrait mode.

Bench lovers - Market Square

If you walk in Lviv together with its partner, can be photographed on the popular among tourists bench with the romantic name "Lovers Bench", see photo below. This bench is located at the rear of the Lviv City Hall, in front of "Black Kamenica".

Lovers Bench in Lviv

The picture above shows that some desperate love (hope of the light impulses) have left their names on the bronze lions that hold in their mouths bench. Other, no less desperate couples, decided not to limit the writing of names and went on, — hang up your castle to lions as a symbol of a strong and everlasting love. Lions from padlocks bit lost "presentation", but on the other hand, they have acquired a certain symbolic component, which initially was not expressed so clearly and literally.

Lviv writer Leopold von Sacher Masoch - Serbian Street, 7

The bronze sculpture of the writer Leopold von Sacher Masoch located on the street Serbian, 7, near the entrance to the restaurant of the same name «Masoch-café». This sculpture is quite popular among tourists because of the interesting features of the one of which you know put his hand in his pocket the bronze sculpture.

Sculpture of Leopold von Sacher Masoch

Judging from the fray of sculpture, it is clear that the left pants pocket Leopold enjoys great popularity among tourists. I suppose that in your pocket Leopold there is something very interesting and unusual to the touch (I personally go hand never popped, so I do not know that there...). If your curiosity got the better of fear and you are still stuck her hand into the pocket of Leopold von Sacher Masoch, please share in the comments your feelings with readers, many will be interested...
On this intriguing note, I finish today's story about the interesting places of the old part of the city, and I invite you to read the following article about the beautiful historic places in Lviv. I urge you to share with blog readers his impressions of Lviv by leaving a comment.

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