Where you can go to Lviv to see the sights of the city

If you are going for the first time to visit the city of Lviv and want to find out what you can see, where to go to see the sights of the city, where it is better to leave to take a picture to remember the unforgettable images of the trip, which in this city a place of interest in this article you will find answers to all these questions.

Leo symbol of the city of Lviv

Lviv 2 days

Let's say you come to the city for a few days and are wondering what you can manage to see in Lviv for 2 days? During these days you can see a lot if you know the location of all the beautiful and interesting places in the city center.

We go walking in Lviv

Radius spread most delicious attractions of the old part of Lviv is about 3 km.
So, to visit all the sights in the shortest time, you do not need to use his or public transport.

Moreover, you get tired of looking for a place to park his car in the city center at the weekend, and if you take a taxi or bus, many interesting places you can not see and miss.

The best way to go Lviv on foot, so you really have time to see everything and fix your camera or camcorder. To your pictures were technically good quality, you need to know some of the subtleties of photography, which will be discussed further.

The symbol of the city of Lviv

The photo on the above, the symbol of the city of Lviv — the king of beasts, which can contemplate in the Market Square in front of the Lviv city hall, which is hundreds of years ago, located Lviv city council and the city administration. In fact, the entrance to the town hall guarded by two lions, I took one of them (the one that is right), I thought he was more expressive in composition and chiaroscuro.

I'm a little carried away by beauties lions and the wrong began his story about Lviv attractions. These wonderful lions we will return in the next part of the article, but now let's talk about that first you will see selected with JD station.

Church of Saint Olga and Elizabeth (Elisabeth Catholic church) - Sq. Kropivnitskogo 1

Go to JD Station Street. Chernivetska to the street. Gorodotska

So, the rhythmic sound of creaking wheels and rails railroad behind. Having a couple of hundred meters down the street Chernivetska, you leave one of the longest streets of Lviv — street Gorodotskaya. Turning left in the direction of the square Kropivnitskogo, you will see the majestic Church of St. Olga, Elizabeth (pictured below), the spiers of which you have probably noticed since the main entrance of JD station, however, if your luggage is not proved too heavy.

Church of Saint Olga and Elizabeth are not always carried the name. Until 1991 it was called the Church of St. Elisabeth. The name can still be found in the references. Temple built in neo-Gothic style by architect Theodore Talevskogo in the years 1903-1911, the height of the temple 85 meters, inside there is a pipe organ consisting of 73 tubes.

Church of St. Olga and Elizabeth Lions Kropivnitskogo 1

What is the sky blue...

You probably noticed the unusual blue of the sky in these photos. Here I do not additionally tint in Photoshop, it is the natural color of the sky. If you want to get on your photos the same gorgeous sky, photography should be done in the second half of the day (in the evening). These photos I made in mid-June, about 7 o'clock in the evening.

Keep the angle at which to go to the sunlight

The sun was behind me and slightly to the right (at an acute angle relative to the plane of the lens), which made it possible to capture the natural color of the clouds and the sky. If the angle of incidence of sunlight was more blunt, for example, 45-50 degrees, the sky or some part of it would turn out too bright or almost white; I would have to use a gradient or polarizing filter.

Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth in Lviv

What to do if the object does not fit in the frame completely?

Going to the church closer (pictured above) in the hope to remove it entirely without superfluous elements of the composition, we can expect a nasty surprise — church does not fit in the frame! How to be in this situation? The first thing that comes to mind — to move a few meters back... but then nowhere to retreat behind the roadway with heavy traffic.

Use the "Fish-eye" or do a series of shots for gluing Photoshop

The second that falls on the mind — tie wide-angle lens of the "Fish-eye" with an angle of view 180°. But remembering that you have this glass can not be, I advise you to do 6 frames top and bottom with a large overlap (left side of the temple, center and right) which then combine in a single frame in Photoshop tool Photomerge.

Church of St. Elisabeth facade

Facade of the church of St. Olga, Elizabeth impressive

Temple shakes his dizzying height (in the photo above, the main entrance to the Church of St. Elisabeth). His sharp spiers as if cut into the sky. The extraordinary beauty of the facade of the church of St. Olga, Elizabeth can be considered infinitely long, but we are doing a few shots from different angles, and move into the central part of the city — down the Gorodotska (street to the left of the church), or else risk not to have time for 2 days to get around all the delicious places in Lviv.

Church of St. Elisabeth side view

View Church of St. Elisabeth Gorodotska street on which we walk into the city center.

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater - Liberty Avenue, 28

We are in the historic center of Lviv

The full name of the opera house is: Lviv National Academic Opera and ballet Theatre named after Krushelnytska. Built in the years 1897-1900, it is a monument of architecture. That is what we will meet at the end of the street Gorodotska which rests on Liberty Avenue — the busiest place of the city.

Lviv Opera House

Prospect Svobody (Liberty Avenue) — beautiful...

Liberty Avenue on weekends resembles an anthill, there are always a lot of people, regardless of the time of year and weather conditions. If you want to stay in Lviv opera without the crowds of tourists, it is necessary to take on a weekday early morning after dawn, when there wandering lonely larks, and the locals traveling on business.

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater

Opera as a postcard

To get a photo Opera House without people, for example, to 20 hryvnia bill, there are a few shots from one position, with a certain time interval, and then in a graphics editor to impose all of these layers of footage on each other and wipe unnecessary elements. Maybe someday I'll write a tutorial on how to do this, there is no big deal, I hope you get the idea of ​​this method. To continue sightseeing the historical part of the city, invite you to the second part of the article about the beautiful places of the city. What are your impressions about Lviv and its sights can be left in the comments under the article.

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