PhotoHunt on water snake

It was the typical summer day. Tightly dinner, I decided to go to the sea a little tan, look at the people, to show yourself... As usual, taking the bag with mat and peaches, I hung on his shoulder carrying case with the camera (it's a habit), and left the house. My journey to the sea passes through the huge salty estuary Shabolat through which laid nearly mile bridge. Each time passing over this bridge, I looked around, but the side - down, hoping to see something interesting that could drag into your photo archive. And once I did I saw something that made me hurry to get it out of the coffer.

Wildlife photography in a water snake

Under the bridge was a small sand spit, and on it I saw a large two-meter snake that slowly swallowed the big fish. From me to the snake was 15 feet, so I decided a little closer, about 5 meters. And as soon as I walked - had to make just one frame, then the serpent cast mining and rushed into the depths Shabolatskogo estuary.

Still she saw me snake, I thought, and looked at the screen to shoot. Mmdaaa, trash... water snake was slightly blurred. Looked set exposure: exposure 1/60s - now it is clear from grease image... I did not have enough time to adjust the exposure and so bummed that there were loaded (installed) before. Well at least a stabilization system on the lens is left on.

liman panorama

After this failure, unexpected meeting I decided to remove the frame and opened the photo hunting a snake. Each time returning to the beach, I looked into the distance, hoping to meet with this beauty again. Last week, but it never came about. Were small copies - up to a meter, but they are of little interest to me, because after meeting with the two-meter (maybe it was more than two and not had time to remove the tape razmerchik) - the bar did not want to let down. Began to question the local what this snake so and where it can find. I was told that this yellow-bellied snake, which is not poisonous but very aggressive.

As it turned out after a month, it was not a yellow-bellied snake, and the water too, but I found this out at the time when he began to publish photos online. In comments to the photos every time I hinted that this is not really a water snake. When I was hunting for her - do not know who it is... But even if I knew, still my decision nothing could change (the desire has passed the stage of obsession). Local told where these creatures can be seen most large, it was thick canes away from the road, where nobody goes, so they can be found there for sure. Good people also warned that in addition to this snake, which I saw, there are other members of this species, but the smaller size of toothed and poisonous.

What do you think, can such sad news to discourage me to go into hunting these inhospitable and dangerous canes? My stubbornness said: - Of course not!))). Moreover, I went there only in beach slippers and shorts (hunting on the way back from the beach). No, not because I'm such a bold (terribly afraid of those spineless), but because he could not walk on the 35-degree heat in his pants and shoes. Someone will say that I'm sick, and that I must seem like a specialist, such as a psychiatrist... So can tell those who are not sick photography, but I did it is sick, chronic stage - can not be treated, and frankly to admit here.


Carefully making his way through reeds, slowly, step by step, stared at his feet looking at underlying objects to suddenly step on the tail of some poisonous snake. And when he got to the water, where it will be more convenient to look around to wait for the snake to catch. Small mound of sand - great! - Exactly what I need. Foldout mat, take out the camera from the coffer, doing some camera settings - waiting...

So I hunted for almost a week. During this time, came across a small instance, but I was happy and that, because the choice I was not special. I did not want to leave yourself to the city without a good shot, and I continued to roam the wilds of cane. One day, looking into the distance the water surface, hoping to see the big fish moving over the surface of the water (that's pulling snakes prey on the beach), I noticed that five meters away from me, on the opposite side, a large two-meter reptile quietly swam to shore. If it was not torn at will goby, which hit the tail on the water, I might miss great shots that today I have the honor to present to you on this website, as well as many other photo site, which publishes the photos. A whole lot of wildlife photography at the snake can be found in the portfolio PhotoHunt, snake vs bull.

On some of my photo site snake photo takes pride of place "photo of the day", collected, and still collect many admiring reviews fotoresursov users.
In fotosoobschestvah nomination "photo of the day" primarily engaged in the pictures in the nude, landscape a little less, and very very rarely - animals. The reason? The fact that people are interested in what they see in the lives of the least, you did not have time to get bored. For example, can be considered beautiful Nude and admire it a hundred times a day and never get tired of this... How to make the viewer stop look at photographs of the animal? Very simple. The photo must be properly filmed an episode of the life of an animal in its natural environment, or some unique, interesting and unique moment such as this which is pictured in the photo below.

Removing the frame, autofocus my camera hardly had time to be fixed, everything happened very quickly. Goby constantly twitching, tried to escape from this grim mouth. This frame is shot at a sharp turn the snake's head, and this is associated with a small blur. 1/250s shutter speed was at a relative aperture f/5,6 Focal Length - 300mm + VR (image stabilization lens Nikon) speed ISO - ISO100/RAW, object distance - about 3,5-4m.

story of the snake photo hunt

Concluding the story of the snake photo hunt, I want to say a few parting words of the word begins Wildlife Photography. If you want to catch the interesting shot, do not wait until your house to knock on lady luck, and say - Well, fotografer, adjusted the camera down? - Let's click!
Good picture - this is usually the result of efforts applied. Therefore, leaving the house, bring your camera, and be alert. Nobody knows which side to you podpolzet snake luck. I wish you all more good pictures! Thank you for your attention.

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