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Statistics counters Christmas tree

This article may be useful not only for novice webmasters, but also photographers who recently got its own website, and do not yet know how to promote your site on the Internet. Because of ignorance of the subject, listening to or reading different directions "competent prodvizhentsev", they make blunders that are harmful to their sites.

Sometimes personal websites photographers (and not only) can be observed a similar pattern, which is shown in the screenshots shown below. These screenshots I made on the websites of photographers who lower part of the site (footer) will spam had a huge number of different counters, buttons, link exchange, etc. Looks gallery such icons of course sad and pathetic.

The purpose of this article - to bring website owners only thought: can not convert online business card in a Christmas tree. By the way, what do you think, is there any benefit from all this "beauty" in the footer? I think some novice webmasters will answer: - of course there are...
So whether it is in fact, we'll talk about in this article.

Should Convert website to a Christmas tree with icons and buttons counters?

Say you - the photographer, which is far from web mastering, but who wanted to own some way to promote your online business card without recourse to the services of SEOs.
Somehow accidentally found a "well-wisher" who advised you to put on your web pages all sorts of themed buttons to type your website become more popular. Another "well-wisher" shared with you "big secret", saying that such a nondescript buttons your portfolio site will look very cool compared to other sites, the same can not plohlo capitalize on this. And he added, more than any of these buttons - the steeper!

And having read (after hearing) such "practical advice seasoned", you find a dozen other resources offering to share thematic links (buttons), and busily hang them on your site without thinking about the consequences. But the consequences can be very sad.

Excessive thematic buttons icons in the footer - the consequences

thematic buttons icons

Below we consider the main negative effects that may be triggered by the host passion website various icons.
First a large accumulation of buttons icons on the site significantly increases the loading of Web pages, which adversely affects the indexing and ranking of a website in search engines. Search Engines do not like heavy pages, and this must be considered.
Second is a bright "decoration" footer or sidebar colored (in the worst case blinking) icons eliminates competent work web designer, spoil the visual perception of the site even with the author's design quality. Footer looks so ridiculous and stupid, included in dissonance with color accents site design; emphasizes artistic, creative limitations and besvkusitsu owner of the web resource.
Third promiscuity in mass connecting HTML/Javascript code can lead to infection with viruses site, which will inevitably lead to the ban of your website Search Engines.
If any resource from which the script is loaded or counter button icons will be temporarily unavailable - full load your page may become impossible. This may adversely affect the loading speed of the main code and content of the web page. And because we know very well that no robot, no man will not wait long for downloading content. Likely take both, and maybe - to your direct competitors.

Each icon set button on your website - it is a potential security hole in a web resource. Also, it is a hole in the cask from which it follows all PR pages. The larger site such holes (buttons icons), the worse. If you too want to contemplate this "beauty" in the footer, then close the hole leakage PR using attribute nofollow. But better to just remove all this useless junk.

What is the optimal number of meters for the site?

buttons icons sayte

The site is sufficient to establish a counter code search engine in which it is moving. For example, it may be a code if you promote Yandex.Metrika online business card in the search engine Yandex. This counter can be seen on a web page or invisible. Many webmasters choose visible (public) version of statistics. Appropriateness of the use of public statistics is highly questionable. Lord webmasters to show why such a standard user icons with the statistics? For example, what good are your visitor who came to the site view your portfolio? Guess it is necessary first of all to you to meet your ego, saying what a cool look at me website! Well even if the traffic uniques (unique visitors) in the tens of thousands per day. But when the page statistics hang open to traffic in 10 uniques - it looks funny.

The same sad story with performance counters PR and TCI, see screenshot below left. Lord, to whom you show it? Perhaps you want to allow your customers or potential customers with references available indicators of traffic and credibility of your site? But the one who wants to know it, he easily find detailed information about your resources and without counter icons. Is not it? Then what is the publication of these data?

counters indicators PR

We all know that statistics site - this service information, which need a very narrow circle of people. On this basis, there is no need to show it to each visitor on all pages. The site profoto.lviv.ua you do not see statistics counters, but they are there, there are two: Yandex.Metrika and Openstat, see the HTML code for your site. Just in case if somebody asks why you additional statistics from Openstat, if you already have a powerful tool for collecting statistics Yandex.Metrika? - To monitor and compare some of these two independent sources of statistics. In the future, it may leave only Yandex metric.

If you still naively believed that the N-tion number of counters and button icons on the website will help advance your life - forget about it, and today, remove all this stuff with footer or sidebar. Leave one (maximum of two) of the meter, preferably invisible to the user. Do not install on site counters of two (or more) of search engines to no good it will not. Website promotion used completely different techniques and technologies that do not relate to the thematic buttons, icons and counters in the footer. Before you add to your site HTML+Javascript code with a questionable resource should carefully consider whether to do that then you do not have to look for malicious code on the server in all scripts and files lost in search of a lot of precious time.
I hope I have convinced you to inappropriate use of the site buttons icons and similar parasites. If not, write your questions and comments in the comments, be happy to answer or discuss the topic. Thank you for your attention.

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